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MW Chapter 1715
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Martial World
Author :Cocooned Cow
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MW Chapter 1715

Chapter 1715 – Sheng Mei’s Thoughts

“Lin Ming’s moved.”

On the Divine Seal Altar, many people looked down to see Lin Ming start climbing up the steps.

“Finally. I wonder what his performance will be like.”

Lin Ming’s talent had already been proven within the Gate of Asura. Still, many people found it unbelievable. After all, Lin Ming had come out of nowhere. He wasn’t like Sheng Mei, someone who had an unbelievably deep background and status and had also attempted the final trial before and obtained above an 80% completion rate.

Although no one doubted that Lin Ming had a terrifying talent, one still needed to verify this with their own eyes. This was like participating in a grand tournament with countless masters all around, and then encountering a seemingly common opponent who casually ended up being the top master of the entire universe. One would always find this difficult to accept.

Many people were paying attention to Lin Ming right now, including even Sheng Mei.

“Empress, it seems you are paying a particular amount of attention to that youth…?”

Beside Sheng Mei, her follower Dragonscar commented.

Sheng Mei lightly nodded. “This person has a very special soul. It even seems a little like that special soul physique recorded within the Spiritas Holy Scripture…”

“Spiritas Holy Scripture?”

Dragonscar was startled upon hearing this.

To the spiritas of the Asura Road, the Spiritas Holy Scripture was nothing but a legend. Although there might have been some people who had seen a duplicate copy of the Spiritas Holy Scripture before, for a divine text of such a level, it was similar to the Asura Sutra to begin with and was simply impossible to duplicate. The so-called duplicate copy would only contain some superficial knowledge and would be missing far too much information; it just wouldn’t be of much value.

As a follower of Sheng Mei, Dragonscar actually knew the whereabouts of the true Spiritas Holy Scripture.

The Spiritas Holy Scripture was in the hands of Divine Sovereign Soul Rapture, and Divine Sovereign Soul Rapture was the existence that Sheng Mei followed orders from. He was a dreadful character that had lived for countless years, the ultimate powerhouse of the spiritas!

Even though Dragonscar had followed Sheng Mei for so many years, he had never seen Divine Sovereign Soul Rapture’s true form yet. He had only heard his voice, but just that voice alone was enough to cause Dragonscar’s mind to shake with fear and his soul to freeze.

Dragonscar didn’t doubt that a major part of the reason why Divine Sovereign Soul Rapture was able to rule the spiritas of the 33 Heavens for so many years was because of the Spiritas Holy Scripture.

In fact, there was a possibility that the reason why Divine Sovereign Soul Rapture was able to reach his current cultivation boundary was because he had a lucky chance during his youth and stumbled upon the Spiritas Holy Scripture.

The common people might not know where Sheng Mei’s Grand Reincarnation Art came from. This was a supernatural cultivation method similar to the nine nirvanas of a phoenix. After every revolution one would have to reincarnate and their boundary would drop by several large realms. Afterwards, one would have to cultivate from the start again!

This was a cultivation method that only a peerless genius could practice. This was because unless someone possessed a cultivation speed ten times that of a genius, the more they cultivated the lower their boundary would be. But, if one could successfully train in this cultivation method then they could forcefully enhance their bodily talent and cultivation talent. It was a truly heaven-defying technique!

To restart from zero nine times, every life was a whole new accumulation of learning. The reason that Sheng Mei was able to have her current achievements was because of her own monstrous talent as well as the Grand Reincarnation Art.

Within the inner Asura Road, the Soul Emperor Divine Void also held a deep admiration and respect for the Grand Reincarnation Art. This mystical heaven-defying cultivation method nearly seemed as if it were creating its own independent set of Laws. It absolutely wasn’t something that an ordinary True Divinity could hope of creating.

As for the origin of the Grand Reincarnation Art, Soul Emperor Divine Void had some guesses, but none that he could confirm. However, Dragonscar actually knew the true origins of the Grand Reincarnation Art.

It came from the Spiritas Holy Scripture – it was a part of it!

As for who was the one who wrote the Spiritas Holy Scripture, that was a mystery that had yet to be solved. It wasn’t even known if the person who composed the Spiritas Holy Scripture was a spiritas to begin with.

Maybe even Divine Sovereign Soul Rapture wouldn’t be able to answer this question.

Now that Sheng Mei suddenly said that Lin Ming had a special soul physique that was recorded in the Spiritas Holy Scripture, how could Dragonscar not be shocked?

“Empress, do you mean… the Eternal Soul?”

“Yes, it’s that. But it’s only a faint similarity. If he really did possess the Eternal Soul then I would have to bring him back to the spiritas no matter what.”

Dragonscar was left bewildered. He looked at Lin Ming once again. But, unfortunately, he had very few understandings of what the Eternal Soul really was and was only faintly aware of its existence. This sort of soul physique had already disappeared from the 33 Heavens for 10 billion years.

This Eternal Stone as well as the Stone of Eternal Life were closely tied together with the ephemeral concept of immortality within the legends.

Lin Ming having something that resembled the Eternal Soul was more than shocking.

As Dragon Scar was thinking this, Lin Ming had already climbed up the first level of the Divine Seal Altar.

Climbing the Divine Seal Altar was a relatively relaxed exercise for Lin Ming. As he scaled the rough stone walls of the Divine Seal Altar, Lin Ming calmly perceived the Concepts contained within it.

Without a doubt, the Divine Seal Altar of the inner Asura Road could not be compared with the imitation Divine Seal Altar crafted by Empyrean Vast Universe. The main difference here mostly came from the different Concepts within the two altars.

This Divine Seal Altar contained Concepts within each step that correlated to one of the Laws of the 33 Heavens.

When Lin Ming passed through the blue stone road he had already enlightened himself upon these Laws of the 33 Heavens, thus now that he climbed up the Divine Seal Altar, he was realizing these Laws once again.

These Laws of the 33 Heavens were mostly strange to Lin Ming. Even if he carefully comprehended them, he would only understand a limited amount. Still, he slowed his speed and slowly mulled over these feelings. This was a rare chance for him. He would do his best to bury these Laws in his heart, where they would be equal to planting Law seeds.

“Lin Ming isn’t fast at all. Is he reserving his strength?”

Dragonscar commented. He had been carefully watching Lin Ming climb up the Divine Seal Altar. It wasn’t too difficult to climb up the Divine Seal Altar. After all, the 33 steps of the Divine Seal Altar were only the stairs for a trial challenger to go from the fourth level to the fifth. Along the way, a good portion of people would be eliminated, but there would be a decent number of trial challengers that climbed up to the fifth level.

“No, he’s feeling and comprehending the Concepts…” Sheng Mei pressed her eyebrows together as she looked at Lin Ming. “Just what is he thinking… could he be thinking of comprehending the Laws of the 33 Heavens…?”

The Laws of the 33 Heavens were all-encompassing, a completely comprehensive system. Even so, no matter how they were divided they had to fall into one of three categories – soul forging, body transformation, and essence gathering.

Each of these systems possessed 11 types of Laws, each one suitable to different races of the 33 Heavens. One might not even be able to cultivate the Laws of their own race, much less the Laws of other races. In Sheng Mei’s eyes, this was simply impossible.

For a single person to dual cultivate body and energy, or even dual cultivate body and soul, was already extraordinary. To cultivate all three systems was aiming far too high.

As for cultivating all 33 Laws, to Sheng Mei that was simply the thinking of a madman.

In fact, Sheng Mei’s thoughts were correct. Even for the Asura Road Master, it was impossible to cultivate every one of the Laws. Even if he spent 100 million years cultivating each of the Laws, it was impossible for him to achieve the limit in ones that didn’t suit him.

However, the Asura Road Master had used another method to solve this problem.

That was… avatars.

If his true body wasn’t suited to cultivating some Laws, then he only needed to create an avatar that was.

Lin Ming’s Essence Spirit Embryo Stone was one such example.

Time slowly passed. More and more trial challengers began crawling higher and higher. Those that were able to arrive here were all outstanding elites amongst all outstanding elites of the Asura Road. As they welcomed the pressure of the Divine Seal Altar on their bodies, there was yet to be anyone who couldn’t withstand the pressure. At most the difference came in those who had to slow down.

These people were different from the group of people that Lin Ming accompanied in the semifinals of the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting. At that time at Gravemoon Star, out of all the martial artists that climbed up the Divine Seal Altar, not including Lin Ming and Dragon Fang, the most outstanding genius there had been the Skydark Holy Lands’ Nether Limitless. There weren’t even any Empyrean descendants.

As for Nether Limitless, he was only the core disciple of a Great World King influence. Compared to these core disciples of Empyrean and True Divinity influences, he fell far behind.


Six hours later, many martial artists had already climbed up 20 some steps.

As for Soul Empress Sheng Mei, she had reached the 30th step.

At this time, Lin Ming was on the 22nd step, slowly feeling the Law Concepts atop the Divine Seal Altar. Slowly, Lin Ming realized that although this trial of the Divine Seal Altar between the fourth and fifth level was a test, it was also a form of enlightenment. In the past, the Asura Road Master left behind many ways in which a trial challenger could enlighten themselves, but, there were simply far too few people that could comprehend anything from these experiences. Even Lin Ming was only able to leave behind Law seeds within his heart. Compared to perceiving the Laws of the 33 Heavens, this was far too great a difference.

“On this Divine Seal Altar, the crux lies in the Law Concepts, and not the pressure… reaching the top isn’t difficult at all…”

Lin Ming suddenly thought. As he looked at the height of the space crack leading to the fifth level, one would need to climb to at least the 31st step to enter, otherwise they would be eliminated.

However, according to the previous elimination rates of the trials, not too many people should be eliminated. In other words, the majority of trial challengers should be able to make it to the 31st step.

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