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The Messenger of Los
Author :Glaethiel
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2 Oh me?

With a loud gasp, Derrick opened his eyes. He looked terrified, he looked around and realized that he was in the tent and Hibo was sound asleep.

"Phew!!! What a terrible dream that was, man was I terrified." Derrick said to himself while chuckling.

"But what the hell was that thing? Whatever it was, I hope that it was just a nightmare and nothing else.", he then looked at the old man and noticed that the old man was drooling while dreaming, suddenly the old man screamed "STEW!!!!".

This startled Derrick, as he remembered that in his dream the old man was craving for stew. He thought about it for a while and then considered it to be a weird coincidence.

After a couple of hours, the old man woke up. As he walked up, he saw Derrick sitting near the cliff; he seemed to be lost in thought. The old man walked up to him and sat beside Derrick. Both of them looked at the rising sun, the sunlight glimmered on the emerald grass on the mountains, further illuminating the valley.

"What's wrong?" asked the old man.

"Nothing. It just that..ahhhh..It's probably nothing, never mind." replied Derrick.

"If it would have been nothing, you wouldn't be so tensed. Tell me what is going on." said the old man.

*sigh* "I can't hide anything from you, can I? Well, last night I had a dream, but the thing is it seemed so real, like the things I felt, the joy, the fear, the terror, all of it is still in my heart, soul, and memory. It is as if it has been engraved on my mind. I feel like, all of it actually happened, but I know that it did not, but my heart is still staying that it did happen. I'm just so confused right now." exclaimed Derrick.

The old man gave Derrick a weird look, and asked him "Are you high?"

"Why you!!!!" Derrick shouted.

He got up and threw a punch at the old man; the old man flickered and appeared right behind Derrick. Derrick decided to go with a reverse roundhouse kick; the old man flickered again and appeared beside Derrick, "Calm down, calm down. I was just joking around.", Derrick threw a left hook, the old man flickered yet again, Derrick felt a tingling sensation behind him, he let loose a powerful back kick, this time the kick connected with the old man and sent him flying.

Although he was uninjured because Derrick could not cultivate, as he did not have a law yet, but being pushed this far with just a kick by a mortal proved Derricks physical prowess, and this was not even the most surprising part, as it must be impossible for Derrick as a mere mortal to detect where the old man will reappear.

"How did you do that?" inquired the old man.

"I don't know. I felt something and just let loose I guess." replied Derrick

"I nearly fell off the edge of the cliff, and all he has to say is I felt, blah, blah, let loose blah blah. I knew it. You are high." said the old man as he lashed out. Just after he finished lashing out, he turned around and started to run; Derrick shouted "Just wait till I get my hands on you, you'll have the best trip of your life you old fart.", and started running after him.

After running for a few minutes, both of them reached an open field of emerald grass.

"Come. Follow me." said the old man to Derrick. Derrick started following the old man, and after two or three minutes they reached a waterfall, the waterfall had a 300-metre drop and was surrounded by vegetation on both sides, near the fall was a large rock sturdy enough for people to sit on it.

Although this was the first time that Derrick had come to this place, It seemed as if he was quite familiar with the place. Derrick soon realized where he had seen this place before; it was the same place where he had been cursing Luthor in his dream. Derrick's eyes were wide open with shock.

The old man turned around and looked at Derrick "Woah. Woah. Now, I know this place is beautiful, but it is not that beautiful. What's with the reaction?"

"I-I-" Derrick stuttered.

"You what?" asked the old man.

"I-I-I saw this place last night in my dream. I've never been here before, so how the hell did I see this in my dream, not even a stone changed or a leaf less, this-this is exactly what I saw in my dream." said Derrick.

He further added, "And if all of it is as it seems, then this city is in huge danger, I do not know who is going to attack, or how they are going to attack, but I just know that it's going to be worse than everything that has happened so far."

The old man grew serious and asked: "Boy are you sure?"

Derrick nodded. "Then we need to warn everyone. It may sound unpleasant, but we need to go see Luthor." said the old man.


Two guards were standing outside a gate, both of them were wearing grey armour with a golden emblem on their back and chest plate, the emblem was mountain inside a golden sun outline.

A man walked outside the gate; the guards bowed to this man, the man nodded and said: "His Majesty has ordered for no one to be allowed entrance to the castle.", the two guards replied in unison "Yes Lord William.", the man then turned around and went back inside as the gate closed behind him.

Just as the gates closed, two figures appeared right before the guards. One of them was an old man in a blue robe and white cloak, and the other was a young boy wearing beige coloured pants with white shirt and an unusually long black doublet over the white shirt. They were none other than Hibo and Derrick.

"Halt!!! His Majesty has ordered for no one to enter the castle." Shouted one of the guards.

"We need to see Luthor, let us through, or everyone in this city will perish." said Derrick.

"You insolent fool. You a mere mortal dare take his Majesties name with that filthy mouth of yours. You shall be punished in the name of his majesty." said one of the guards.

The guard then took out his sword, his sword started to glow red as it vibrated at a very high speed, he practiced the Law of blade, more than half the soldiers in Luthors army practiced this law, it was one of the most commonly practiced laws in all the four domains. He then charged towards Derrick with great speed, as he was able to use magic, his speed was much faster than Derricks. Derrick seeing this flinched, he thought that he was about to die, suddenly time slowed down, and the colors became dull, nearly everything turned grey, black and white. The guard rushing towards him with great speed seemed to have slowed down greatly. Derrick was greatly surprised at seeing this.

"Hello, Derrick." said a deep and loud voice.

Derrick was startled, he looked around and asked: "Who's there?"

"You are looking in the wrong direction, I'm right here." said the voice again.

Hearing this, Derrick turned towards the direction from which the voice came; just as he turned around, his surroundings seemed to have changed. He was now in the middle of a desert; in front of him was an oasis from which strange quadrupedal creatures made up of black rocks were drinking water.

"Fascinating, are they not?" the voice asked a question.

Derrick looked at the creatures and replied "Yeah, maybe. But right now I'm more fascinated about you."

"Ah! Not a believer of small talk I see." replied the voice. It further said, "Then let's get down to business."

Suddenly the sky seemed to rumble, and the ground seemed to tremble, Derrick went on guard.

"Oh, there's no need to be afraid my friend. I won't harm you, after all, I have been waiting for you for the past three million years." replied the voice.

"Just show yourself already." Groaned Derrick.

"As you wish." replied the voice.

Suddenly on the other side of the oasis, a huge thousand of meters tall black humanoid creature appeared. It seemed to be made of the same black rocks as the quadrupedal creatures from before. It had defined feature like, head shoulders, chest, legs, arms and it also seemed to have two sets of wings on its back made from the same black rock. Instead of eyes, it had four distinct glowing orbs of energy on its face, and there was a huge amount of the same energy concentrated in its chest.

Image ( https://i.pinimg.com/originals/1c/17/cd/1c17cdc9865db556ffb6ee8d9573ae67.jpg )

On seeing this creature, Derrick cursed his luck, he felt like crying, he was wondering just what the hell was happening to him.

He finally mustered up some courage and asked, "Who are you?" his voice squeaked as he was asking the question.

The humanoid figure chuckled and then squatted, it then looked straight at Derrick, Derrick felt as if his soul was being seen through; he felt a bit awkward and instinctively covered his "jewels".

The figure said " Oh me? I'm surprised you asked that, after all, we have met so many times in the past. But I guess, it has been three million years, we will need to work hard on you. Many now call me the filcher, some call me the creator, and I...I call myself...LOS!! And you my little friend are my long awaited answer. YOU ARE MY MESSENGER."

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    《The Messenger of Los》