Shiba Tatsuya:A second chance
10 A visit part 2
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Shiba Tatsuya:A second chance
Author :Midoriya1
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10 A visit part 2

{Third person pov}

[Tatsuya]: Major... why are, no, you were called by our Aunt right?

Asking for a reason, Tatsuya swapped the 'question' for a 'statement' halfway through. There's no reason for Kazama to visit the Yotsuba, so conversely, it was obvious the reason he was here was because he had been called.

[Miyuki]: That is correct. I had not heard that you'd be attending as well, however.…..I am sorry.

Theone who had apologized was Miyuki, who had stood up the moment Kazama entered the room. Kazama had simply been stating a fact. He was not small-minded enough to be upset over such a trivial matter. Knowing that Tatsuya had simply shrugged, but Miyuki could not so easily put aside the bungling of her relatives.

[Kazama]: It is not something to be concerned over.

Kazama and Miyuki did not have much correspondence. In fact, they had never met without Tatsuya also being present. Which was why Kazama, in the presence of a third party, was not quite as frank with Miyuki as he would normally be with Tatsuya.

Nevertheless, being in Tatsuya's presence all the time, he couldn't help but think of her as simply 'Tatsuya's little sister'. Still, while the number of times they've met is not as much, she had first met him the same time as Tatsuya. Their acquaintance with Kazama, sprung from the events of three years ago.

The soldier who came to talk with us identified himself as Captain Kazama Harunobu. After finishing his introduction, he went straight to the point.

[Kazama]:...So, did you discover the submarine by chance?

[Sakurai]: The one who discovered the submarine had been the boat captain. If you'd like to know the circumstances concerning that, you should talk with them.

[Kazama]: Did you notice any characteristics that could identify it's registry?

[Sakurai]: It was submerged throughout. Making out specifics was impossible. Even if it had surfaced however, I don't know much about submarines.

{Miyuki pov}

The questions and answers were exchanged between the Captain and Sakurai-san. Okaa-sama seemed content to leave everything to Sakurai-san, and since I hadn't been very composed at the time, even if I was inclined to speak, there wasn't much that I could add.

[Kazama]: Apparently, torpedoes were fired? Do you have any idea why they attacked?

[Sakurai]: None whatsoever!

Sakurai-san seemed quite irritated. She had been dissatisfied with the response of the military from the start, and at this implication 'you guys probably did something to provoke them right' question which made even me feel slightly chagrined, it was no wonder she'd become angry.

[Kazama]: —I think you're missing something.

Then he looked twords my brother who made a statement about them trying to abduct us and the torpedoes were foam based correspondingly the captain asked for clarification of the source of the info for which my brother adamantly replied

I refuse to answer.

Having finished his quarries he was escorted out by my brother and I saw the Captain and his subordinates out. A car was parked outside, and next to it, two well conditioned soldiers stood to attention. One of them, upon seeing my brother, widened his eyes in surprise. I also remembered him. He was the bad soldier from yesterday, one of the 'Left Blood's

-- I see.

Seeing the look of astonishment in the soldier, Captain Kazama nodded in understanding.

You're the boy who took down Joe?

At the Captain's words, I reflexively went on the defensive. However looking at the Captain as he laughed merrily, it didn't seem like he held any tension whatsoever. My brother hadn't reacted at all.

Followed by Lance Corporal Higaki, Captain Kazama proceeded to the large open topped car, then stopped three steps away and looked back.

[Kazama]: Shiba Tatsuya-kun, was it? At the moment, I'm serving as the instructor of an airborne magician squad at Onna base. If you're free, come visit us sometime. I'm sure you'll find something of interest.

Captain Kazama spoke those parting words and, without waiting for a reply, climbed into the car.

The next morning during breakfast Okaa-sama had ripped her toast into small pieces, and was popping them into her mouth one by one.

[Miya]: ...Tatsuya, you can be free for the day.


[Miya]: You received an invitation to the base from the Captain yesterday right? This would be a good opportunity to visit. You may be invited to join their training.

I understand.

You can be free

Okaa-sama had said, but she had ended up ordering him after all. Without showing any dissatisfaction whatsoever, my brother simply accepted it with his deadpan expression The same as always.

[Mituki]: Um, Okaa-sama!

Why I did such a thing, I don't know myself.

I would like to go together with Ni, Nii-san?

After a bit of thinking she replied yes

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    《Shiba Tatsuya:A second chance》