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MW Chapter 1938A
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Martial World
Author :Cocooned Cow
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MW Chapter 1938A

Chapter 1938A – Live Without Regret

If a mortal were to vomit so much blood, they would have long exhausted themselves of any blood in their body.

But this masked person seemed as if he could continue spewing blood. Then, there was only a single explanation for this, and that was that his body was regenerating blood at an unimaginable speed.

Zhu Yan could tell from Lin Ming’s chin and hands that he was an extremely young person. Yet his strength had reached impossibly high boundaries. Could even a Revolving Core master accomplish what he did?

“You… are you alright?”

Zhu Yan reluctantly said after some hesitation.

Lin Ming turned to Zhu Yan. He was no longer vomiting blood, however this wasn’t because his body had recovered but because of that bout of pain just then, his mortal body was now weak to the extreme and could no longer continue producing blood.

“Benefactor, you rescued all of our lives. I will carve this graciousness in my mind!”

Zhu Yan deeply bowed.

Behind Zhu Yan, the other people as well as the two children also bowed.

Lin Ming waved his hand, signaling for everyone to stand.

“Benefactor, do you plan on resting here or… would you like to travel with us?”

Zhu Yan said with some difficulty after looking at Lin Ming for some time. He certainly wished for Lin Ming to travel with them.

He was well aware that Lin Ming wasn’t a person of this world. As for the illness Lin Ming was stricken with, none of them could help and none of them would be able to understand it.

Lin Ming looked at Zhu Yan and then at the little prince and princess behind him. As he saw the worry in the eyes of the little princess, he slowly nodded.

“Perhaps you would like to rest here and then we can continue our journey in the morning?”

According to Zhu Yan’s thoughts, the earlier they left the better. But, he feared Lin Ming wouldn’t have time to rest.

Lin Ming shook his head. “Rest is useless to me. Let us go.”

“Well… okay.”

The group gathered their valuables and disguised themselves as a caravan. Then, they set off towards the northern desert.

They didn’t know whether it was because Lin Ming had frightened everyone, but even after journeying for hundreds of miles, they hadn’t encountered the White Guard again. They met two groups of mountain bandits, but this level of opponent was something Zhu Yan and the others could easily handle.

The road was bumpy. The little princess was listless and wan all day. After suffering malnutrition for such a long time and experiencing constant hunger and cold, her body had become weak. To travel a long-distance journey like this without stopping was unbearable for her.

She was extremely tired, but as the carriage jolted about, she wasn’t able to fall asleep at all.

As for the small prince, he was slightly better. However, as the cold northern winds blew on his face, he was also pale.

During a temporary rest on the road, Lin Ming came over to the little prince and little princess’ side, then handed a sheepskin water bag to them.

“Big brother, this is…”

The little girl was a little more familiar with Lin Ming. She opened her wide eyes towards him.

“It’s snow pear water. It’s tasty…”

Lin Ming smiled. The two children listened in delight and happily took the sheepskin water bag, each one taking big gulps of it.

They were children born and raised in the imperial palace and had drunk luxury snow pear water all their lives. But, the snow pear water that Lin Ming gave them was clearly different.

It didn’t taste sweet, but it was fragrant, far more fragrant than any top quality cooking wine in the royal kitchen. Moreover, as soon as they drank it they began to feel a little faint, as if they were drunk.

The two children only drank a little before their faces turned ruddy and they managed to fall asleep.

Zhu Yan watched all of this from the corner of his eyes.

“Benefactor, this is…”

Zhu Yan looked at the sheepskin water bag in the little girl’s hand. A little bit of liquid dripped down from it and emitted a light fragrance that warmed the heart.

This might be… a supreme medicine of the world!

This thought flashed through Zhu Yan’s mind. He had seen Lin Ming take out a pill and then dip it in the water bag before immediately taking it back out. Then the water had become a treasure medicine. If so, then the value of this pill was…

Zhu Yan felt this was unbelievable.

At this time, Lin Ming took the water bag and casually said, “You drink some too.”

“I…” Zhu Yan felt somewhat apologetic. He declined, “I’m already too old… drinking it is a waste…”

“There’s a lot of it.” Lin Ming thoughtlessly said. Zhu Yan finally couldn’t help it and received the water bag. He drank a big gulp and then felt a stream of heat pour into his dantian, causing his entire body to be warmed.

Not only was all of his exhaustion swept away but even his dantian that had remained quiet for so many years begin to stir. This sort of feeling was like his injured body being revitalized and coming back to life. He was simultaneously overjoyed but also filled with disbelief!

He had fought year after year and injuries had accumulated in his body for far too long.

Due to this, he had sought out famed doctors, and even these doctors said his wounds were impossible to cure. Zhu Yan was well aware of his bodily situation and felt that this was what his life would be like.

He never thought that this masked person would only wet some water with a medicine, and then with a single drink it would have such an effect. It was far too inconceivable!

Zhu Yan couldn’t imagine just what sort of effect there would be if he ate this pill.

Lin Ming silently wrapped up the pill and handed it to Zhu Yan. “Take it. Dip it in some warm water and you can use it to restore the hidden wounds that have accumulated in your body. It will allow you to live for several dozen more years, and can also help those two children recuperate and lay down their foundation. But, remember that you cannot eat it up directly. Otherwise your body will explode from the energy. Also, do not allow anyone to know about this pill, otherwise you will draw a fatal disaster upon yourself.”

Out of the countless pills Lin Ming had on his body, this pill had a low value and was one of the most temperate.

Zhu Yan was flustered as he looked at the pill. This was a medicine that could even stir the heart of a Divine Sea Sovereign!

He refused again and again, saying, “This is far too precious; I cannot take it. Moreover, Benefactor is injured, so you will need nourishing medicines…”

Zhu Yan didn’t understand. If this masked person has such a wonderful spirit medicine, how come he didn’t eat it?

Lin Ming sighed. He shook his head, “Even if it was a hundred times or a thousand times more precious, it would still be useless to me. Take it.”

Zhu Yan was stunned. Even a medicine a hundred times more precious was useless to this masked person?

He didn’t even have time to respond. Lin Ming simply flicked his fingers and this pill flew into Zhu Yan’s spatial ring, without Zhu Yan’s involvement at all.

To Lin Ming, who was skilled in the Space Laws, such a low level spatial ring existed in name only.

Zhu Yan looked at Lin Ming and was left speechless. He could faintly guess that such a priceless-seeming pill might be nothing to Lin Ming.

He couldn’t help but ask, “Why does Benefactor bestow such a generous gift on someone like me? If I am not wrong, then Benefactor should be a peak person in this world? However, you somehow ended up in distress here. I fear that to Benefactor, everyone here is nothing more than ants… why would you meddle in the affairs of mortals?”

When a person walked down the road and saw a group of ants fall into a puddle of water, they would rarely go and help them. Thus, Zhu Yan couldn’t understand just why Lin Ming searched for the little princess and also killed the White Guard, sending them running away. Lin Ming even gave him a pill and accompanied their group to the north.

This was all inconceivable.

Lin Ming spookily said, “This is the circle of cause and effect…”

Originally, the samsara of a mortal’s life and death was a part of the Heavenly Dao. Lin Ming didn’t want to interfere in it; however, Zhu Yan was different.

This was because Zhu Yan had become like he had today because of Lin Ming. At the same time, the trajectory of Lin Ming’s life had been greatly influenced by Zhu Yan.

If it weren’t for Zhu Yan stealing Lan Yunyue away, then Lin Ming’s current life might be completely different.

However… history had no ifs and whats. What happened was what happened.

Lin Ming and Zhu Yan. One was a person who once stood at the highest levels of the 33 Heavens, and the other was thoroughly a mortal. Yet, between these two there was a convoluted karma that bound them.

And this karma was planted the moment Lin Ming stepped onto the road of martial arts.

Today, Lin Ming had rescued Zhu Yan not to interfere with the natural samsara of the Heavenly Dao, but in order to bring their karmic circle to an end.

These were things that Lin Ming naturally couldn’t explain to Zhu Yan, and as Zhu Yan saw that Lin Ming didn’t wish to speak of it, he also gave up asking.

The two people were silent for a long time.

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