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MMORPG: The Rise of Greed

MMORPG: The Rise of Greed



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MMORPG: The Rise of Greed






MMORPG: The Rise of Greed

Rating: 6.0/10 from 25 ratings

Myriad Online wanted Grey to play to appease an investor. <br> <br>His crime syndicate wanted him to play to set up racketeering operations. <br> <br>Gilgamesh, the God of Greed, wanted Grey to play to amass wealth for him. <br> <br>All were ecstatic when he enthusiastically agreed. However, things didn’t go as planned—for any of them. <br> <br>Before starting, Grey stole a game testing guide, giving him insider information on the game. <br> <br>Then, contrary to expectations, he refused to play the game! <br> <br>Instead, he used the information to exploit players and become [independently] wealthy! <br> <br>- PVP? Is that a gambling event? <br> <br>- Mandatory events? Did someone say they needed protection? <br> <br>- Level grinding? Is that when you use cheat weaponry to level up quickly? <br> <br>- Quests? Obviously. How else would he exploit known NPCs? <br> <br>Okay, so maybe he crashed a few major quest lines, but there’s nothing worse than forced development, ammirite? <br> <br>Grey was a walking disaster for everyone involved. <br> <br>However, by the time Myriad Online, his syndicate, and the government decided to stop him, Grey and his gaggle of bloodthirsty combat maids were already too rich, influential, and powerful to hold down. <br> <br>Not even the gods could tame the teen, who accidently stumbled upon some things he really, really shouldn’t have. <br> <br>- <br> <br>═─┈─═[Story Notes]═─┈─═ <br> <br>- I put the villain tag because Grey grew up in an organized crime syndicate... and acts like it. XD However, he's not a villain character, so don't get bent that he treats his murderous yandere maids like princesses—as they deserve. <br> <br>- Myriad Online maid outfits have Level 999 plot armor. <br> <br>- The auxiliary chapter is a game guide with Grey’s stats. Status screens replace info dumps and then disappear. <br> <br>- [Warning: Sexual Content] <br> <br>- <br> <br>═─┈─═[Story Tropes]═─┈─═ <br> <br>Video Game | MMORPG | Harem | System | Rich | Billionaire | Sci-fi | Yanderes | Urban | Fantasy | Mechanic | Beast Women | Divine Beasts | Cat Ears | Anti-Hero | Villain(?) | Dark | Comedy | Action | Adventure | Romance | With Maids | Maids | With Guns | Sexual Content | If There Are Lemons: | No Fetishes | No NTR | No Taboo | Or Tentacles | Ewww | You're Welcome <br> <br>- <br> <br>I do not own the cover art. If you are the owner, I'll gladly take it down. I'm just buying time to get official art. Thank you!