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MW Chapter 1637
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Martial World
Author :Cocooned Cow
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MW Chapter 1637

Chapter 1637 – Heavenly Fire Symbol

Old Xue’s appearance immediately attracted the gazes of everyone present.

“Who is that old man?” Most of the audience didn’t know who Old Xue was.

“He is Elder Xue of the Divine Runic Masters Guild, a sixth grade divine runic master.”

The reputation of a sixth grade divine runic master was irreproachable. To have a sixth grade divine runic master test a fifth grade divine runic symbol, this left everyone waiting for the results with wide eyes.

Although they didn’t know if these fifth grade divine runic symbols could sell for tens of millions of points, if Lin Ming had dared take them out in this auction then they should be spectacular.

At this point, Song Wen took out a soul crystal and placed it in the eye of the testing array formation. In that instant the brilliant light around the altar became even more blazing, shooting up into the world like a column of evanescent light, scattering out everywhere.

The auction arena was extremely broad, but after the array formation on the auction stage activated, the dazzling light covered the entire auction hall arena!

This was a titanic illusory magic array. Once it started, every person within the auction hall arena would fall into the illusory magic array and would find it difficult to discern between reality and illusion.

Boom - !

The scenery in front of everyone suddenly changed.

What entered the eyes of everyone was an endless sea of green foliage that stretched to the furthest horizons.

They were surrounded by dense grass that brushed against the waist, vast and limitless.

Every guest in the auction house, including those in the ordinary rooms and VIP suites, instantly arrived in an ancient primal grassland!

Here, the scene was like the endless Great Desolate that parted the inner and outer Asura Road.

And within these grasslands, the earth began to tremble.

From far away, one could see massive forms appear on the horizon. These forms were like mountains as their vague figures solidified as they closed in.

Rumble rumble rumble!

As these giant monsters approached, the audience discovered they were all vicious beasts.

Their bodies were as heavy as mountains. Every time they stepped forwards the ground would shake like a beating drum, incomparably horrifying.

“That… that… that is a deep blue crystal beast. I heard that two Divine Lord squads from the Blue Lotus Holy Lands perished, and it was likely they encountered a deep blue crystal beast…”

“Seafall beast…”

“Mystic thunder beast…”

“That… that is a Golden Phoenix Crow… it is a variation God Beast that has existed since ancient times and is said to be able to contend with a Great World King and emit true essence heavenly flames…”

As each vicious beast appeared they were soon identified by the audience. With each new creature that arrived, the audience became increasingly pale. These vicious beasts were all found within the Great Desolate!

In particular, the giant Golden Phoenix Crow whose wings blocked out half the sky. As the audience saw this beast, their complexions became even uglier.

Although everyone was well aware that these vicious beasts were only phantoms produced in the illusory magic array, each one of these phantom beasts had extraordinary strengths.

Each bidder was able to clearly perceive the aura of these vicious beasts. They could judge that these vicious beasts were not superficial fakes. Rather, by relying on the accurate simulation of the large-scale array formation, the defensive powers of these vicious beasts were almost the same as in reality.

“Elder Xue, please test the divine runic symbol.” Song Wen was a bit surprised as he saw that Elder Xue had stepped forth to test the divine runic symbol. To ask a divine runic master like Elder Xue to personally test his creation, Lin Ming must be confident in his works.

Elder Xue nodded and happily took a divine runic symbol from Lin Ming who had already flown down from his room. He asked, “Before the test begins, are there any special instructions you need to tell me?”

Lin Ming thought for a moment and said, “During the test it’s best to be careful. When the input of power reaches through the 2320th tiny rune, increase the flow of energy. The effect will be much better.”

“2320th tiny rune?” Elder Xue was startled. After a brief pause he nodded.

Standing on the side, Song Wen’s complexion immediately changed. Although he didn’t understand how to draw up divine runic symbols himself, he was still the president of the Runic Pill Trading Organization. Even if he had never eaten pork meat before he would still know how a pig ran.

He had seen sixth grade divine runic symbols before, and the average peak sixth grade divine runic symbol would have around 1500 tiny runes, yet this mere fifth grade divine runic symbol had over 2000 tiny runes?

It seemed this Heavenly Fire Symbol was well worth anticipating.

However, the spies that came from other auction houses, as long as they understood even a little about divine runic arts, were surprised by Lin Ming’s words. Shadow Overflow frowned. This brat, the divine runic symbols he drew up were always so ridiculous!

“I want to take a good look and see just what sort of effect a divine runic symbol with so many tiny runes will have!”

Judging the value of a divine runic symbol, especially an extraordinary divine runic symbol, was an extremely complex and burdensome process.

The average person only knew whether a divine runic symbol was strong or weak, and that was by looking at its grade. But when looking at those especially amazing divine runic symbols that had special effects, although the grade of the divine runic symbol was important, it wasn’t the most important factor.

The reason that Elder Xue agreed to help Lin Ming and test out his divine runic symbol was the shockingly special Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol that Lin Ming produced before. He wanted to see what was so special about this new divine runic symbol.

Like an entertainer preparing his show, Elder Xue began to take out all sorts of strange magic tools and array discs in front of everyone.

One of these magic tools was a set of black gloves, knit with mysterious silken threads.

“I shall begin.” Elder Xue nodded towards Lin Ming.

As Song Wen heard this he drew some circles in the air. Then, ripples began to appear in the void.

Thick and viscous bubbles surrounded everyone, covering them within.

The reason for this was that there was always some risk that came with testing a divine runic symbol. As the auctioneer here, Song Wen had to minimize all chances of an accident occurring as much as possible.

Once all the preparations were complete, Elder Xue no longer bothered with the others. He completely immersed his mind into the fifth grade divine runic symbol in his hands, carefully filling it with his energy.

Looking in from the side, as Lin Ming saw Old Xue earnestly testing his divine runic symbol, he felt a bit unsure in his heart. Although he was confident in the improved Heavenly Fire Symbol that he created, the true might and value of it would depend on the actual results of this test.

Everyone’s eyes focused on Elder Xue’s body, all of them waiting with breath abated.

They were all aware that if this test wasn’t a joke, then they would be witnesses to the birth of a miracle.

As Elder Xue was inputting his energy into the improved Heavenly Fire Symbol, his complexion began to gradually become more dignified over time. After such a long period of time, there was actually no movement from the Heavenly Fire Symbol!

Shadow Overflow grinned a gloating smile. Smelly brat, this time it was his turn to suffer…

But that gloating smile soon froze on his face. Deep in concentration, Elder Xue flicked a finger upon the divine runic symbol, seeming as if he were pulling out a string. Then, a blazing red trail of fire rushed out from the divine runic symbol.

This power of fire flew in the skies like a phoenix, a beautiful vision in the air. Suddenly, the surrounding space seemed to bubble up like boiling water.

Shadow Overflow felt that something wasn’t right. At this time, five of the giant vicious beasts that Song Wen created suddenly started rushing towards Elder Xue together.

“Deep blue crystal beast, bone devouring beast… these are all peak Holy Lord level beasts, even beasts that approach a World King. With these several vicious beasts together, even an ordinary World King would feel fear!”

As the vicious beasts wildly rampaged forwards, the entire audience could feel a dreadful pressure. Even if they knew these vicious beasts were formed by the illusory magic array, their aura was still horrifying.

This was also the fierceness of an auction house’s array formation. This array formation could be called the most realistic simulation testing array within the entire inner Asura Road.

At this time, a brilliant light exploded from Elder Xue’s eyes. The Heavenly Fire Symbol in his hand suddenly scattered out. With a loud rumbling sound, a pillar of flames shot into the skies, forming a mushroom cloud as a sea of flames surged out in all directions.

As a vicious beast broke into the midst of these flames, it suddenly emitted a miserable howl.

Another pained howl sounded out from a different direction. Everyone turned towards this cry. As their eyes focused on what was happening, all they saw was a column of flames shoot straight into the sky.

Under the watchful gaze of everyone, the vicious beasts that seemed as if they could tear open the heavens were drowned in this sea of raging flames. At a speed visible to the eyes, these vicious beasts were slowly charred into a pile of skeletons.

The people looking on were panic-stricken. For a time, the entire arena was left silent, without a single word spoken.

The only sound was the tumbling waves of flames burning in the distance. Even the earth below was melted away into shining lava, shimmering like metal.

It was like an apocalypse of heavenly flames had descended from above.

Shadow Overflow’s eyes nearly popped out of his sockets. Even a lofty and conceited dark divine runic master like himself, one of the giants of the dark world, was shocked by this scene.

“This… is this really the might of Lin Ming’s fifth grade Heavenly Fire Symbol?” He clenched his fists together. After the shock passed, an unexpected surge of bitterness and jealousy filled his heart… he feared that even a medium sixth grade Heavenly Fire Symbol might not possess such might!

A sixth grade Heavenly Fire Symbol was one produced by a World King! A peak sixth grade divine runic symbol was one created by a Great World King and could be used to contend with Great World King enemies!

Xiao Moxian also gripped her fists tightly, her smile as beautiful as a fire. Her cute canines glittered beneath the light of the raging flames. With this, all of the worries in her heart disappeared, replaced with nothing but pride. As she looked at Lin Ming with both eyes, her eyes shined like little stars.

After some time, the shocked people began to regain their composure.

But, before they could say anything, a deafening phoenix cry filled the air.

Everyone was stunned once again. Above them, the skies suddenly turned overcast, dimming down to shadows.

They looked up and nearly cried out. The hell!? That Golden Phoenix Crow couldn’t resist waiting and was rushing out!

Seeing the Golden Phoenix Crow diving downwards, many people paled from fear.

Then, another strange sound caught everyone’s attention.

They saw the raging sea of flames that scorched those five vicious beasts to nothing begin to stir up once more. The flames wildly burned, revitalized with new life as they began to swallow all of the power of fire from within a hundred miles.

Every pillar of flames danced like flame phoenixes in the skies, their strength amazing.

Within this cataclysmic crimson sea, a brilliant runic symbol shined like a star from within the center of the seething flames.

This was the fifth grade Heavenly Fire Symbol that had just been used!

The Heavenly Fire Symbol actually reformed itself!

“This… this powerful Heavenly Fire Symbol… can actually reform itself and be reused!” At this time, even Elder Xue who was responsible for the test couldn’t help but cry out in praise.

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