Myths Galore
15 15. The “Quackers“
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Myths Galore
Author :Daoist_Wuxia
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15 15. The “Quackers“

After proudly introducing themselves as a three man team, they revealed their IGN for Rajas to see. The younger man was 'Seaquake'. The lady was 'Moonquake'. The the gruff man was 'Earthquake' no it was 'Earthquack'. Rajas tried to hold in his laughter but failed miserably. The man looked at Rajas weirdly, then at his team mates. Both of them shrugged their soldiers and watched on. After Rajas calmed down, he looked at the weird expressions on their faces. Gathering himself, he quickly clarified.

"I was just reminded of one of my old friends. Sorry"

_I hope that calmed them_

But I could see on their faces that no one had bought my bullshit. Even though the two 'quakes' were realising what I found funny. But even though it was funny, it was not 'that' funny. Whatever excuses I made were going to fall on deaf ears so it was better if I changed the subject.

" Anyways I was looking for a party to join... Do you guys have any vacancy?"

The three looked at each other and then 'Seaquake' and 'Moonquake' looked at 'Earthquack' who was staring at me.

"We'll get back to you after discussing"

They already had my IGN when I traded them the fur. And I had also sent friend request to the three of them. Even though it was not accepted yet I had hopes. Then they went inside the Training Center that was at the center of Training Grounds.


I had realised back at the Ruins of Sun Tribe map that even though going solo was profitable, a solo player had his limitations. By stroke of luck I had managed to find a way to purify Abjurer, but I would not be lucky every time. It was better I find myself a party before long and guilds start to dominate the game.

" You are the guy who is selling a trash tier wrist guard for 3 silvers?"

I almost groaned at the loud voice. It was such a rude way of bringing me out of reverie. I slowly opened my eyes and looked at the speaker. There were two averagely built average faces guys standing in front of my stall. One was the guy from before, the one who asked for price and left. I realised that the second guy must be higher in position than first guy.

I was bored anyways why not toy with these guys for a bit.

""No, He just left."

Such blatant lie left the guy from before speechless while the second was a bit confused and looked at first in askance. As if he was asking 'Did you bring me to the wrong guy?'

" He is lying. He is the one selling Gnoll Wrist guards for 3 silvers. Look the wrist guards are still there on his stall"

The first guy said pointing to the wrist guards on my stall. Second guy was mildly annoyed. With most imposing tone he could manage he asked "You dare lie to me?"


<It was rhetoric question Brother, you are not supposed to answer it with such carefree attitude.> These were the thoughts of second guy.

That pissed him off even more. As he floundered for words, he must have checked 'Imposing Villain Lines 101' because his next question was "Do you know who I am?"

"Nope. Who are you?"

That was his queue line for intimidating me with whatever mighty background he had.

"Have you heard of Earth's Mightiest?"

So these guys were from Earth's Mightiest. It was fairly notorious guild but their upper levels were quite fair. It had mainly gained the infamy due to group of players brought in by Black Winds Inc. when they acquired 33% stocks of the guild.

"Yes, but I also know 'I❤️KimonoGurls'."

'I❤️KimonoGurls' was leader of operations of Goddess Worshippers guild in Barbarian Village. I had never met him but I knew about him. Technically, what I said wasn't a lie. I indeed knew 'I❤️KimonoGurls' but I hid the fact that he didn't know me.

That quickly cooled the raised temperature of the guy from Earth's Mightiest.

"Brother, what is the lowest price you are willing to take?"

" For you, 2 silver 50 copper"

I was still making a extra profit of 1 silver here. After the recent beatings Earth's Mightiest had taken from Goddess Worshippers, they were laying low. So the guy from Earth's Mightiest gnashed his teeth but paid me the full amount and took away the Gnoll's Wrist guards. The first guy, however, gave me a mean look that said, 'This isn't over'.


It was late now. Almost 10 o' clock. Rajas gathered his wares and packed up. When he settled the bill for his game card he realised he had played for 10 hours today exceeding his topped up amount by 2 hours. After clearing the surplus period charge, he made his way towards hostel. As he entered through the gate of Hostel, he heard sound of laughter. It was not unusual for a hostel filled with teenage boys to be lively but the laughter he heard was familiar. He followed his ears and reached the recreation room on the left side of the residential building.

When he entered, he saw it was Sean, Kel and Brocky. These three were his only friends in this world. Rajas pulled up a bean bag and joined the three. Kel and Brocky were teasing Sean.

"You are whipped Bro..."

Brocky supported him while mimicking whipping sounds and actions.

"Stop it! I am telling you she is just a friend"

" No girl who is 'just a friend' clings to a guy's arms the way she was this afternoon"

"And Ya be like, 'Baby ya wanna buy this? Ya wanna go there? Ya wanna have ass kissed?"

Sean was turning redder and redder every time Kel or Brocky commented. Even if I didn't know what exactly happened, I could see it was about some girl who was coming on to Sean. I didn't comment in between nor asked for what exactly happened for fear of breaking their momentum, but just sat there watching the roast.

After some time they were bored as Sean was not giving any reaction. Then Kel turned towards me. He filled me in with inputs from Brocky from time to time.

Today at lunch a hottie named Myra had joined them. It started with innocent flirting from Sean. And then they exchanged their IGNs. After lunch all four of them logged on together. Kel and Brocky left to complete their quests while Sean was left alone. He took advantage of opportunity and called Myra. As she too was from Human empire they formed a party and farmed for monsters in level 7 maps, Swampy woods. Kel happened to be in the vicinity and he saw both of them together. When a Poisonous Cobra jumped out from the tall shrubbery, he saw Myra jump into Sean's arms. Not missing such great opportunity, he took a video and sent it to Brocky. He also detailed Sean's self sacrificial generosity where he did all the work and gave all the loot to Myra. Hence, Sean faced such an intense ribbing.

There was a moment of silence. Then Brocky asked

"Ya still dating that chick, what's her name?"

"Achara, yes I am still dating her"

Kel said defensively. Achara was also crush of Brocky and after numerous attempts to woo her, she had chosen Kel. So it could be imagined why the subject would be sensitive. And hence the awkward silence continued. Unable to bear it I was about to say my good nights when Sean turned towards me.

"Have you registered for mid year entrance examinations? You do know that School will start on November 12th, right?"

I had totally forgotten about it. It was already 5th November and exams would be on 10th November. Good thing it was Multiple choice Questions exam, or I didn't know what I would do.

" I will, thanks for reminding me."

These guys were much more excited than I, on the prospects of me joining them in School.

_Well I couldn't disappoint them now, can I?_

As the clock chimed 12 o' clock bell, we realised that we were sleepy and not in mood to continue chatting and retreated to our beds.


Rajas was once again in the Ruins of Sun Tribe after breakfast with trio. With his poisoned arrow quiver ready, he started liberating souls of poor misguided Sun priests. After three hours he had purified 11 Abjurers. For the first time he didn't want to hear the system chime indicating the quest completion. But dread as he may, it had arrived.

{ Quest Alert: 'Misguided Souls' upgraded.} {Quest Alert: 'Important Delivery'}

Quest objective: Please bring the Staff of Kirin Hau to Sun Tribe Leader Berah to receive your rewards.

The quest completion bar was shown at 75%.

Rajas thought it should not have been so low. If it really is the maximum completion from first part of quest, it means getting to Sun Tribe chief was harder than he had thought or he had blundered while doing the quest.

He thought hard but only problem he found were the 2 Wraiths which he had not been able to kill. Anyways there was nothing he could do about it. Also he was unable to get any information about the 'haunted' status condition he had. No information was found whatsoever on forums or site. Anyways he decided to kill some more Abjurers and reach level 9 before handing in his quest.


I lured one of the Abjurers in the open to the woods. While killing Abjurers I had noticed that Abjurers had their movement speed hindered in the woods. Curious about how strong the Abjurers were without the quest, I used keen sight.

Abjurer (Elite)

Level 9

HP 1500

They were actually freaking Elite tier monsters. The Quest had suppressed their stats to normal monsters level. I stood just beyond the five meters distance and charged my Power Shot. The Abjurer gathered Fire elements as it got ready to cast Homing Fireball. Both let loose their charged arrow and the spell at the same time.

- 54

- 48

Those were two big numbers. I had done just 54 damage with my best shot and his lowest Tier skill had taken away my 48 health. By this rate I will be able to just take three fireballs before I am dead. Anyways Archers were not meant to tank, they should kite. So I went outside the range of Homing Fireball and continued to barrage the Abjurer with my arrows. I was able to hit the Abjurer three times when a second Homing fireball took away 48 of my health. With sense of crisis I realised that I could die if I get hit by one more fireball. So I took the 30 copper Health regeneration potion which would heal 10 HP per second over 10 seconds. At the same time I retreated even more as I noticed the range of fireballs was much longer than previous 5 meters. I was maintaining the minimum distance of 8 meters between me and Abjurer. As the battle raged on I realised that the Homing Fireballs were fizzling out about a meter in front of me. I checked the current distance. It was just short of 8 meters. Reassured of the distance, I boldly moved in to six meters as I was sure I could retreat a meter in a second as soon as he began the motions for Homing Fireball.

Within next minute I had shot 30 arrows almost emptying my quiver and the Abjurer's health was below 20%. Then he began chanting. I assumed it was a Homing Fireball and retreated to beyond 7 meters. But even after 1 second no spell was coming. I picked out from being the tree I was hiding and saw he was still chanting. I notched an arrow took aim and shot.


I missed because the Abjurer had bent down and smashed his palm into the ground. The arrow flew past from where his neck should have been and embedded itself in ground 3 meters beyond the target, still quivering. And then I felt the heat. Ripples of Fire originated from the ground where Abjurer had smashed his palm. The three ripples of fire managed to cut through half of the girth of 1 foot radius. Thankfully, the tree blocked the attack for me or I would had have been cut in half. Where the ripples were unhindered, they travelled to as far as 10 meters. Thankfully it only covered the front half of the area and left the Abjurer stunned afterwards for 10 seconds. I took advantage of these 10 seconds and even changed my normal arrows to toxic arrows. With additional 13 damage per second from internal poisoning the left over 20% of health was gone before it could recover from its stunned state.

{ Abjurer (Elite) killed. You have gained 650 EXP. }

A staff and 20 coppers had dropped. I checked the attributes of staff.

Blessings of Sun [Iron]

M Atk : 11 - 13

P Atk : 6 - 8

Special: Fire Affinity +2 (During Day)

Equip Requirements: Basic Sorcery

This was the first Iron Tier equipment I had held. Even though its magic attack was lowest among the Iron Tier weapons, its special was the best thing about it. +2 Fire Affinity was worth 60 Basic Sorcery skill points. Even the condition for Special, only during day, was not a problem if it was used by a player who preferred to play during day. Its market price was around 20 silver at the minimum. Now that he had such great motivation, he started his level training with renewed vigour.

After collecting all the arrows strewn across the place as well as those embedded in Abjurer's body, he once again lured another Abjurer over. But strangely enough this one was just normal tier. It was to be expected as this was just a taste of what higher levels in game would look like.

After a few minutes sound signalling death of Abjurer chimed.

{Abjurer killed. You have gained 325 EXP}

This time just a white tier tunic for mages with a paltry 1 defense dropped. There were also 12 coppers.

Even though not as good a loot as before, it was still worth the effort. After another hour, most of the surrounding Abjurers were dead. He had managed to kill two elite and six normal Abjurers. Most exciting drops were two Fire ball skill books.

Fire Ball (Active) - 5 MP

Cooldown - 30 seconds.

~ A ball of fire is launched at target doing 80% of magic attack damage.

~ May cause splash damage to units in body contact with target.

Requirements : Level 5

This was the most basic skill of fire branch magics. Countless Fire mages use this skill to level up their Basic Sorceries and earn Affinity points with Fire element. It ought to fetch good price on market.

Now that the periphery of Sundial was clear of Abjurers, Rajas could approach the core area. Approaching slowly and cautiously, he reached the inner area. The considerably large size of Sundial could be understood only after one approached it up close. The radius of the sundial was around half a mile. The pointer or gnomon as it is called, was like a right angled triangle with its base being the ground. Its hypotenuse emerged from the centre of Sundial and connected to the perpendicular pillar that emerged from the ground near the circumference of the Sundial.

It was incredible site to see. The pink sandstone pillars which were just wide enough for my body to lay on, had withstood the test of time. Even though few creepers had managed to crawl on them, they were still intact. Most importantly the Sundial still functioned. It was half past twelve according to sun dial which matched the time of Game.

Rajas was now very near to the Centre. He could see three black figures huddled together. Even without checking with Keen Sight Rajas knew them to be the Witch Sisters. All that remained to be seen was whether they were bosses or just high levelled elites.

There was growling noise coming from Rajas's stomach, so his priority now was logging off and having lunch.

Rajas was accused of not being a 'true buddy' as he had not treated his friends even once. To rectify this situation he sent a chat request to Brocky.

" Heya Bro! What's up?"

" Meet me at the VR centre entrance. Call Sean and Kel too. My treat"

"Demn buddy, you're the man. Be there in five"


In fifteen minutes 5 of us were sitting in a quaint little restaurant, 221 Bleeckers. Sean had thought it appropriate to bring along Myra, his latest best friend whom he had met just yesterday. I could already imagine tonight's roasting of Sean as Kel and Brocky shared devilish grins.

In the duration of lunch I was able to pick several points about Myra that made me uneasy. She was too comfortable in company of four unknown men. Maybe it was a false alarm but I felt like I should warn Sean before it was too late.

About an hour later I was once again logged into the game. After taking into consideration risk of death, I decided to kill some more Abjurers and level up to 9. Just when I was about to retreat to the surrounding woods,

I received series of system notifications.

{Player 'Seaquake' has accepted your friend request}

{Player 'Moonquake' has accepted your friend request}

{Player 'Earthquack' has accepted your friend request}

{'Earthquack' has invited you to join his party. Would You like to join 'The Quackers'?}

This time with no one around I laughed till I had stitches in my ribs...
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    《Myths Galore》