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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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Three days after Zhihao started his conquest.

"Cardinal, our branch in the Moonlit Void Kingdom has been completely destroyed!"

"Pope, the branch in the Sulmariun Kingdom has been annihilated!"

"Pope! The Church Frontier has completely vanished!"

"Cardinals, the Holy Crusade that's dispatched to invade the Perfect Continent has suddenly disappeared from its track without any traces!"

"Could... could it be that voice?!" One of the church's apprentice exclaims.

Hearing this, all of the people that came to report halts their movement abruptly.

A dark silence covered the whole of the church as all of these believers felt that there is something wrong.

'Why is someone that powerful going against the church?'

'Had the church really angered a great existence?'

'Is this the judgment of the real God of our World?'

All sorts of thoughts entered the believers' mind, and just at this moment, the Pope stood up.

"Do not fret, as this will be the real trial of the Church, people with less faith to our Vermillion Goddess will definitely choose to leave, but those that believe the church will stay, removing the weak-willed ones and will bring us great rewards!" The pope spoke, claiming something seriously weird.

But the pope didn't stop there as he continued; "Do not forget, the Vermillion Goddess has blessed us with already a great being, the Holy Maiden!"

All of their eyes shone brightly as they looked at the Holy Chamber where the maiden resides, and yes, after just a few seconds, the door slowly opens.

A figure not much taller than an average woman, her silver hair flutters with the passing wind with a black headband, she's wearing a silver dress with black adornments with her shoulders and silky white long legs are shown, on her hand is a silver and black staff that looks like a Queen's crown on the edge of it.

Seeing the holy maiden up close, their eyes gleamed with passion.

"Holy Maiden!"

"It really is the Holy Maiden!"

"I must've been blind, to think that I was even thinking of leaving the church! I deserve punishment!"

"Me too!"

"Holy Maiden!"

Cheers from all direction of the hall sounded, the holy maiden made her way down and continued to walk gracefully towards the veranda of the church.

They are currently on the 15th floor of the church... well, it definitely looks like a City, but for now, it will be called the Holy Vermillion Citadel.

The Holy Maiden stood at the edge of the Veranda as she looks at the people busily moving, doing their daily work.

"People of the Skylight Empire, hear me, your Holy Maiden!"

From down below, people have faces full of worry and uneasiness, they couldn't take off their mind from the news they kept receiving from the merchants.

But as the voice of the Holy Maiden sounded, all of their unease suddenly halts as they looked at the Church's grand veranda.


"The Holy Maiden!"

One... two... four... ten... cheers started to be heard and more and more people started joining them.

At this moment, the Holy Maiden spoke once more: "Please ease yourselves, for I know that this event is merely a trial for the believers, and those that believe our Vermillion God will be blessed!"

After speaking like that, the Holy Maiden removed her veil revealing a very alluring face, if Zhihao is here, he would definitely know who's face this belongs to.

"Holy Maiden!"

"Please punish us! We had been blinded!"

But the Holy Maiden didn't stop there, her lips parted gracefully as her voice lets out; "I will lead a force to destroy our enemy, pray to our God that he may give us strength for the upcoming battle!"

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The citizens felt weak; "Holy Maiden, you should stay here where it is the safest!"

"Yes, let us believers do the fight instead!"


The holy maiden shook her head: "Too many bloods had already been spilled, I will end this disaster once and for all! Please pray for us!"

After the Holy Maiden spoke, she slowly steps back and entered the grand hall. The people felt disheartened, but remembering the Holy Maiden's words, all of them kneeled on the ground, whether it is a child or an adult, all of them prayed dearly.

Sadly for them, the God they are worshipping is a female, not a male, through time, it had been completely forgotten, and she's also living in a different World, much farther than theirs.

A futile effort indeed.

When the Holy Maiden made her way to the Grand Hall, all of the people there have their eyes wide open.

"Holy Maiden! What kind of thing are you planning?!"

"It is a really dangerous task, I beseech you to take back your plan!"

"Holy Maiden, let us do the deed instead!"

The Holy Maiden was about to speak, but before she could, the pope stood up.

"Let the holy maiden do her duties, as one of the greatest powers of our church, she can definitely finish this opponent."

His words reverberated throughout the grand hall, everyone became silent.

The pope then added; "But don't worry, two cardinals will aid her with her conquest!"

His words caused everyone to feel relief!

But the pope's words didn't stop there; "Also, a massive number of our Archbishops and bishops will join the Holy Maiden's just cause, together with thousands of our elite soldiers!"

"The World is filled with uncertain events, if this 'Sole' expert is waiting for an ambush with a large army, our Holy Maiden will definitely be in peril, hence, this will be another Holy Crusade! Once the Holy Maiden finishes her duties, she will continue with conquering the Angel Continent!"

The Pope's words were clearly heard, it is like the problem in front of them are merely an easy one and will immediately be passed through and will continue with the other mission.

"Long live the pope!"

"Long live the church!"

"Long live the Holy Maiden!"

All of the people started cheering as they prepared for what's to come, meanwhile, the Pope sat on his chair and with a very mysterious grin, he drank the wine from his glass.

'This will definitely be entertaining.'




Meanwhile, from the other side of the Treasured Continent.

The main culprit for the Vermillion's Holy Order's is currently resting peacefully in one of the Cities of a provincial location of the Treasured Continent at the edge of its borders, residing in a villa close to the ocean.

"You should wear this." Zhihao took out an item out of his interspatial ring as he handed it over to Ying Mai.

"This is... Isn't it like... I'm not wearing anything at all?"

"Not really, and nobody is really out here, we've vacated the whole area for ourselves." Zhihao chuckles as he continues to urge Ying Mai to wear it.

"This..." Ying Mai for the first time felt a little rejected for Zhihao's ideals, nevertheless, she took the two pieces of clothes from Zhihao's hand and quickly tried to wear it.

"No, that one's not for your butt, that's for the chest."

"That's not a hat..."

After a while, Ying Mai finishes dressing, Zhihao chuckles as he looks at Ying Mai's appearance and couldn't help but utter; "Perfection."

Ying Mai hearing this couldn't help but have her face redden.

Zhihao then looks at Riku; "Are you sure it is here?"

Riku nods her head; "Yeah, it is one of the ten treasures of this World, and a strong deity is guarding it."

Zhihao nods his head, changing from his robe to swimming trunks.

Zhihao looks at Ying Mai with a smile; "We need to match the environment we will be going to, after all, we can't really have you wearing a flaming robe under the sea can we now?"

As he finishes speaking, Zhihao ran towards the Ocean and immediately dives in, Ying Mai sighs as she also followed him, she was practically embarrassed as she was expecting something else, really.

But Ying Mai didn't do what Zhihao did, summong the Celestial Energy around her and casually formed a round protective area, making the water not being able to approach her.

Seeing this, Zhihao couldn't help but utter; "Kill joy... Hmp!"

Still, after uttering that, he also thought that this journey would definitely be long, hence, summoned his own protective barrier.

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    《Supreme Martial System》