Martial World
Chapter 1461 The Asura Sutra
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Martial World
Author :Cocooned Cow
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Chapter 1461 The Asura Sutra

Chapter 1461 – The Asura Sutra

After reaching the peak of the Emperor Stone and carving in the character of ‘Xian’, Xiao Moxian had expended 80-90% of her true essence; she was already finding it hard to maintain flight. As she glanced over she could see that Lin Ming had also carved his surname ‘Lin’ into the stone wall. The Lin and Xian characters were about the same size, a square foot, but the Lin character had deeper and more forceful strokes, with a vigorous and fascinating aura. The Concepts contained within this character were even better!

This was the killing intent that Lin Ming had gathered by fighting over many years and passing through numerous battlefields where his life or death hung on the edge. The flavor of his life was reflected in the character that he drew. In this aspect, Xiao Moxian who had grown up in Demondawn Heavenly Palace and had experienced far fewer hardships and tribulations simply couldn’t compare with Lin Ming.

“A freak is really a freak, his potential is actually so strong… I wonder just what secret he has on him…” Xiao Moxian said, unconvinced. She possessed a Phoenix Trueform, and at the age of 26 she had reached the middle Divine Sea realm where she was able to contend with peak Empyrean descendants that were 40 years of age. Even so, in terms of talent and potential she still wasn’t able to surpass Lin Ming, but was instead faintly overshadowed by him.

It was hard to imagine just what Lin Ming relied on to come this far.

At this time a deep purple light radiated out from the Emperor Stone. This purple light wildly surged outwards, blinding the eyes of everyone below.

“What is this?” Xiao Moxian was startled. She was already near her limit. Before this she had used the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art to confront Lin Ming’s black hole seed and had suffered a great loss, causing her to consume a considerable amount of energy. Now, this divine light had suddenly appeared, illuminating the world. She felt a strange power flow into her body along with the divine light. With a soft cry, she lost her balance and nearly fell down.

But suddenly, she felt herself lighten as a hand gripped her wrist. A flow of true essence entered her body, revitalizing her nearly dried up inner world.

Even through her sleeves, Xiao Moxian could feel the strength in this hand. The grip was solid and the fingers were strong. She didn’t need to look to know who it was. Lin Ming originally had a deeper reservoir of true essence than she did and after the confrontation in which he came out ahead, he certainly had strength to spare.

Lin Ming only grasped Xiao Moxian’s wrist for a minute. After pouring his true essence into her he distanced himself. He originally wanted to ask if she was alright, but at this time a startling scene occurred on the Emperor Stone.

It wasn’t just Lin Ming; everyone beneath Precipice Cliff was looking upwards in astonishment.

Above the Emperor Stone, a dazzling divine light shimmered, eventually gathering into golden characters. These characters flashed into existence atop the Emperor Stone, exuding a profound strength that blinded all!

As everyone looked at these characters they felt a stabbing pain in their eyes, as if they would soon lose their vision.

Many people couldn’t help but close their eyes and hide away.

There were even some people that began bleeding from their eyes.

“What is happening? Is this a world phenomenon?”

“Is it because two unrivalled geniuses both carved their name on the peak of the Emperor Stone that they have stirred up a world phenomenon?”

Many people immediately thought. In this world, when someone extraordinary occurred it was easy for world phenomena to be aroused.

“That Lin Lanjian, just what did he do? And what are those golden characters writing?”

Not too far away from Precipice Cliff, Monster Prince Duyu’s eyes were wide open. He wanted to see just what was appearing on the Emperor Stone.

He could faintly feel that the golden characters were some sort of extraordinary treasure. After arriving at Precipice Cliff, he heard that if he could leave his name on the Emperor Stone, not only would he receive the support of the countless destinies imbued onto the Emperor stone but he would also receive a reward.

Now, Monster Prince Duyu suspected that these glowing golden words were the contents of the reward. After looking at them there would likely be some tremendous harvest!

However, no matter how Monster Prince Duyu poured true essence into his eyes he was unable to clearly make out these characters. Instead, the great pressure from them caused his eyes to bleed and balloon outwards as if they would soon explode.

“Damnit!” Monster Prince Duyu cursed, unwillingness swelling up within him. The blood vessels in his eyes had burst apart, leaving them dyed deep red! He had no choice but to close his eyes. But, if his eyes didn’t work, then he would use his sense!

Monster Prince Duyu sent out his divine sense, wanting to probe the shining characters on the Emperor Stone. However, the moment his divine sense broke through the pressure of Precipice Cliff with great difficulty and rose 36 miles high, touching those shining characters, Monster Prince Duyu felt his own divine sense fall into an endless maze, nearly causing his soul to collapse!


Monster Prince Duyu cried out in pain as if a snake had bitten him. He hastily pulled back his divine sense. However, just that brief contact alone had caused him to vomit blood. His face paled and even his soul was injured.

The Emperor Stone was one of the miracles left behind in the Asura Road. No matter who it was, regardless of their cultivation, anyone that dared to challenge its rules would suffer the punishment of the Emperor Stone!

At this time, high in the air, Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian were able to clearly see the shimmering characters.

The first row only had a few simple words, plain and humble. The characters glowed with a divine light, flickering about like beating flames.

These words were – ‘Asura Sutra’!

Underneath these words were smaller words: “The 33 Heavens, the boundless Great Dao. My resolve is to seek the peak of all martial arts. I spent 3.3 billion years to travel through the 33 Heavens, cultivating 33 lives. One life one Empyrean, one life one Divinity. What I seek is the highest truth of the Heavenly Dao…”

These words were clearly no sort of heart mantra or cultivation method. Rather it was a preface. It was likely the preface written by the Asura Road Master himself, the preface of the Asura Sutra!

This preface was more precious than any gold. Although it started with several dozen words and continued for hundreds more, after reading them Lin Ming felt his mind shake!

In this preface, it was written that in order for the Asura Road Master to seek the peak of martial arts, he spent 3.3 billion years to travel through the 33 Heavens.

In every Layered Heaven, the Asura Road Master would seal away his life’s cultivation and begin from nothing. Like this, he cultivated 33 lives!

Each life was 100 million years!

Moreover, through these 100 million years, he cultivated from a mortal to an Empyrean and even stepped into the realm of god, becoming a True Divinity!

This was what it meant within the preface when it wrote, ‘One life one Empyrean, one life one Divinity!’

However, even after fully cultivating 33 lives, the Asura Road Master still hadn’t reached the goal he sought. Even after combining the 33 Heavenly Daos, he still felt that something was missing.

The 33 Heavenly Daos were by no mean the entirety of all martial arts!

The Asura Road Master had used 300 million years to create his own world – the Asura Road. As a result, he speculated that the complete Heavenly Dao was a total of 36. In other words, 36 Layered Heavens.

It was only that for some reasons, the last three Layered Heavens were unable to fully evolve, but rather became universe seeds!

If one could breed these three universe seeds and gather all 36 Heavenly Daos, they could become aware of the highest truths in all of existence, controlling the world and even creating their own Heaven, becoming the lord of all creation!

As Lin Ming read this preface, he felt his heart overwhelmed with awe, unable to speak at all.

He naturally knew that these three final Layered Heavens were the Demon Bead, Magic Cube, and that mysterious Purple Card.

These three divine objects were the essence of the universe seeds!

If one could completely evolve them and gather all 36 Heavenly Daos, one could become the ultimate ruler of all!

“The Asura Road Master… too terrifying.” Lin Ming was bewildered. Just the preface alone meant that the Asura Road Master must have lived for at least 3.6 billion years. He had cultivated 33 lives, becoming a True Divinity in each one. Then, he spent 300 million years to create a world like the Asura Road.

Just what sort of concept was that?

It was hard to imagine just what boundary the Asura Road Master had reached.

Such an existence… were they dead or alive? If they were dead, where was their body now?

All of these questions raced through Lin Ming’s mind. And at this time, he discovered that on the Emperor Stone, after this preface, an incomparably ancient scripture began to appear, each line contained shimmering traces of the Great Dao.

Every character of his ancient scripture contained unimaginably profound Concepts. The traces of the Great Dao mixed together 33 Heavenly Daos, infinitely mysterious.

Lin Ming’s mind shook. He no longer paid attention to matters of the Asura Road Master but instead fully invested himself in this ancient scripture!

Near Lin Ming, Xiao Moxian was also in a similar state.

Although the shimmering characters on the Emperor Stone weren’t too numerous, the truth was that they contained an incomprehensibly large amount of information. Just remembering the words themselves wasn’t difficult, but wanting to remember all the Concepts contained within these words required an incredibly high perception!

And Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian were two such people with monstrous perceptions!

In just ten breaths of time, only several hundred words shimmered into existence.

This writing was likely not the main content of the Asura Sutra; there was no cultivation method. Rather, it was likely a general outline of a sort. Although it didn’t involve specific techniques, the layers upon layers of profound mysteries within this general outline was enough to give one endless advantages.

After the light slowly dimmed down, Lin Mind and Xiao Moxian looked at each other. They could see the excitement and awe gazing back in each other’s eyes.

“This is a cultivation method manual left behind by the Asura Road Master?”

“It seems to be, but, this is only a vague outline. To use this alone to practice anything is impossible…”

At this time, high up in the air, Lin Ming could no longer feel the pressure of the Emperor Stone. He easily floated in the sky. It was obvious he had obtained the complete approval of the Emperor Stone.

As he glanced down he saw that because of the flash of divine light just now, the many martial artists underneath Precipice Cliff were left in a much worse state. Many of them were injured, with blood dripping down from their eyes. There were even some individuals who tried to use their divine sense to probe the Emperor Stone and were heavily injured, receiving damage to the soul as a result.

“We’re probably the only ones who saw the Asura Sutra.” Lin Ming thoughtfully said. It seemed that this was the reward left behind by the Asura Road Master.

This was also reasonable. The Asura Road Master naturally wouldn’t let his own inheritance spread to the hands of common people. That would simply be a careless waste of treasures.

At this time, two beams of light shot out from the Emperor Stone, one beam going to Lin Ming and the other to Xiao Moxian. These beams of light sank into their mission badges. In the next moment, the two mission badges flew up and gradually dissolved, turning into shining god runes. However, these god runes were not the blue that Lin Ming expected from the start, but were black-red in color.

These were zenith black level god runes!

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