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Author :Lea17
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When Mia opened her eyes, the first thing she saw through the blurriness was a white ceiling that seemed unfamiliar to her. Trying to sit up, she could only weakly stagger until firm, but soft hands held onto her upper arms and helped her sit against the fluffy pillows she had just noticed.

"Mia!" Lucy shouted in relief, standing in the open doorway and rushing in Kay following closely behind, his own eyes flashing with relief. "You collapsed and we took you to a hospital."

Alarm flashed across, before she pitifully tried to hide it. "How did you get the bruises?" A cold voice demanded.

Pitiful red, glossy eyes clashed with green, only for her face to burn crimson. "I-I-I..." She stuttered. "I f-fell down the stairs..."

Nathan's eyes darkened, shaking his head. "Don't believe that flimsy excuse."

"Host, what are you doing?" Leo puzzled. "No one is going to believe that."

Mia inwardly smirked, but kept her pitiful outward appearance. 'Exactly.' She answered. 'No one would believe that unless they didn't care. Doing this will give them better feelings towards me, but lower Sarah's drastically before even meeting her.'

But, Leo was still puzzled, not understanding what his host was exactly doing. Thankfully, Mia had built some type of patience for him, however small it was. 'When she puts on that white lotus act, I'll make an appearance from behind them and make a show of being a white lotus and make her crack.' She smirked inwardly, eyes darkening as if she had already caught her prey. 'Because of this black lotus, innocent lives were ruined. I'll make sure to return it ten-fold and much more. I'll run her through the ground and clip her wings.'

But, Mia's cheeks puffed up as she vigorously shook her head. "That's what happened!" She huffed determinedly. "I fell down the stairs!"

The trio looked skeptical, but Mia would not budge on her excuse, leaving Nathan to growl at how stubborn she was. Grasping her chin, he stared into her eyes, surprised when he noticed the burning flame she had hidden in her eyes.

He smirked. "How surprising, kitten has claws." He mused, two jaws dropping behind the ambiguous atmosphere that surrounded the two.

Mia narrowed her eyes, unconsciously darkening as her annoyance slipped through. Her fingers slid up to his own, tightly grasping them before tugging them off her face. Only when those fingers released her, did her mask fall perfectly back in place.

"What time is it?" She more or less demanded him.

"You've been unconscious for most of the morning." Lucy answered timidly, eyes looking between her cousin and new found friend.

"If you're worried about being late to school, Nate already called to tell them that you were going to be late." Kay added, wrapping an arm around his fiancee.

Surprise flashed across her face, before she gave him an embarrassed smile. "Thank you, but I promised my sister that I'd see her during school. Bye." Standing, she walked to her bag and once it was secured from her shoulder, she rushed from the hospital room to arrive at school.

With unreadable eyes, Mia's face turned blank in thought. 'Leo, was the second male ever in the story?'

Leo shook. Why did his host sound so serious?! "No, the second male never made an appearance ever. Only for a brief moment, but that was with the original Mia when they were younger." He answered dutifully.

'Hoh, how interesting.' She mused. 'I can use this to my advantage...'

Leo floated around his host worriedly. Had she realised that she had already gone out of character when she was with the trio? Maybe because host was basking in the aura of her soulmate, she forgot, Leo decided, forgetting his host had no idea about a soulmate.

Hearing the bell as soon as she set foot on the campus, Mia frowned sadly. "Oh, I'm already so late." She brightened. "Maybe I should find a way out of sister's way?"

Nathan had walked from his rather expensive car that he had parked in the parking lot of the school. Hearing his new found interests words, the puzzle in his mind had been solved instantly. No wonder his little kitten was so hurt, it had something to do with this sister of hers.

"Mia!" Sarah's sugary voice shouted, her pink hair bouncing vividly behind her. Many hearts from the boys, and some girls, had been captured once they saw this cheerful beauty.

But, when they noticed a goddess like girl, her blonde hair floating around her face like a halo was above her head. Those big, bright red eyes shot arrows through everyone's hearts. Who was that pink beauty?! She was nothing like their goddess!

Fear settled in those eyes as she locked eyes with a furious Sarah. Nathan had just walked from behind Mia, wrapping an arm around her shoulders in comfort, which had surprised both but they ignored it almost immediately.

'Leo?' She purred.

"Yes host?" He trembled, knowing his host wanted to cause chaos.

'Can you connect to other systems?'

"Yes host. If in need of emergencies or recommendations of tactics, we systems have a server." He answered truthfully.

She smirked, dark intent flashing through her eyes as she stared at Sarah. 'Good, start a recording and show this to those inferior systems.' She ordered. 'This will show them, that we mean business.'

Leo felt like crying, well he could if he was programmed to. He started to record this moment for his hosts satisfaction.

Sarah clasped her hands with her own, staring up at her with glazed, tear eyes and a pout. "Sister, where were you? I was so worried when our teacher told me you were in hospital!"

'I'll skin this bitch alive! How dare she go there! What if she spilled?!' Murderous thoughts flashed through her mind, but there was no chance of these thoughts leaking out. Her acting was higher and could fool these morons.

Escaping the tight grip on her hands, Mia swiveled her wronged eyes away from Sarah, tears catching in the corners as she gave a slight whimper that she tired to disguise as a cough. Nathan, hearing that, glared ferociously at a stunned Sarah.

"But, big sister tripped me so that I fell down the stairs." She replied timidly, breaking the observers hearts. This caused a dark hole to emerge in their hearts courtesy of Sarah. Mia looked up stricken. "But I know big sister didn't mean it! Big sister isn't that kind of person!"

Inwardly though, Mia was laughing darkly with her eyes flashing with deceit. 'Beating her white lotus act isn't that hard! Compared to another's, she is but a commoner!'

Leo, who was recording this to post on the system server, was both alarmed and frightened. Alarmed about how the second male lead's love meter dropped to the blinding zero. His host was so amazing that he was somewhat frightened if they happened across another system in future worlds that hated her because of this.

This thought wormed it's way through his mind until the roots established themselves that no matter what he thought of next, he could not banish those worries. Well, his creator owed him a couple favours, maybe he could get them to do something to protect his host?

Mia sniffled, rubbing her abdomen slightly as their gazes clashed with the other's. Sarah panicked inwardly, but only the worry for sister occupied her face. "Mia, this big sister didn't mean to hurt you!" She cried, her eyes watering at the thought of that happening. "This silly sister only found something you would like, but bumped into you! This silly sister is so sorry!"

"Even if you had bumped into her, then why does she have bruises that are both yellow and are shaped like marks made by someone or something?" Demanded Nathan lowly, his eyes harsh like a cold winter nights that was in a non-stop blizzard.

She froze, both at his words and how handsome he was. Mia tugged his sleeve, looking up at him through her lashes. "It's alright Nathan, sister didn't mean it." she replied quietly, before her voice turned upbeat. "Besides, I've always been extremely clumsy growing up!"

'Nice try, little lotus.' She purred. 'With this golden thigh, who would go against someone who was a much better white lotus? With this personality Mia has, she would never have been able to get revenge, but with this golden thigh I won't need to life a finger. Just bask in the aftermath! How delicious!'
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