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His Feisty, Pampered Wife

His Feisty, Pampered Wife


Peach Mochie

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His Feisty, Pampered Wife






His Feisty, Pampered Wife

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On the night of her graduation ceremony, Lily Cox planned to spend an unforgettable first night with the man she loved the most. It was unforgettable indeed—in the dimly lit room, on the soft bed, she abandoned herself to a night of animalistic passion. Her tall and handsome lover had thoroughly claimed her first time, ruthlessly ravaging her like a devil and leaving her feeling shredded to pieces. But when the lights came on, she found that the man lying on top of her was not her man, but a total stranger! Possessed by a blind panic, she fled, praying that it was an accident to be buried in the past. Alas, that night would lead to certain pregnancy. Six years from that night, she and her children crossed paths with this devilish man again—the man who was not only a billionaire, but also the heir to an underground criminal organization! Once more, she tried to flee, but this time, the man circled his arms around her, imprisoning her within a tight embrace and raining frantic, desperate kisses on her lips. "Lily, my Lily, don't you ever think of leaving me again."

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