Zaraki Kenpachi in Dragon Ball Z
3 Reborn as a Tuffle
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Zaraki Kenpachi in Dragon Ball Z
Author :Tsarck
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3 Reborn as a Tuffle

In a galaxy far, far away. A major event had just happened.

But to understand more clearly, we need to go back years ago, when another huge event happened.

The Planet Sarada, that was inhabited by the Tuffles, a race of intellectually superior individuals that far surpassed all the others. The Tuffles were pacifists, they weren't kind or anything but only cared for themselves.

They had always tried to found ways to become more powerful, to become better. As such they decided to do something completely crazy, they created a pill that would enhance them, make them more powerful than anyone else. It was stupid for them to even think about such thing, but sadly they were blinded by they desires.

The pill was called 'The Enhancing Mutant Pill'. It had completely changed the Tuffles, they became so powerful that even their rivals, the Saiyans couldn't beat them anymore. Unfortunately they had to make the naive choice of attacking the Saiyans directly.

The Saiyans were losing until the moon appeared, a full moon. As if they were beasts, the Saiyans had begun to roar and their bodies expanded, until they became mighty apes.......Until they became what would later be known as an Oozaru.

The Tuffles had been completely beaten, they were still better but the sudden change stunned them greatly. They were unable to counter attack, they could only retreat bitterly while dreaming of revenge.

Thus came the creation of the second pill, it was the same one but this time it totally changed the Tuffles bodies. Their skins became extremely pale, their hair became black not unlike their rivals.

Their muscles were enhanced and they had grown in size.

Sadly they neglected the effects of the pill, only caring about the results. This time they were close to defeating the Saiyans, they had actually killed their King, King Vegeta. And then again, they understood that they messed up.

In less than an hour, all the Tuffles that had swallowed the pill, died, blood flowing from all their holes as their corpses were so toxic even the scavengers didn't want them.

It had brought the near extinction of the Tuffles, luckily not all of them had swallowed the pill, the weaker Tuffles could escape from their planet, finding a new home in the form of a small planet called Bergo. It was so small and uninteresting that no one would search for them there.

For years, they waited, they waited for some miracle to happen. After all they had lost their 'Warriors' and their scientists, they couldn't do anything since the Tuffles were weal without their precious technology.

And finally, it happened. A baby had been born, a baby with such a high level of energy, it broke their scouters. Devices that were created to detect ones power level, and could go up to a power level of 12 000. Not many races could give birth to such powerful baby. Which actually stunned the Tuffles a little since they didn't know why he was so strong.

However he was there, Kenpachi as they decided to call him. His mother died giving birth to him, and his father died at the hand of a saiyan named Paragus. He was an orphan but they would take care of him, all the Tuffles would raise him to be their new leader. They needed him, yet they didn't know that Kenpachi wasn't just a baby.


Baby Kenpachi seemed to shout at the man who was holding him, as he tried to punch the man.

"H-He's truly special, i never thought a baby could be like that." Said the man. A woman next to him chuckled and took Kenpachi from him, singing a lullaby so the baby would go to sleep.

"He's special indeed, his mother was human after all. He's the first half-human, half-Tuffle baby. "Said the woman, after Kenpachi closed his eyes, as the man frowned.

"Now that i think about it, why didn't we go to planet Earth ? We already visited it once, and it was better than this planet. We should've went there!" Said the man but the woman rolled her eyes.

"And then what? Take the planet from the Human ? Exterminate them ? We would be no better than the Saiyans, we may be selfish but we aren't savages." Said the woman. She then gasped when she felt something weird.

Something coming from the baby, he was..........

"H-HOW?!" Shouted the woman, nearly dropping the baby as she fell to the ground.

"CAREFUL!! You were about to drop him! "Said the man.

"N-No b-but............Come closer to him, i sense a weird energy coming from him. I-It's so powerful , a-and so wild. "Said the woman.

The man shook his head and approached only to cover his eyes with his hands, when a pillar of light erupted from the baby's body. They both collapsed as the pressure he exerted over them was too great. Before losing conciousness they both heard a male voice.

" Ex-Shinigami Zaraki Kenpachi, you, the most powerful Shinigami.........You shall be reborn in a new body, and save this race from extinction........I hope you'll get your powers back quickly, i may be an angel but things get pretty boring when you stand at the peak of the universes." Said the voice before it disappeared.

He was reborn, he, the Kenpachi........The strongest, the bravest, the craziest..........He would become a legend once again. However this time, he had a clear goal to start with..........Save his race, or maybe just slaughter all of it's ennemies.
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    《Zaraki Kenpachi in Dragon Ball Z》