Reliving the Past ~ Mage of the Abyss
73 Chapter 66 ~ The Dedicated Necromancer
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Reliving the Past ~ Mage of the Abyss
Author :ImpAntique
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73 Chapter 66 ~ The Dedicated Necromancer

Unnoticeable Oddity

Recognition of the Abyss

Rank: Unknown

Objective: Kill the 4 Heavenly Kings of the Great Demon Lord Lintore

Rewards: Unknown

With restless eyes, Siola stared at the quest's screen. 'Need to kill the gods, I see.'

Shifting her eyes to Lilian who is hugging her arm, soundly resting her eyes. Siola decided to poke her forehead.

"Let's go."

Lilian wiped the water in her eyes and nodded as she yawns.

They rose up and went to an inn to buy provisions. After spending a mountain loads on it, they set out to Mount Tempest without riding a carriage like she was planning to.

Something is happening in her mind, she knows it and yet, she doesn't know what to with it.

It was a long walk on a steep mountain, they encountered many kinds of monsters along the way, but none at which, they cannot handle. Especially since Siola has stepped into another level with her skills.



Title: [Conqueror ~ Novice] / Perk: [None]

Benediction: [None]

Innate Skill: [Heal Regen I] [Cold Resist I] [Stamina Regen I] [Blood and Soul Exchange] [Necromancy] [Release Seal] [Store Seal] [Summon Seal] [Exchange Seal]

Active Skill: +3 [Create Entry-tier Undead] +3 [Create Low-tier Undead] +3 [Create Middle-tier Undead]

Passive Skill: +1 [Reanimate] +1.5 [Appraisal] +1 [Solemn State]

Spell: +2.75 [Magic Arrow] +1.5 [Clairvoyance] +1 [Telekinesis] - 6 Slot left Available


With the help of Solemn State, as long as she's in this moody and calm minded state, the strength of her abilities would increase tremendously. But... she's in this state not because she wanted to.


She has created 2 Draugr assassins and 3 Draugr archers, they are now available to be summoned at any time due to the seals she got.

They kept walking day and night, taking little to no rest whatsoever. Lilian is holding up all right, but Siola is not. For many times, Lilian tried to convince Siola - in her own way - to rest her body, but she ignored her. Because of that, Siola has fainted numerous times and Lilian had to carry her to a safe place before continuing.

Now facing off against a large monstrous scorpion, the two Draugr assassins speeds up towards it and shove their daggers to the cracks of its body while the three archers firing off their arrows from afar.

*Slash *Slash *Slice

Siola charged up her [Magic Arrow] and blasted it away. Once it's defeated, the mindless draugrs walked towards her. She used her [Store Seal] once more, and the journey continued.

'Mount Tempest, the legend once said that even a slime can reach to the highest seat of power. Many follow the same path in ancient times. Based on the lore, one of the remnants of that legend… lies is there.'

She looks up to the clouds, the thundering sounds of the wind pass around violently, shaking the trees and even… destroyed them.

Surrounding herself and Lilian with her summon, they managed to get into the top safely with the undead taking the full beating of the wind. Someone is waiting for them at the top, it is none other than the necromancer from the bounty quest himself. "Hoo, a kin. Welcome, my daughters. I take it you are here to take my life, no?"

"…" Siola is eyeing him up and down, inspecting him.

"Not in the mood to talk, I see. Very well, let's get to it then."

He summoned his staff and slammed it to the ground, *Boom*, as the shattering noise quaked the ground, 10 draugr emerged. Two of them are as big as a small house. Siola squinted her eyes, 'A master… [Defy] is also a problem. Lilian too.'

'Guess I need to be a bit more engaging this time.'

Jibon noticed that she's approaching, "Braves… but foolish." He rotates his staff rapidly and yelled, "Pyro Ray!" Burst of flame lasered out of his staff, homing to Siola's direction.


She tosses her summon seal to the back of the necromancer and quickly activates it. Something so obvious, of course, Jibon noticed it right away. He turned around and activates another spell, "Fire Blast!"


He expected the draugr to be destroyed, but what he sees is none other than Siola herself, whose eyes bleeding with blood in sacrifice for the flames he just casted, to be reformed and redirected at him.


"Gwahk!" rotating in midair, he uses his exchange seal and switches place with one of the undead. Unfortunately, the one he switched place to is the one that is being pinned down by the two Draugr assassins that Siola prepared.

*Taks *Taks *Slash *Slice

The undead under his command quickly went towards them, *Baks *Bam *Bam, they managed to save him. However…

"Ngh, c-clever. But this is not the end yet."

"No" mumbling as she walked towards him, she lifted her hand and grasped it at his whereabouts, "This is the end…" his eyes widened as his vision went closer to Siola's direction. She used her [Telekinesis] spell and pulled him by his clothes.

*Thud*, landing flat on the ground, the man shivers.

With his defeat currently at hand, Siola mumbled one thing for his past action, "Thanks."

The many magical arrows in the sky fall down in one place. As the man meets its end, he smiles as he took an item out of his pocket.

*boom *boom *boom *Boom *Boom *BOOM *BOOOOM!

The ringing sound echoed under her ears. Something… is coming up from her stomach, but she sternly holds it in and shut her eye for a moment. The undead that the man has summoned, soon return to ashes.


Siola felt dizzy and quickly lose her footings, but the undead managed to catch her before she falls.


She took its hand and it assists her walking towards the decapitated body of the necromancer. Lilian soon joins her along with the two archers following from behind. She took out a healing potion and a cloth. Siola sat down to drink it and let Lilian clean the blood under her eyes.

{You have completed—

She waved it away, along with the summary of the battle.


'Right, I forgot to check what's the reward for that title.' She went to open her inbox and retrieve all the rewards that she has obtained. Along with the other rewards.

Most of them are uncommon materials for crafting and alchemy, while the rest are just potions and gold coins.

Then suddenly, Lilian presented something to her.

It's a decapitated hand that is holding… some sort of ring.

A gem-less ring made of wood.

Pinnacle Legacy

Rank: SSS

Objective: Retrieve/Free the Lost Soul in Mount Tempest

Rewards: Unknown


'He was looking for the entrance. I don't know how long has it been since this quest is up, but it seems that it must've been... a very long time.'


'The Dedication.'

She chugs more potions to replenish her health, just enough to leave a few more uses before getting a toxin. She then went behind a tower, right before the cliff end. It's subtle, but one can see that there's a bridge right underneath it. With the help of the undead, she sends them to go there. Some died, with only one left, and it succeeds in reaching that bridge.

Siola holds Lilian and switches place with the undead. And then she pulls out her store seal, to bring him back. They walked toward the dark cave and seeing many sparkles inside. Lighting their path, they followed them.

Nothing but a coffin can be seen around.

Siola went to open it and saw a decomposed corpse is lying there.


Just beside its head, there is an item of a golden white color. A clock, the device that tells time.

After she took it, she looks back to the corpse.

'Retrieve… or free… I wonder what that means.' She no longer cares about rank and rewards, all she wants is to finish her business. "… Retrieve, I guess."

When she touches the corpse cheek, her hands started to catch its texture. 'Hmm… this is no mere rot. I wonder if this is the end for me. I can't let that girl stuck in here alone.'

She went to mount to the corpse and choked it, 'Guess I have no choice, huh.'

She grabbed its neck tight and it quickly burst into a sparkling wisp, flying all around and whirling around her. Forming into one and created, a spectral being with colorful features. Siola saw her, and it captivated her.

"Thank you, child."

Siola's hands returned normal and the ring in her hand started glowing. "Tell me, which one do you wish for. Is it the power to kill gods… the power to dominate the dragons… or the power to rule… the mortal realm."


Without hesitating, Siola chose… "The middle one… please."

"Then it shall… be yours."

The spectral being formed a hand sign and lights quickly appeared on her finger, she poked Siola's head with it and send numerous amounts of magical energy right into her head. "Ngh" the amount of information printed into her brain is unfathomable. They tell all stories about the demise of the Calamity Dragon, raised by the divine, killed by its own kin. It started a new journey… as an undead.


"You may use that power to whatever it is you desire. Farewell… mortal."

The spectral being dissipates into nothingness, and the sparkles soon are gone with her. Siola got out of the coffin and rested her butt on it, sighing as she saw her status, 'I'm fucked' shifting her eyes to Lilian, she saw her panicking amidst the dark. 'Heh, at least there's her with me.'

She grabbed Lilian's shoulder and took her outside, passing by the bridge, they found themselves inside a small hut that is hanging there. When they look down, only death awaits them if they go down.

Luckily, there's a bonfire and bedroll for them to rest. Siola lights it up with the torch nearby and lied down on the bed. A paused for a moment, and then she asked Lilian to sleep beside her.

She snuggled inside and then hugged Siola from behind, the two shares the bed and rested for the night.

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    《Reliving the Past ~ Mage of the Abyss》