Once upon a time in HEN!!
16 On The Way: The Eastern City
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Once upon a time in HEN!!
Author :dinesh_dahal
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16 On The Way: The Eastern City

Now Ha Ri wasn't only able to grasp even a single thing of what was going on. All he could see was few words going inside him and and were sucked inside Guang Ho. He thought it was what was supposed to happen but he didn't know it. Later those words came back from Guang Ho and they entered Ha Ri. It looked as if they were checked whether they were harmful for the body or not. Moreover now they were in black in color coated with golden aura. They entered inside Ha Ri through his forehead.

Suddenly, There was a bright golden glow in Ha Ri. Then a sudden pillar of light came from Ha Ri. Due to the pressure of aura everyone below some rank were blown and few of those who could stand their ground were unconscious. Only two people saw what happened there. Once the golden light stopped then suddenly dark pillar came out of Haris body and cancelled out golden aura. Then again it also disappeared inside Ha Ri. The Old man was shocked and he had tears in his eyes. He couldn't believe what he saw then. Another man beside the Oldman was an adventurer. They were acquainted so he agreed to keep quite about what they saw then. But, the light and dark energy was bound to attract a lot of unwanted guests. So they woke up everyone and moved from there. The scale of energy Ha Ri released was so great that even the level five monsters were in dizzy state. Everyone took the chance and ran away.

"Ah! Where am I?", After a day Ha Ri woke up.

He could see he was in some hill. He tried to stand but couldn't. Then the Oldman gave him a hand and said, "Look where we are our Sav... Hmm... young man."

Then Ha Ri slowly stood up the hill and he saw some magnificent scene of eastern city. He could see a vast sea, vast land, hill, mountain, and the eastern city which was hundred of miles expanding from one end to other. The sunlight about to risen. The yellow light in horizon. The white mountains, the green forest and a lot of nature. This was the first time he saw something so beautiful. He was happy for the first time after he left his hometown. Other were also happy. The Oldman was happy to see Ha Ri smiling. Seeing his face gave him inner peace he desired.

Then the adventurer came and ahispered something to Oldman. Then Oldman without saying anything he disappeared in and instant. Then the adventurer gathered those who had seen Ha Ri's light and asked them to keep quite about it. And everyone agreed to do it for Ha Ri. At this point everyone had started to like Ha Ri. Ha Ri was still looking at the beauty but the adventurer called him. He said they have to move soon. Then they started to descend the hill. On the was everyone laughed, sang an adventurer song, danced a popular adventurer dance, picked flowers and fruits for their friends and family. And the arrived at the huge gate.

Then the adventurer said, "welcome! Welcome to the Eastern city Young man."
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    《Once upon a time in HEN!!》