The Messenger of Los
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The Messenger of Los
Author :Glaethiel
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1 What“s that?

** The first few Paragraphs depict the ongoing scenario in the first volume and a bit of introduction of the few important characters in the first volume. **

The world of Lassnia, once a peaceful lesser world in the prime universe of Los, filled with mysteries of its own, be it the floating islands or the numerous Shuǐ zhǎng present all around the world. It may be a lesser world, but it was well known for its vast variety of magical herbs and potions in its prime.

Lassnia used to be a significant supplier of magical herbs and potions in the Universe of Los, but now it was just a shell of what it used to be, what it used to be capable of, it had become a world, which was failing in sustaining itself and its people. Ever since the War between the domains broke out, Lassnia was targeted continuously for its resources and the mysteries, it harbored. It was only a lesser world due to the lack of dense natural energy, its every other aspect was similar to that of an Exotic world, but the energy reserves were quite low on Lassnia, even lower than that of a mid-level world.

Because of the constant fighting going on, most of the surviving residents of Lassnia had moved to the nation of warl, the capital city Goldwald was the most densely populated city in the nation. This was due to the presence of various defensive measures in the city; it was thought to be the most secure place in the World of Lassnia, as it was also the home of the ruler of Lassnia, High King Luthor. He practiced the Law of Mist, a law full of deceptions and well known for its balance between defensive and offensive capabilities. The Law of mist enabled Luthor to cast spells that were very hard to detect and understand.

In the world of Lassnia, Luthor was Famous for a lot more than his strength; he was also known as The Silver Demon of Lassnia. He was feared because of his ruthless methods and tactics; he would get rid of anyone who would oppose his absolute rule or pose a threat to his power. During wars, he would slaughter many and injure a lot more. Due to his greed and desire for power, many innocents had died or lost their family — his thirst for power so considerable that he had killed his only son when his power threatened him and he imprisoned the previous queen to prevent any retaliation from her side.

Luthor was a man surrounded by rumors, and one such rumor involved his personal guard William. According to this rumor, the current queen and princess were actually the wife and daughter of William. Luthor had put the mother and daughter under a curse, which caused them to believe that they were the wife, and daughter of Luthor. Luthor had done this to prevent Williams rise in power. William used to be the leader of a mercenary group that was fighting against the absolute rule of Luthor. Luthor had issued a warrant against William, many people went after William, but all of them only knew defeat.

Frustrated due to the results, Luthor decided to go after William on his own. He tracked William down, the two of them fought for two whole weeks, and the fight ended up in a draw. This result shocked Luthor, he thought of himself as the strongest fighter in Lassnia, he never thought that someone else from this lesser world would be able to stand against him. This outcome infuriated him, he not only wanted to get rid of William, but he also wanted to humiliate him. Thus, he hatched the plan involving Williams's family. After successfully putting his plan in motion, he gave will two choices, either follow him or die with his family. William chose his family over his pride and ever since lived as a slave of Luthor. Although none of this was ever proven, many people believed it to be true.

Many similar rumors were everpresent among the people of Lassnia, these rumors led many to fear Luthor, but it also led many to dislike Luthor, many harbored hatred for him and wanted to end his rule, but none of them had the power to do so. These people of Lassnia believed that the violent methods and behavior of Luthor were due to the absence of ruling power in their domain, many of them thought that power to be the messenger of Los. Although they had only heard about the messenger as a legend from the past three million years, many wanted this legend to be true. Believing in The messenger was a way of escape for them, but it still gave them a feeling of anticipation and hope.


"Ahhh!! This damn Luthor, who the hell does he think he is. How dare he leave us commoners out in the open, while he hides in his fortified castle? Damn him!!", a young boy growled, he had long brown hair, grey eyes, fair complexion, and a decent build, he was wearing beige colored pants, a white shirt and a plain black doublet on top of the shirt, the doublet was a bit longer than the normal doublets, he kept the doublet open, and the sleeves were folded.

"Calm down Derrick; you know quite well what will happen if the royal guards hear us.", said an old man sitting calmly beside the young boy, he further added solemnly, "You and I only have each other now, I promised your parents to keep you safe and alive, now that we are at the last stretch of this treacherous war, we need to be patient or it just may be the end of us."

"I know, I know, but that does not mean that the way we are treated is fair, being surveyed continuously by the guards, curfew after seven in the evening, a death penalty for even suspicion of treason. These methods are not for our protection, that bastard is doing these things to protect himself and his rule. He never has and never will care about what happens to us, all he cares about is his power."

The man looked at Derrick and said: "You may be right, you may be wrong. Life has a funny way of doing things. Things are not always as they seem.", the man smiled and looked away; he then said: "Come, let's return to our tent, it is nearly seven, we don't want any unnecessary attention.", Derrick looked at the man, and he had a faint smile on his face. He then got up and stood next to the man. Then suddenly he started to run and shouter "THE LAST ONE TO REACH THE TENT COOKS TONIGHT." the man was surprised at first, but then he smirked and shouted, "YOU KNOW HOW TO COOK RIGHT?".

The man then suddenly vanished and later reappeared a few meters before Derrick, he then said: "I was thinking beef stew for tonight." He then turned around and started running like crazy. Seeing this Derrick also picked up his pace and they started a frenzy.


Derrick and the old man were sitting near the edge of a cliff, behind them was a pretty large tent and in front of them was a pot on top of a fire. Both of them were holding bowls filled with stew.

"SO GOOD!!!! You sure are a great cook, Derrick, thanks for the dinner," said the old man while licking his bowl clean, "You played dirty, you used magic." said Derrick. "Oh? However, we never did agree on the rules now did we? So I did not play dirty, you are just a sour loser." the old man explained.

"But, you know pretty damn well that I cannot use any magic yet," said Derrick timidly. "It is not my fault that you have such a unique soul, none of the laws that we have come across synchronize with your soul, and you know that to learn and practice magic you at least need to know one law.," said the old man while shrugging his shoulders.

Derrick grunted and said, "I'm off to bed." He then washed his hands and went to sleep. The old man looked at him for some time and then sighed, "The end of my journey is near my little friend. Boy oh boy, I don't even know how much I am going to miss you, and our time together. This time that I had with you, it was t-", he stopped midway, he felt a lump in his throat, his eyes had watered up, a tear came running down, tracing his right cheek and fell on his hand, "You were my greatest quest." said the man while caressing Derricks hair, he then smiled, wiped his tears, turned around and then went to sleep.

A few hours had gone by, both of them were sleeping peacefully until suddenly they heard a loud noise.


Both of them got out of their bed in a matter of milliseconds, although Derrick wasn't able to use any magic right now, he had trained himself to be peerless in physical terms. Thus, unlike any other person who will not be able to use magic, Derrick was quite fast.

"What was that?" Derrick asked the old man, "How the hell would I know, I know just as much as you do.", the old man grumbled while looking towards the direction from which the sound came.


"There it is again." exclaimed Derrick, "Oh yeah, thanks for telling this old man, my ears must have stopped functioning due to my old age." he gave a side eye to Derrick and then came in front of him.

Suddenly mist started coming from every direction, and everything became very difficult to see. The old man and Derrick were barely able to see their surroundings.

"So, this must be the infamous mist barrier of the Silver devil huh? It seems that the mighty protectors have decided to keep on hiding.," said Derrick angrily gnashing his teeth. "It does seem so, alas the last line of defense will perish today, oh heavens, shelter those grieving souls who are about to knock on your door, give them the happiness they have long sought and fought for." The old man joined his hands while making fists and then bowed.




"Damn it, just what the hell is going on? What in the world is making this noise? And why is getting closer to us?" said Derrick tensely. "I don't have the answer to any of your question, but I do know that if we want to live, we need to get the hell out of here.," said the old man anxiously.

"Yeah, that's something we both can agree on.," said Derrick.

"Alright, I need to set up a soul formation, but first we need to get the items from our supplies." said the old man, "Alright" Shouted Derrick, both of them rushed blindly towards the tent, they depended on their instincts to lead them.


The noise kept coming, and with each passing second, it was getting closer.

They reached the tent safely and started collecting the necessary items for the formation and supplies for their journey. "Alright, we have gathered the necessary items and enough supplies for the journey. Let's head back out and start working on our escape.," said the old man hurriedly. Derrick looked at him and nodded, both of them went near the cliff and started taking out items from their backpacks.

"I will now begin setting up the soul formation. Now you know that when I am setting up a soul formation, I am completely vulnerable to attacks as my soul enters an astral form leaving my body. Therefore, you, my dear not so magical yet so physically daunting friend, need to protect me, or we both die. Got it?" said the old man to Derrick. "Yes, I know, it is not like we are doing this for the first time, I'm used to running away from danger while others die, it's such a great thing to do," said Derrick, he seemed rather irritated. The Old man on hearing this was a bit perplexed, he then shook his head, took a deep breath and shouted "Spatial magic: world shift formation.", a silver light started shining around his body, and the old man's spirit was projected outside his body, his spirit started making numerous symbols on the ground.

After a couple of minutes, the spirit projection stopped, and the old man gained consciousness.


This time, the noise appeared from right behind them and stopped, both Derrick and the old man froze still for a few seconds. Suddenly Derrick shouted "HURRY UP YOU GEEZER!!", the old man regained his wits and shouted "ACTIVATE!!!".

The formation started glowing a bright silver light, "Get inside the formation you little brat." said the old man to Derrick. Derrick hoped inside the formation.

The glow from the formation kept growing strong; it was difficult for both of them to keep their eyes open. The Silvery glow turned into a large silver flash and then everything returned to normal. They had to keep their eyes shut for a few more minutes to prevent any permanent damage to their eyes.

"Did we make it?" asked Derrick.

"I think so.," replied the old man.

"HAHAHAHAH!" Both of them started laughing frantically.

"I thought we were done for," said Derrick while laughing.

He then opened his eyes and looked down, as he looked down, his happiness disappeared and was replaced with shock.

"What happened?" asked the old man.

"You old geezer, you did cast the formation correctly did you not?" asked Derrick angrily.

"Obviously." replied the old man.

"Then what the hell is this?" asked Derrick.

The old man opened his eyes and shouted "WHATS WH-" he stopped midway; he looked down and was shocked.

According to the old man's plan, both of them would have been transported to another planet provided that the formation was correct and according to him he had made and cast the formation correctly, but right now they were standing on the same cliff as before. Derrick was facing the edge of the cliff, and the old man was in front of him with his back facing the cliff.

Suddenly Derrick said "Old man.....Old man..." he was trembling with fear, as the old man was busy in thought, he wasn't able to hear Derrick. Derrick continued "Old man...Old man...Old man HIBO", the old man looked at Derrick with anger and said "how many times have I told you not to use my name?", as he was glaring at Derrick, Derrick raised his hand and pointed behind Hibo and asked in a trembling voice.

"W-wh-what's t-t-tthattt?"

The old man on seeing Derrick this terrified realized something was amiss, he hurriedly turned around to see what Derrick was pointing at. Just as he turned around, his eyes were wide opened, he was frozen stiff, his body trembling, he fell on the ground and then he whispered: "Y-y-y-yyyoouuu?"

=====END OF CHAPTER 1=====

Next chapter will be published tomorrow.
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    《The Messenger of Los》