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The Empire of Thetia

The Empire of Thetia



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The Empire of Thetia






The Empire of Thetia

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We often hear that love makes us blind, but when we add jealousy, we lose all beneficial notions, and we are ready to do anything so that the person at the origin of these evils, suffer. This is what will happen to Thetia Kestle, the youngest of the Kestle family. It is her older sister Jane who will be at the origin, and who will force her sister, the jewel of the Kestle family, to flee her native land, because death is at her heels. A love triangle is created between Jane, Thetia and Crown Prince Harlan VII Vassethier. Nevertheless, even in the deepest despair, we can find that glimmer of hope and swim to it so that we can finally breathe and be free of all these evils. Thetia will understand this during her long flight. Between betrayal, manipulation, life of prestige, wars, and love, how to know who will support you all your life and who will stab you in the back at the right moment.

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