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MW Chapter 2241
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Martial World
Author :Cocooned Cow
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MW Chapter 2241

Chapter 2241 – Heaven and Man Array

“Your strength isn’t too bad. It seems that we underestimated you!”

A demon king stood up and sneered at the martial artists of the 33 Heavens. He originally thought that with the difference of strength between the 33 Heavens and Dark Abyss, it would be a completely lopsided battle. But he never thought that while the Dark Abyss had been weakened, the 33 Heavens would actually rise up in their desperation and so many masters would appear.

In this battle, although it seemed that the Dark Abyss’s victory was assured, they would still have to pay a considerable price.

But so what? If the abyssals were able to leave the Dark Abyss, become the sole rulers of the 33 Heavens and have their race continue onwards for another trillion years, even surviving the next great Shattering of the universe, then all of these sacrifices would be worth it.

The four upper True Divinity abyssals also attacked at this time. Demonic energies surged from their bodies but they didn’t attack the martial artists of the 33 Heavens. Rather, they used their energies to draw up a massive array diagram.

With so many True Divinity abyssals in front of them, the 8600 Empyreans of the Dark Abyss also flew into the array diagram.

“This is bad, they are planning to go all-out!”

With 60 some True Divinities and over 8000 Empyreans, this was the complete strength of the Dark Abyss. Now, they gathered their strength in a grand array formation. If they were to attack like this then their strength could be imagined!

In a large-scale battle between martial artists, the effects of battle arrays were remarkable. If they scattered out the attack they could absolutely sweep away the entire battlefield.

The Dark Abyss had already formed an array formation. The only way for the 33 Heavens to deal with them was to also form a battle array and meet them head-on!

But in a situation where the overall strength of the 33 Heavens was far inferior to the Dark Abyss’s, if their battle arrays were to collide then the 33 Heavens were sure to suffer serious casualties!

Death was not fearful. What was scary was to die without meaning.

In this final battle, no one held back. Many martial artists of the 33 Heavens even spat out blood essence and overdrew their own life potential!

Everyone came into this battle with the determination to die. At this time, no one wavered; they were already pushed into a corner without any path to retreat!

As the martial artists of the 33 Heavens were ready to risk their lives in this battle, the Asura Sea separated below them and a mottled stone altar began to rise up from the sea into the skies.

“Divine Seal Altar!?”

The martial artists of the 33 Heavens certainly knew what the Divine Seal Altar was; it was a spirit treasure that the Asura Road Master had refined in the past. It had nearly been destroyed by the Demon God’s Tomb Master and everyone thought that it was damaged beyond use or repair. But now, it actually appeared!

“Mm? That is - !?”

Everyone saw glittering Asura Heavenly Dao runes shimmering atop the Divine Seal Altar. Could this be the work of… the Asura Road Master!?

The martial artists of the 33 Heavens were already in desperate straits. Now, as they saw these shimmering Asura Heavenly Dao runes, all of them were left excited. If the Asura Road Master could help them out then even the demon army before them wouldn’t be enough!

Everyone was filled with expectations. They all fervently wished to see the Asura Road Master display his heaven-transcending abilities to slaughter all their enemies.

But, this did not occur. Instead, runes shot out from the Divine Seal Altar, turning into divine beams of light that shrouded a part of the world.

“Use this Heaven and Man Array as the foundation to protect me for one month!”

At this time, a dignified sound transmission echoed into the ears of the 33 Heavens’ martial artists.

They could immediately tell that this was Lin Ming’s voice.

Although the tone was the same as Lin Ming’s voice, the majesty and momentum contained within was eternal and forever, like that of a supreme general, leaving everyone’s hearts shocked.

They all immediately realized that the one who moved to action just now was not the Asura Road Master but Lin Ming!

In fact, the grand array that appeared in front of everyone was not purely the Asura Heavenly Dao Array, but a Heaven and Man Array formed from Lin Ming fusing together the world of the universe and the world of the body.

“His Majesty Human Sovereign is still in seclusion but he can also help at this time?”

What Lin Ming said was to protect him for one month. This was different from the 100 years that they had expected before this.

Would Lin Ming be able to leave seclusion in one month?

Many people were inexplicably thrilled at this possibility. They didn’t know that Lin Ming had used every method at his disposal to leave seclusion in advance, and they also didn’t know that the Demon God’s Tomb Master had calculated this date ahead of time and had launched the final war to destroy Lin Ming before his seclusion finished.

“Protect His Majesty the Human Sovereign for a month!”

The martial artists of the 33 Heavens all gripped their fists. Before this, they thought that all their hopes were ruined, but now they knew that as long as they could protect Lin Ming for a month, they might have a path to survival!

As long as they could guarantee Lin Ming’s safety then the bloodline of the races of the 33 Heavens would be able to continue onwards. This was their only chance.

The Heaven and Man Array covered all martial artists of the 33 Heavens.

At this time, no one held back. They poured all of their strength into this grand array.

Hum –

The grand array formed a giant barrier of light that radiated outwards, colliding with the abyssals’ battle array!

The abyssals’ array formation shattered. Dozens of Empyreans abyssals were unable to withstand the impact of energy through their bodies and instantly burst apart into pieces of flesh and bloody mist!

In this horrifying collision, the deaths of Empyreans only took a brief moment.


The four demon kings shouted out in unison. The 33 Heavens’ counterattack had exceeded their expectations.

They didn’t think Lin Ming would actually have such skills. Even in seclusion he was still able to interfere in their fight.

They didn’t know what Lin Ming’s plans were and they also didn’t know that Lin Ming had sent out a sound transmission telling the martial artists of the 33 Heavens to protect him for one month.

It was naturally impossible to reveal this plan to the abyssals, otherwise they would desperately attack for a full month non-stop.

“This brat, he’s already at death’s door yet he’s still putting up a last ditch struggle.”

“Humph, he’s only delaying the end. This grand array formation can only defend and not attack, just like a turtle shell. If we continue to attack then sooner or later we’ll break through!”

The four demon kings soon discovered the ‘weakness’ of the Heaven and Man Array. This was a purely defensive array formation, but for Lin Ming, as long as he could defend then it was his victory!

However, defending against the siege of this demon army for an entire month was easier said than done.

Although dozens of abyssal Empyreans had died in that brief collision just now, the martial artists of the 33 Heavens weren’t in a much better state.

Many people had burned their blood essence and greatly depleted their life potential. Many of them had also received heavy wounds.

“Those that are wounded hurry and restore yourselves! Those that are uninjured, guard the grand array! Everyone that has precious pills, take them all out and tend to the wounded!”

The one speaking was Divine Dream. She also moved first to set an example. She took out all the precious pills within her spatial ring to help heal others.

Soon after, Soaring Feather, Astral Vault, and Emperor Shakya also took out their pills. The spiritas, saint, primal god race martial artists, all of them followed suit.

A month would be a prolonged war. These precious pills and various energy stones would all be of great use and would need to be arranged ahead of time. At this time, no one hid anything any longer. They all understood that the only way to survive this calamity was to work together as one!

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