Perfect World
Chapter 68 - Unicorn
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Perfect World
Author :Chen Dong
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Chapter 68 - Unicorn

During dawn, fog lingered around the forest and created a misty area. A string of red light appeared on the mountain top and the sun struggled to seep out. It sprinkled its warm and comforting radiance, dying the fog in light gold and circulating multicolored light.

The people of Stone Village had woken up a long time ago, and a group of children faced the morning light while training. They puffed out their essence energy and each of seemed as strong as a Pi Xiu youth.

The little guy sat on the side as he watched them. On the verge of leaving for a long journey, he was reluctant to go. Zi Yun, Da Peng, and Xiao Qing snuggled against his side. They were very unwilling to let him go and wanted to follow him, but he didn’t agree.

This entire journey was very dangerous. Taking him 300,000 li away, this long of a journey would pass through a great number of mountain ranges, and was filled with all types of dangers. After entering the lofty mountains, there would often be enormous figures streaking past the sky. All kinds of uncommon yet terrifying vicious birds passed by.

When the little guy went to cultivate, he personally saw a huge bird over 50 meters long streaking across the sky while spitting out flames, directly melting a mountain top into magma. Another time, he even saw a ferocious bird over 100 meters long entering the clouds to catch a Flood Dragon. He tore it into two pieces to devour it within its stomach, and blood sprinkled down onto the mountain like specks of rain.

Although Zi Yun, Da Peng and Xiao Qing weren’t ordinary and they could fly across the sky as well as hide on the ground, after all, they were still immature. If they were used as transportation in this long and endless journey, it would truly be too dangerous.

Only heaven knew what kind of fierce birds would suddenly charge out from a mountain range and rip them apart while they were still maturing.

Fierce birds could spread their wings to approach the clouds and soar between the heaven and earth. They possess extreme speed, but they were excessively eye-catching and might end up become an airborne tyrant’s hunting targeting. It was possibly even more dangerous than passing through the forest.

“Little guy, are you truly going?” The group of children stopped their training and all surrounded him.

“En!” Little Shi Hao nodded. He had already decided yesterday, and he wasn’t going to change his mind now.

“A journey of 300,000 li, so far. We’re all still so young, why are you going to such a distant place?” The child widened their eyes as this astronomical number made them feel a bit dizzy.

“When are you leaving?”

“Tomorrow!” The little aimed his gaze towards a group of unicorns. If he couldn’t soar across the sky, then using an extremely fast vicious beast as transportation wouldn’t be bad either.

“Ah, you’re going to catch a unicorn?” The group of children all exposed their excitement. They wanted to do this a long time ago, but they didn’t have enough power.

Even Shi Linghu, Shi Feijiao and those other adults were always scheming, but they didn’t dare to act blindly without thinking. With pure white bodies and flickering silver scales, those unicorns were very strong; they wouldn’t surrender to any normal person.

However, their fame didn’t come from their battle strength. Compared to their ability to rapidly travel 10,000 li in a day, that so called ‘strength’ really didn’t account for much.

The little guy stood up and identified one of the tall and spirited male unicorns. Its its body was burning with a silver fire, and its sturdy figure stood on four tall and thin legs. With eyes like crystals and a horn on its forehead, it was wrapped in silver light.

“That’s the one.”

After little Shi Hao acquired his target, he took a detour around Stone Village and entered some shrubs in order to cut off the unicorn from the other side. The group of children all stared their eyes wide open, and held their breaths as they calmly watched.

“What are these children doing?” A group of adults were alarmed.

“What, catching a unicorn?” With a shout, a bunch of males and females came out of the village to watch from the lake side.

The little guy rushed out and appeared by some nearby shrubs, and sprinted towards the lakeside in order to surround and block the group of unicorns. He marked that particular tall target among them.

The lakeside was suddenly disturbed, and all kinds of precious birds and strange beasts perched here began to cry out at this uninvited guest. The approaching figure was full of hostility despite being so young.

The group of unicorns were startled in particular, since they were obviously an intelligent species. They still remembered the fact that the little guy once single-handedly lifted up a huge hundred thousand jin boulder by the lake. Every one of them were worried as they shined all over.

“Little guy, careful!” The villagers cried out in alarm.

The group of unicorns suddenly moved and stamped their four hooves into the the ground. Symbols interweaved all over their bodies as they all faced outward while simultaneously activating their attacks.

With a weng sound, silver like light poured down like a storm, creating a huge area of vast whiteness that was difficult to dodge. Some of the rocks on the ground had even been penetrated.

The little guy didn’t slow down, but instead spread his two arms. He rapidly streaked horizontally thirty meters forward like an eagle soaring through the sky; his movements were beautiful yet powerful. It absolutely didn’t seem like something a child could do.

“Such a fast movement technique!” Even the village elders were shocked.

This was a movement technique that the little guy had seen studying from the True Primordial Record’s ‘divine battle records’. It was the battle spirit of a Golden Winged Peng, and that kind of mysterious movement as well as usage of symbols left him with a deep impression.

Right now, golden symbols flickered on both his arms and began to whistle like the wind. Like a Golden Winged Peng, he streaked across the sky with a beautiful appearance that contained a formidable strength.

Chi Chi…

The unicorns released a lone hiss. Their horns were shining as they all shot out beams of light formed from their symbols, striking forward. If one didn’t examine it closely, they might have thought it was actually lightning.

The little guy quickly dodged behind a boulder that weighed over ten thousand jin. However, as he leaned over, that boulder was smashed apart, causing rubble to fly into the sky.

He quickly charged toward the side in a shocking path just like a Golden Peng flying across the sky. He unexpectedly spiraled half circle in the air as he charged into the group of unicorns.

“Wow!” The group of children shouted. The little guy’s body was in the air, yet he could actually change directions. He was truly like an Archaic Divine Bird that was spreading its wings with lightning fast speed.

A wave of restlessness spread across the group of unicorns. Their hooves treaded the ground with no chance of initiating a group attack again. Their silver scales flickered all over their body as each of them held their heads and hissed while trampling forward.

“The little guy is too fast. In a short distance, he’s absolutely much faster than those unicorns. It’s simply impossible for an ordinary person to approach them, but he was actually able to charge into the herd of beasts!” admired Shi Feijiao. It would still be impossible for people like him even if their strength was drastically improved.

With an astonishing speed that surpassed the speed of those vicious beasts, the little guy entered the herd, however, it was even more dangerous now. On one side, hooves stamped over ferociously and on the other, light beams struck towards him. It was incredibly difficult to avoid.

Like the sound of a divine clock, the little guy’s entire body began to shine. Divine light transformed into symbols, and after arranging themselves in the air, they wrapped themselves around his body to block this round of incoming attacks.

“Go away!”

The little guy violently pushed, and seven to eight unicorns immediately flew out horizontally. How strong was he? Without the mysterious power of the Bone Text, a fling of his arm would be able to exert a divine power of 108000 jin. However, he didn’t deliver any killing blows, as these strange beasts were rare. In the future, if they could make them all yield, they would be an incomparably valuable treasure for the villagers.


The little guy rushed forwards and leapt on the back of that tall unicorn. Although it was covered densely in silver scales, there were still some silver white hair on the back of its neck. He grabbed that spot and wasn’t willing to let go even if he died.

This precious mount neighed with its resonant voice as it was reigned by the neck. Like a huge boulder, it soared into the sky. It could be called a fine and robust divine spirited horse, and it was incredibly outstanding!

“Little horse, don’t be so noisy. Go with me together to look around in the outside world. It might be greatly beneficial for your cultivation,” the little guy leaned over its ear and lightly said.

However, this unicorn went into a fit of rage. It was a vicious beast, how could it compare to ordinary horses? No matter what, it was a strange species with a speed that was extremely formidable within the mountains.

Under normal circumstances, a unicorn wasn’t a creature that a normal expert in the Blood Transformation Realm could capture. They had extraordinary strength, and dashed with a divine speed. They also inherited some simple symbols, so they were very special.

The unicorns and the scaled horses were both descendants of the Archaic Heaven Horse, and were considered the posterity of a mythological beast. Although their blood were extremely diluted, they could still show some power.

This tall unicorn violently neighed like the sound of thunder and struggled endlessly. However, under the huge strength of the little guy, its so called divine strength was too weak, and it had difficulty struggling.

Little Shi Hao exerted some strength and pushed downwards. Its head that was previously held high up in the air directly hung down. Finally, Shi Hao jumped down onto the ground, lifted it up, and charged violently out of the beast herd.

The group of unicorns were in huge disorder and neighed unceasingly, but they couldn’t do anything since the little guy was too powerful. With his boundless strength, he continuously sent ten vicious beasts flying.

“Captured alive…getting one just like that?” The group of onlookers were all dumbstruck.

The little guy made whooshing sounds as he sprinted, and directly carried a tall unicorn back. Its four hooves faced the sky, and it struggled fruitlessly.

Shi Feijiao and the others had been planning for many days, yet they still hadn’t taken any actions so they did not capture a single one. Now, the little guy did this and unexpectedly succeeded so easily.

That was a precious mount, yet it was captured so easily.

“Little guy catch a few more.” A group of adults salivated.

“Uncle, if I catch anymore, they are going to be frightened and escape, perhaps never returning in the future. After I tame this unicorn and treat it well to make it feel our goodwill, perhaps in the future the other unicorns would see this and voluntarily approach us.”


The villagers nodded since this methods was not bad. A group of elders were all gurgling water within their mouths because they never even dreamed of possessing such a precious mount.

That day, the unicorns never stopped neighing by the beautiful lake. Although the little guy caught one, he didn’t truly tame it. It neighed non-stop as it ran wildly on the green grass.

“Little White, don’t be angry anymore. Just follow me and I’ll teach you some profound Bone Texts and in the future, genuine symbols will form on your bones and your horn. At that time, you might become like Zi Yun or Da Peng and create your own primitive precious bone. Only at that point would you truly be considered a powerful vicious beast,” advised the little guy.

Only until dusk did this tall and divine mount, a unicorn, surrender without any resistance anymore. The little guy didn’t say much and showed it a bunch of symbols right away.

“Ah, this unicorn isn’t making noise anymore?” The children all ran over in anticipation to ride it.

However, Little White almost kicked backwards into the nasally kid, and made him so scared he fell downwards onto his buttocks.

“Oh my goodness. You almost made me spout out large mouthfuls of blood.” The nasally kid still had some lingering fear, and excessively beat his own chest.

Although this unicorn had surrendered, it didn’t allow anyone else to approach it.

The next morning, the little guy told the villagers that he was preparing to leave.

All the villagers came, including elders as old as eighty to ninety years old and babies that were still suckling on breast milk. The chief, uncles, older brothers, older sisters, and aunts all came to send him off.

“Child, don’t force yourself. If you find danger after travelling a bit, you must return.”

“Little guy, be careful on the road, don’t show off, and protect yourself well!”

Everyone warned and urged him, and all of them were reluctant to part with him. A few aunts’ eyes even turned red. They thought back to this kid who had once drank their breast milk, and they considered him a true member of their family.

Finally, the little guy set off on his journey. He rode on the unicorn and charged into the distance as he waved goodbye behind him.

With a sou sound, a golden light rushed forth and rapidly caught up, hanging itself on the tail of the unicorn.

“Aya! Hairy Ball followed.”

“No problem, having this little thing in the village is completely harmful. It wants to eat a large portion of Dragon Horned Elephant daily. Without the little guy, we wouldn’t be able to raise it.”

“That’s a golden Zhuyan, perhaps it could help the little guy out a lot.”

In the air, Zi Yun, Da Peng and Xiao Qing chirped and followed for over a hundred li to see him off. Under little Shi Hao’s constant warning, they reluctantly turned back.

“Ancient country, here I come!” The little guy told himself and clenched his fist, then he urged the unicorn on and it became a streak of silver light. It rushed into the endless mountains to traverse the mountain range before dashing into the distance.

The unicorn’s speed was truly fast, and it also had a keen perception, allowing it to avoid many dangerous vicious birds and fierce beasts. Just as noon hit, it had already sprinted a distance of three to four hundred li.

This unicorn was truly extraordinary. It pierced the valleys and climbed the mountains. When it tread on flat ground, its speed was extremely fast.

Zhizhi… Suddenly, the fist sized golden Hairy Ball began to scream. All the hair on its body stood erect, and its eyes were staring wide open as it fidgeted restlessly.

At the same time, that tender green branch of the willow tree within Stone Village flourished with light. It charged into the horizon, and its scorched black tree trunk unexpectedly also ferociously swayed. With a slight rustling noise, a large portion of its cracked old skin fell to the ground.

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