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His Angel

His Angel



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His Angel






His Angel

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"Anyone but not me?" His voice was filled with malice. "Not me, huh?" "Let's have some fun. I'll give you two options." He tilted his head and glanced at me. "Either be mine or get fired." He really had become the worst person. I had never even imagined in my dream that he would use my weakness against me. He knew I would be homeless without this job. He played the game really well. His words muddled me for some moments. But, I wasn't the one to get abused because of my own weakness. Let's become homeless. I thought. I walked closer to him and poked him with my index finger. As soon as he turned around, I pulled his tie and let my mouth get closer to his ears. "I only heard one option. I resign. Hasta la Vista, BABY." I let his tie slip and looked right at his eyes. His eyes were filled with surprise as if he hadn't seen this coming from my mouth. I spun around and walked toward the exit. I was getting really proud of myself in spite of knowing the consequence of my action. I was ready to be homeless than to become his toy. I didn't see this coming but on the second I opened the door, I was swiped away from the ground. Danish had picked me up with his right hand and took me inside the room once again, slamming the door. He threw me into the wall making my head strike hard. My head spun as soon as it hit the wall and my head felt dizzy. After overcoming the dizziness, my head started to throb out of pain. I curled up on my knees, rubbing my paining head. He approached me and gently removed my hands from my head. He then, slowly ran his fingers through my hair as if he was trying to heal my paining head. "I told you already. Stop resisting." He let out a small painful voice and grabbed my waist with his right hand, his left hand still rubbing my paining head.