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MW Chapter 2024
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Author :Cocooned Cow
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MW Chapter 2024

Chapter 2024 – Suppressing the Chosen Prides of Heaven

By this time, Fairy Blue Lotus’s face had turned paper white.

Her talent was extraordinary. Since her childhood she had been the direct disciple of Soaring Feather God King. For the last several thousands of years, she was someone that existed at the center of all environments. Never in her life had she been so ruthlessly suppressed by someone as she was today.

No matter how much she wracked her mind, no matter what hidden card she used, she wasn’t even able to cause a single injury to her opponent.

“You still want to fight?”

Lin Ming calmly asked. Fairy Blue Lotus bit her lips. But, before she could think of how to deal with this situation, Lin Ming suddenly erupted with killing intent, instantly becoming the manifestation of some wild and savage animal as he rushed straight in front of her!

His face was vicious as his fist came smashing down!


This fist solidly crashed into Fairy Blue Lotus’s stomach. Her protective astral essence burst apart and her body curved like a dried up shrimp!

In that instant, blood vessels covered her eyes as if they were nearly going to pop out of her head. She could feel Lin Ming’s wild and ferocious strength recklessly galloping through her body, attacking her meridians!

This severe pain caused her to shake, nearly fainting in response!

After this punch, Lin Ming lifted his arm and brought his elbow pounding down onto her back!


Fairy Blue Lotus spat out a mouthful of blood. She heard her spine nearly crack in half. More of that wild energy broke into her body, causing her organs to explode all over and her condensed blood vitality to scatter.

Lin Ming was ruthless in his actions. This woman was simply far too dangerous a person and had repeatedly placed him in dangerous situations. If he didn’t have cards in his hands that no one could imagine then he might have already been killed by her strategies.

Facing such an opponent, Lin Ming would show no mercy at all. Whether this person chose to surrender on her own initiative or not, Lin Ming would still brutally beat her up so that she lost all ability to revolt.

Of course, just as with Imperial Prince Xishen, Lin Ming kept Fairy Blue Lotus alive because she had her uses. Just from the fact that Soaring Feather God King took care of her disciple to such a degree made it so that he wouldn’t kill her. This was because besides enraging Soaring Feather God King and causing her to seek vengeance, there wasn’t any advantage to killing Fairy Blue Lotus.

By now, Lin Ming had already guessed that Soaring Feather God King actually had no plans of wildly attacking humanity. Otherwise Empyrean Divine Dream, who had to face two opponents alone, likely wouldn’t have been able to continue resisting as long as she had.

To anger Soaring Feather God King would cause unknown consequences. In the current situation, humanity already stood upon a stormy ledge; Lin Ming didn’t want to make this war even worse for humanity.

After attending to Fairy Blue Lotus, then came Highsun and Darkmoon.

Highsun and Darkmoon both had incredibly ugly complexions. In Highsun’s eyes, Fairy Blue Lotus was a nearly omnipotent figure, but even such a figure had been savagely beaten up by this mysterious person.

At the very least, Fairy Blue Lotus resembled a weak woman. As Highsun looked at his own bulging figure, his face nearly turned green with regret. Without a doubt his fate would only be more miserable.

And at this time, Lin Ming had already wordlessly rushed towards Highsun and Darkmoon…


For these four saint generals, this was absolutely the most unforgettable day of their lives. First, the trap they laid down with such effort had been resolved and used against them. Then they had been brutally beaten up by this mysterious person. Finally, they were even caged and tossed into some dark space – the mysterious person’s inner world.

Fairy Blue Lotus never thought that an abyssal would also possess their own world. But by now, she wasn’t of the mind to study these things.

Today was her complete failure. She had dragged so many people into setting up this trap, but in the end she had been the one caught. Thinking about it, it truly was laughable…

Although this mysterious person hadn’t killed her just yet, Fairy Blue Lotus didn’t think she was lucky at all. Perhaps their fates might be even worse than death.

Fairy Blue Lotus, Highsun, and Darkmoon glanced at each other within Lin Ming’s inner world, despair rising in their hearts. Although their strengths couldn’t be considered to be at the highest levels of the 33 Heavens, they were still somewhere near the top. But in front of this mysterious person, they were as useless as babies.

When Lin Ming had finished suppressing Fairy Blue Lotus, Highsun, and Darkmoon, he turned towards Xishen, planning to suppress him also.

But at this time, Lin Ming discovered that in the mangled Xishen’s right hand, the mysterious black book that he held was beginning to undergo changes. The eye on its cover started to emit a blood red light.


Lin Ming’s eyes sharpened. He had already noticed this black book. The shape of the black book caused him to think of the Holy Scripture’s book of death, but after investigating it he discovered that this wasn’t the Holy Scripture but a mysterious book of unknown origin. For a time he was unable to distinguish what secrets this mysterious book held.

Lin Ming planned to capture Xishen and then study this ancient book. He didn’t think that the black book would present such changes all of a sudden.

The blood red light it emitted became stronger and stronger, and the eye also became increasingly bright.

The blood red light turned into faint layers of bloody fog that covered Imperial Prince Xishen. This blood fog slowly permeated into his skin, causing his body to glow with a scarlet hue.

“This is…”

Lin Ming’s eyelids jumped up. He didn’t know what changes the black book was causing in Imperial Prince Xishen. The black book could be healing Xishen’s wounds or it might even be controlling him. But no matter what it was, it definitely wasn’t anything good.

Without any further consideration, Lin Ming took the Black Dragon Spear and thrust it into Imperial Prince Xishen’s chest!


Blood splashed out.

Imperial Prince Xishen had long since lost the ability to fight and had no strength to resist his attack at all. Lin Ming’s spear avoided Imperial Prince Xishen’s heart. But, the destructive power of divinity and demons was poured in, causing Xishen’s lungs to be utterly destroyed!

Even if it was a saint Empyrean with a formidable mortal body, if they had to withstand such a strike after being beaten up so badly they would also be on the verge of death.

Lin Ming didn’t plan to give Xishen any chance to recover. No matter what changes the black book brought about it would still need to use Xishen as a medium. As long as he sufficiently damaged Xishen, the book wouldn’t be able to do anything at all.

After Lin Ming’s strike, the blood fog continued to seep into Imperial Prince Xishen’s body, causing his wounds to rapidly recover. Lin Ming was startled. He reached out and directly grabbed the black book.

After receiving the black book, Lin Ming could feel an evil and dark aura exuding from it. The bloody eye on its cover seemed to be staring at him.

Then, Lin Ming also saw the earthworm-like writings on the black book’s surface.

He was surprised to see this writing. Lin Ming could boast to understand many ancient writing systems. This was because he had gone into many mystic realms, read through many ancient texts, and had also read through and absorbed the memories of many people. But, he had never seen such writings before.

At this time, the black book suddenly released a burst of strength and nearly freed itself from Lin Ming’s grasp. Lin Ming glowered and his mind chilled. The power of divinity and demons surged within him. One hand started to shine with divine light and the other hand glowed with demonic energies as he used a bit of effort to seal away the black book.

But at this time, a great deal of blood red mist had already submerged into Imperial Prince Xishen’s body. As this blood red mist caused Xishen’s body to regenerate, it also caused his aura to take on strange characteristics.

At this time, Lin Ming’s complexion became much more earnest.

It seemed that even the power of divinity and demons wasn’t enough to thoroughly seal away this black book.

Lin Ming frowned. He turned his hands and the Magic Cube space opened. The black book was placed into the Magic Cube space.

The Magic Cube was a cosmic divine tool of the highest order. Its space was also separate from the world. Without his own thoughts, there was nothing that could pass through this space.

As the black book was thrown into the Magic Cube space, the bloody mist that entered Xishen’s body was also isolated.

Even so, Lin Ming didn’t remain careless against this bizarre black book.

He used his mental strength to contact the Ancient Elysium Seal that was within the Magic Cube space, and then arranged for a sealing method. Although he considered himself proficient in sealing, he absolutely wasn’t any better than the Ancient Elysium Seal.

As Lin Ming’s thoughts spread into the Magic Cube, there was a loud whirling sound. Countless runes danced in the air of the Magic Cube space, slowly taking the form of the Divine Seal Array as it firmly covered the ancient black book.


After the Divine Seal Array was laid down, the Ancient Elysium Seal’s main body firmly stabilized the central core, suppressing the ancient book beneath the seal!

Uwuwuu –

The moment the ancient book was suppressed, the blood red eye started to wildly struggle and emit an ear-piercing cry.

To think that a book would actually cry out; the Ancient Elysium Seal artifact spirit felt this was incredibly strange.

“What book is this?” The Ancient Elysium Seal artifact spirit asked.

“I’m not sure. This book seems to possess an evil nature. First we will suppress it and then slowly study it afterwards.”

Lin Ming could sense that this ancient book was abnormal. But even with this ancient book, Imperial Prince Xishen was far from being Lin Ming’s match. This was because Xishen had yet to break into the Empyrean realm, and his cultivation was even slightly lower than Lin Ming’s. With the disparity of absolute strength placed in front of him, not even the evil ancient book was able to make up for this difference.

After suppressing the ancient book, Lin Ming punched Xishen once more, completely blasting open the wounds that the ancient book’s blood fog had just healed. Then, he blocked Xishen’s blood vitality and threw him into his inner world like a dead dog.

After thinking about it, Lin Ming also sealed away Soaring Feather God King’s feather in layers of seals before tossing it into the Ancient Elysium Seal’s sealing array.


A quadrillion trillion miles away, in another universe that was separated from the wild universe by the God Lamenting Wall –

A white-clothed woman gently passed through the starry skies. In front of her was a deep and profound expanse of purple fog. This fog was without end. It seemed like a nebula but also like some illusionary sea.

Seeing this fog, the white-clothed woman pointed outwards. Layers of clear waves surged out, splitting up the fog to reveal the starry skies. But a moment later, this fog came shrouding down once more, as if it were endless.

The white-clothed woman frowned. She stood in front of the purple fog for a moment before attacking once more.

The purple fog in front of her was in truth an illusion of the divine dream space that Empyrean Divine Dream had arranged.

And, this white-clothed woman was Soaring Feather God King!

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