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Author :Lea17
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While Mia was basking in the afterglow of the defeat of an opponent, her sister ground her teeth together, eyes burning into her very soul before masking it was a teary face. "This big sister should have known better." She bowed lowly, falling onto her knees and placing her forehead onto the cement. 'I will have my revenge. Don't be so confident, Mia.'

Inwardly, Mia smirked, watching this sorry excuse of a relative fall into her trap. Outwardly, she panicked, falling onto her knees and tugging her arm. "Big sister, don't bow to this little sister." She sniffled, wide eyes glittering with rubies. "Little sister slipped by herself this morning! Big sister had nothing to do with it!"

Sarah stiffened. Her hair shadowed her thunderous face. Does this little wench dare use her trick against her?! For what?!

"Host, what are you doing?" He wondered, floating around her curiously. "You've contradicted yourself by saying this."

'I've done it for a reason, little Leo. By saying this, her reputation will worsen if I continuously stick up for her and retract my words. A victim that is obviously abused but protects their abuser will garner more sympathy when they look so adorable.' She explained bluntly, amused eyes staring at the angered girl. 'If Mia was willing to protect herself, she would have done this and turned the tables on her older sister.' She smirked. 'In other words, reverse psychology.'

Leo beamed brightly, bobbing around her excitedly. "Host is so smart! This system is going to treat host like a goddess!"

Nathan glared at the obvious black lotus, arm reaching out to tug the oblivious victim. "If you dare treat her unwell, no one will back you." His glare darkened the more this twit stayed in his presence. "Go back to your hole and plot elsewhere!" He barked, pulling the wide-eyed Mia along with him

Turning her face over her shoulder, a sultry smirk flickered across her face she made eye contact with a furious Sarah.

"Host! His Love Meter has declined by thirty percent!" Leo exclaimed loudly, cheering for his host. His host was so smart and knew how to play her role very well! He couldn't have asked for a better host!

'Just thirty percent?' She hummed, lips curling into a smirk. 'Little Leo, your host is going to make sure that black lotus has no chance of being with my golden thigh.'

"How is host going to do that?"

Unknown to her, crystal tears dripped down her porcelain cheeks, eyes unseeing as her lower lip trembled. Her head lowered, shoulders shaking when a gentle but firm hand gripped her chin and wiped away her fallen tears, ruby clashing with emerald.

"Why is little kitten crying?"

"I-I don't know." She replied in a quiet voice, looking up at him with heartbroken eyes. "Does big sister hate me so much that she would lie about yesterday."

"That vindictive bitch did this damage yesterday?" He demanded coldly, causing her to slap her hand over her mouth. Her frightened eyes flittered between his and the door.

"Forget I said anything." She cried, rushing away with her face buried into her hands as she quietly sobbed.

Leo turned ashen, staring at the empty Love Meter of the second male lead. His host was very quick with her mission. He sweatdropped. At this rate, his host's soulmate would destroy her enemy within a day if they weren't careful.

Mia appeared next to him, looking thoughtfully at the meter and shrugging. "I doubt Sarah is the only enemy we will win against, it's better to cut out small-fries and lure the true sharks." She smiled sharply, leaning her cheek against her palm calmly. "Little Leo, you never thought of more enemies we'd face? This is a trial world."

Leo floated down gloomily. "This silly system is sorry, host."

"Tell me about upgrades."

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