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MW Chapter 1595
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Martial World
Author :Cocooned Cow
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MW Chapter 1595

Chapter 1595 – Middle Divine Lord Realm

The young female disciples received the jade box. From the slits of the jade box, a rich medicinal fragrance wafted out.

Just by smelling this medicinal fragrance they felt their bodies relax as comfort swept over them. The true essence circulating within their bodies quickened and their cultivation sharpened by several degrees.

If just smelling this medicinal fragrance had such an effect, then eating a pill directly would have an unimaginable benefit.

The oldest of the three young girls gulped. Her hands trembled as she opened the medicine bottle and several green pills rolled out.

These pills were crystalline and sparkled with a clear light. On the surface of the pills were strange lines, faintly hinting at the aura of mysterious Laws.

These lines that were carved onto the pills were pill symbols. The young girls had never seen these pill symbols before; they couldn’t even recognize the names of most of these pills.

However, Lin Ming had given them several types of pills, and the young girls were able to recognize one of them.

This pill was called a Nine Yang Pill and was used by martial artists at the Xiantian realm or below. It was used to consolidate one’s foundation and nourish one’s blood vitality. Each Nine Yang Pill was several dozen times more precious than a single Heaven Opening Pill!

The young girls had once seen the sect provide these pills for talented disciples and had nearly been blinded by awe and greed. Of course, they didn’t have the qualifications to use them.

These Nine Yang Pills that Lin Ming refined were different from the Nine Yang Pills they had seen before. These Nine Yang Pills had strange patterns on the surface, and seemingly because of these patterns, the effects of these pills were far better!

These young girls didn’t know that these ‘pill patterns’ were in fact traces of the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws left behind after Lin Ming reinforced them with the divine runic arts.

To Lin Ming these were useless items, but if placed within the Blue Moon Sect, these were treasures even to inner court disciples. These young girls were only outer court disciples, moreover, the effects of these pills were enhanced several times by the divine runic symbols drawn onto them.

In these years, the direction of divine runic arts that Lin Ming practiced had mainly focused on medicinal runic symbols.

Only these types of divine runic symbols had an effect on pills and thus were the most useful to Lin Ming.

“These medicines… are too precious… we cannot accept them…”

The oldest girl, one that looked around 18-19 years old, grit her teeth as she spoke. The truth was that one could see from her expression that she really wanted these pills.

Lin Ming faintly smiled. He had a much more favorable impression of this girl. It wasn’t easy to gather the courage to reject such things.

During these years, Lin Ming had watched the low level disciples of the Blue Moon Sect go into seclusion, journey out to adventure, rush about for resources, and do all sorts of other things. This made him recall his experiences when he was also in his teens.

He lightly smiled, saying, “If I give them to you then take them. Or, are you afraid that the higher level disciples will steal them from you?”

Lin Ming was well aware that even though the Blue Moon Sect seemed like a calm and comfortable place, there were still inevitably inner struggles. These three young girls had ordinary levels of talent and there would naturally be people jealous of these pills.

“For the things I give, I will naturally ensure justice is served. You can feel at ease in taking these pills.”

The two younger girls swallowed a gulp of saliva. Their hands shook as they held the pill bottles.

“Call those you know here.”

Lin Ming sent out the young girls. Several quarter hours later, there were really several outer court disciples that arrived.

These disciples were in their late teens or early twenties. None of them had a cultivation that surpassed the Xiantian realm. They had just started walking on their own roads of martial arts.

For these last four or five years, every other day Lin Ming would refine a furnace full of pills. When he refined less there would be seven or eight, and when he refined many there would be over a dozen. After accumulating pills for all these years, he had already gathered over 10,000 of them.

And, these 10,000 plus pills were all supported with divine runic symbols.

Placed within the Blue Moon Sect, this was an unimaginable level of wealth.

News of Lin Ming wantonly giving out pills soon spread to the entire Blue Moon Sect.

Many outer court disciple and inner court disciples only thought these were rumors, but after seeing the pills that Lin Ming passed out they had no choice but to believe this. Thus, disciples began to visit Lin Ming like droves of ducks. This was because his pills were far too tempting to them.

However, to the inner court disciples, Lin Ming didn’t give pills freely. Instead he had them gather some violet sun crystals.

The price in violet sun crystals was only half or a third of the true value of the pills. This sort of price was already extremely favorable. Many inner court disciples didn’t have a place to purchase pills and these pills were far too difficult to buy to begin with.

Originally, Lin Ming wasn’t too popular. This was because he was far too eccentric and withdrawn, ignoring all visitors that came to see him.

But now, because Lin Ming was passing out pills, this caused his reputation to rise to unprecedented degrees within the Blue Moon Sect.

“Where did these pills come from? Did you refine them?”

The Elders of the Blue Moon Sect were startled. Several of them came over to Lin Ming’s residence to ask him.

“I obtained them through a variety of channels and some are refined by me.” Lin Ming shrugged.

This vague answer clearly indicated that he didn’t wish to speak more about the matter.

The Blue Moon Sect Elders were at a loss of what to do. In truth, it was completely reasonable for Lin Ming to refine these low level pills. According to common logic, these pills could be refined by a late Divine Sea alchemist.

But the low level pills that Lin Ming refined were far too great! Not even the nearby famous alchemists were able to refine pills of similar quality.

Had Lin Ming done all this by studying alone? Was he actually a rare prodigy of alchemy and the divine runic arts?

The Elders looked at each other. They didn’t have any plans of pressing Lin Ming to reveal the origin of the pills. However, on the second day, the Elders invited a family famous for constructing cave dwellings to the Blue Moon Sect, where they constructed an expensive divine runic arts room and alchemy room for Lin Ming.

The Blue Moon Sect even helped Lin Ming by buying a great deal of alchemy materials for him.

This was all welcomed by Lin Ming. Although these were all low level materials, they were more than enough for Lin Ming to practice his technique.

Time slowly passed. The seasons came and went, from spring to fall and back again.

Lin Ming’s skill in the divine runic arts and alchemy reached an increasingly high degree of proficiency.

Now, what he pursued was not just quality in alchemy and divine runic arts, but speed.

At the start, Lin Ming would refine a furnace of pills every two days. Now he would refine two furnaces of pills every single day.

A massive amount of low level pills was constantly produced by Lin Ming.

Although Lin Ming was only giving away some of the inferior medicines he had refined, the quality of these medicines became increasingly high.

Gradually, Lin Ming’s reputation soared to the heavens!

More and more disciples came to purchase pills from Lin Ming. There were even some nearby sects that would come to the Blue Moon sect to purchase pills. Of course, the price this time would rise to the market standard.

Although the price of the pills was increasing, more and more people flocked to buy them.

At this time, no one suspected Lin Ming of obtaining pills from ‘various channels’ any longer. If so many pills were being sold and given out, then the only possibility was that Lin Ming refined them himself.

The Blue Moon Sect realized they had picked up a treasure!

The income from selling pills went into Lin Ming’s hands. Then, he handed this money over to the Blue Moon Sect to have them seek out different materials.

The materials Lin Ming wanted were of an increasingly high grade. The pills he refined also became increasingly refined.

Of course, Lin Ming would not bring out pills that true Divine Lord or Holy Lord realm martial artists could use, in order to prevent some martial artists having dark thoughts. Lin Ming wasn’t scared of them, but if they were to bother him it would be impossible for him to peacefully and calmly meditate here.

Slowly, 12 years passed.

The cultivation that Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian revealed was risen to the Divine Transformation realm.

In the Blue Moon Sect, Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian experienced the toil of daily life. Every now and then they would join the disciples of the Blue Moon Sect to go out adventuring.

For instance, exploring mystic realms, finishing missions, and so forth.

By watching the slaughter and struggles of low level martial artists, he actually found a strange feeling that he had almost forgotten. This odd feeling strangely touched Lin Ming’s heart.

And in the 13th year, as Lin Ming was calmly meditating one day he finally felt something stir within his inner world. He knew that his cultivation was about to make a breakthrough!

From the early Divine Lord realm to the middle Divine Lord realm!

This breakthrough didn’t come suddenly at all. It could be called a simple matter of course. This was like filling a cup with wine, filling it so much that it naturally overflowed.

And the scene of this breakthrough was extremely peaceful.

In the past when Lin Ming made breakthroughs, they tended to shake the heavens and earth or be extremely thrilling, sometimes almost breaking apart his inner world.

But, this breakthrough was tranquil, like a quiet spring day.

Lin Ming only sat in meditation for the night and on the next day as he opened his eyes, his inner world had developed once more and his cultivation rose to the middle Divine Lord realm.

Besides the sensitive Xiao Moxian feeling the change of atmosphere in the room, not even tiny animals in the surrounding area were alarmed.

After five months Xiao Moxian also broke into the middle Divine Lord realm. She only cultivated the essence gathering system and her cultivation speed had been faster than Lin Ming’s. If it wasn’t for Lin Ming obtaining greater advantages during all the lucky chances they experienced, then perhaps Lin Ming’s essence gathering system cultivation might have fallen behind Xiao Moxian’s.

After making a breakthrough, Lin Ming’s strength rose once more. As for the level of Lin Ming’s divine runic arts, it arrived at the standard of a peak fifth grade divine runic master. Moreover, even amongst ordinary fifth grade divine runic masters, Lin Ming had a special advantage; that was that no one could compare to his understandings of the Asura Heavenly Dao.

And at this time, Lin Ming finally began his preparations to refine the Ravenous Wolf Heaven Pill. In refining the Ravenous Wolf Heaven Pill, just collecting the required materials would take a tremendous amount of time. He had no choice but to prepare as early as possible. Just by breaking into the middle Divine Lord realm, Lin Ming’s strength hadn’t risen by too much. If he were able to open another Dao Palace then he would be much more confident in entering the final trial.

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