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MW Chapter 1812
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Martial World
Author :Cocooned Cow
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MW Chapter 1812

Chapter 1812 – Hidden Treasure

Lin Ming’s eyes focused on the red-dressed little girl’s bare feet. Even though the path here was covered with jagged rocks, incredibly as she moved she appeared to be walking across the surface of smooth water, completely in tune with her surrounding environment.

“Who are you?”

Lin Ming asked once more. However, the little girl only flushed red. She gripped her fists, not saying anything else.

Lin Ming slightly frowned; he was completely unable to see through this little girl’s boundary. She felt like a mortal, but his intuition told him that the truth wasn’t so simple. She must possess some sort of mystical ability and he couldn’t see what the limits of her strength were.

Lin Ming’s silence caused the little girl to tense up. She parted her lips and said, “Is… i-is… it not enough?”

The little girl also felt that the thing she took out wasn’t valuable enough. At least, it wasn’t enough to satisfy Lin Ming. He still might eat the kirin fruit.

She thought about it for a moment and then said, “I… I-I-I-I… know of a place where treasure is hidden. I can t-t-tell you, but you can’t e-e-eat it.”

It was clear just how dear the kirin fruit was to her.

“What place with hidden treasure?” Lin Ming’s thoughts stirred.

“I-I-I… can’t say it clearly… if y-y-y-you come with me… you’ll see…” The red-dressed little girl seemed to have not spoken any words for an extremely long period of time. Her words lagged behind her thoughts as if she needed time to consider what they were.

Lin Ming deeply peered at the little girl. With his cautious personality, he shouldn’t go to such an unknown place. But, this little girl really didn’t seem to have any evil intentions at all.

“Lead me to this hidden treasure area. I won’t eat the kirin fruit.”

Upon hearing Lin Ming say he wouldn’t eat the kirin fruit, the red-dressed little girl finally seemed to relax. The kirin fruit also chirped out loud, clearly happy.

The red-dressed little girl brightly smiled as she saw how happy the kirin fruit was. Two deep dimples appeared on her cheeks, making her look lovable.

“G-g-g-great, I will l-l-lead the way.” The little girl vigorously nodded as if she were afraid Lin Ming would back out of his promise.

“No need to hurry. Before we go I’ll absorb that drop of god springs.” Lin Ming said. He looked towards the red-dressed little girl, “Help me stand guard outside so that no one enters here.”

Lin Ming was still vigilant against this mysterious little girl. After all, when he absorbed the drop of god springs his defense would be in a weakened state.

“A… alright.” The red-dressed little girl nodded.

After the little girl walked a distance away, Lin Ming laid down a simple protection enchantment and stepped into it. Then he directly swallowed that drop of god springs.

Soon, Lin Ming was covered in an endless blood light.

Traces of the blood light seeped into his skin, completely enveloping him.

The blood light became increasingly thick, rushing towards Lin Ming more and more as it wrapped him up.

Pata! Pata!

This blood light seemed to form a giant translucent cocoon of blood that beat like a heart.

With every beat, it was like a god king was striking a drum, the sound like a rolling thunderclap.

The cave as well as the entire mountain began to shiver.

Like this, Lin Ming closed up for over 20 hours.

Outside, night fell and then the sun rose yet again. But in the cave, it was utterly dark throughout.

At this time, beams of light shot out from the blood cocoon, slowly tearing it open.

Lin Ming appeared from within, a strange blood strength permeating his body. Countless faint runes shimmered upon his skin, seeming to shine and dim along with his heartbeat.

This bodily phenomenon occurred for some time before disappearing.

“What a great treasure! My soul has become 50% stronger and there is also a great deal of strength I haven’t been able to absorb but was saved in my inner world! Even my boundary has increased… it is close to the middle Holy Lord realm. In fact, if I wanted to I could make a breakthrough right now!”

Lin Ming discovered that there was a great strength rushing through his inner world like a raging river.

The kirin leaves from before as well as this drop of Weeping Blood God Springs had caused a tremendous amount of excess power to be stored within him. Since he couldn’t absorb it yet, all he could do was compress this energy within his inner world and slowly absorb it.

With this, it would become increasingly difficult for him to keep suppressing his cultivation so that he didn’t make a premature breakthrough.

His cultivation was more than high enough. Right now, what he lacked was time. If he had another 100 years, then that would be ideal!

After absorbing the drop of Weeping Blood God Springs, Lin Ming could faintly feel as if he became more familiar with the surrounding environment. It was like the drop of blood within him was the same as the Akashic Dream Battlefield.

“This sort of familiar feeling… should be because I absorbed that drop of god springs…” Lin Ming suddenly realized.

And at this time, his complexion changed. He felt that the red-dressed little girl had returned.

He waved his hand and a wisp of heavenly tribulation fire flew out from his palm, turning into endless flame runes that slowly settled on his body and turned into a robe.

As for the red-dressed little girl, she was curiously looking at Lin Ming, a dazed look on her face and without any fear or suspicion at all. It was clear she didn’t know of the differences between men and women.

“You said there was a hidden treasure somewhere?” Lin Ming asked the red-dressed little girl.

“I-I-I remember…”

The little girl quickly waved her hands. She was ready to go at any time.


Lin Ming left his cave and turned into a beam of light as he rapidly flew over the mountains. He followed the red-dressed little girl’s instructions and flew towards the hidden treasure area.

As he passed by an underground river that was surging with black waters, he saw a red wild cow galloping through the river, its entire body awash with blazing red flames.

Its entire body sparked with flames. As its hooves struck the ground, the water around it all evaporated due to the high heat and even the river mud was melted into a dark yellow sludge; it was a bizarre sight.

Lin Ming was considerably startled. This soul beast’s strength was about as strong as the soul beast he encountered at Limitless God Mountain.

Such a powerful soul beast was actually engaged in battle with someone in the river. The soul beast’s opponent was an old man that possessed a terrifying blood vitality and intense soul force. The old man was releasing an endless power of Ice Laws, enough to freeze massive tracts of the river to suppress the cow. On the side of the river, several white-robed youths had set up an array.

“Half-step Empyrean? Or…”

Lin Ming was careful; he didn’t arouse the attention of these people. On the Akashic Dream Battlefield, there was an endless number of masters! Those he fought in the Soul Cave had only been a miniscule portion of them. There were also many half-step Empyreans and Empyreans still wandering about.

He continued forwards. Strangely, the red-dressed little girl who was following him had disappeared. But he could clearly feel an intense fluctuation of energy emit from beneath his feet, closely following behind him.

In the Soul Cave, Lin Ming’s divine sense was blinded by a strange dark power. It was hard for him to detect what was occurring beneath his feet.

Yet, he was completely aware that the energy fluctuations beneath him were definitely those of the mysterious red-dressed little girl.

Could it be…

At the Soul Cave when he first picked the kirin fruit, a strange energy had rushed into his body, severely wounding him.

This energy, could it have been this red-dressed little girl?

Lin Ming had this idea before. This was because after he took the kirin fruit’s leaves to heal himself, the strange energy within him had disappeared, inexplicably vanishing without a trace.

Originally, Lin Ming felt that this strength wasn’t simple at all and shouldn’t have disappeared so easily.

And what followed right after that was this little girl suddenly appearing from nowhere in his secret cave. This was also a reasonable explanation.

Thinking of this, Lin Ming’s heart began to beat faster. If this little girl had any evil intentions when he had been trying to heal himself, he definitely would have suffered some miserable fate.

Luckily, this little girl’s thoughts were pure, without any hint of malice.

Just who was she?

And at this time, from the far off distance, a tremendous roar erupted. The nearby mountains shook and beams of essence energy emerged from the far off mountains that pierced through the void.

Lin Ming’s thoughts focused. This was definitely a battle between powerhouses. He had to be more careful… after all, any hidden treasure here must be extremely precious and he didn’t want to attract droves of people who wanted to come and struggle with him.

This hidden treasure area was located deep in the Soul Cave. Lin Ming cautiously continued forwards. To his amazement, he discovered that there were far more powerhouses in the Soul Cave than when he had first come here.

Finally, Lin Ming came upon a stretch of forest that was covered in a thick mist.

The ancient trees towered high into the air.

Incredibly, each tree was as great as a mountain and he wasn’t able to see the top of them at all. This left Lin Ming whistling in awe at this breathtaking sight.


Suddenly, Lin Ming discovered that brilliant fireworks had appeared above him.

These fireworks were purple gold in color and exuded a familiar aura. Soon, the fireworks slowly shifted into a face in the void – it was Lin Ming’s own face!

Lin Ming frowned. For something like this to occur now, he already guessed just what had happened.

Like this, Lin Ming’s complexion darkened.

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