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Chapter 1399 Conditions
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Martial World
Author :Cocooned Cow
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Chapter 1399 Conditions

Chapter 1399 – Conditions

“Coexist together in the Divine Shifting Heavens?” Skyrend Godlord’s complexion darkened.

Upon first hearing this speech, many people couldn’t discern just what snake oil the saint race was trying to sell.

“You are saying that you want us to allow you saints to directly enter the Divine Realm? You want to establish sects in the Divine Realm, assist in developing the resources here, and even study our inheritances? Is that what you are saying?”

Skyrend Godlord tapped his fingers on the table, leisurely speaking. But with every word he spoke, his eyes became increasingly cold.

“Hehe, that is exactly what I am saying. Of course, humanity may also enter our saint race’s territory and we will also support you humans the best that we can. You may even study our inheritances.”

The Good Fortune Saint Son smiled, but as these words fell into Skyrend Godlord’s ears, Skyrend Godlord sneered.

This agreement sounded fair. But, in other words, it was to allow the saint race to directly enter the deepest territories of humanity and wantonly loot the resources of the Divine Realm without moving a single soldier!

As for allowing humans to enter the world of saints, the sects of the saint race were originally stronger than those of humanity. Moreover, humans knew nothing about the saints. If they recklessly entered the saint race’s universe, then they might simply die upon entry. Just what use was there to think about sharing resources?

The saint race could send a massive amount of their people into the Divine Realm, trillions at a time. But, it was impossible for humanity to do the same.

This was the difference in strength between the races.

“What do you think? In terms of inheritances, we can lend each other a helping hand. In your most recent Divine Realm First Martial Meeting, the first place Frost Dream, second place Lin Ming, and even the extraordinarily talented Hang Chi and Xiao Moxian can come to our saint race and study our inheritances. The great gates of my Good Fortune Saint Palace can be opened to them whenever they please!”

The Good Fortune Saint Son put forth another condition.

Skyrend Godlord sneered once more. “You want our geniuses to enter your saint race to gain experience? I’m afraid that is the same as tossing meat buns to a dog; there won’t be any return for them at all! Do you really think we are fools!?”

“Haha, Mister Godlord, it seems you lack boldness. Who cares how splendid those young elites are? The peace between our two races is something that my saint race is putting forth all efforts to make possible and to prevent the great calamity from happening ever again. Why would we ruin what we worked so hard for just to strangle a few young geniuses? It seems that you are looking down at our saint race far too much. Moreover, if we can coexist in the Divine Shifting Heavens, our saint race will also be sending the champions of our First Martial Meeting to enter your human race. They will challenge the different masters of humanity and ask for advice from your teachers!”

The Good Fortune Saint Son spoke with a strong sense of righteousness.

At this time, Empyrean Divine Dream suddenly said, “Since that’s the case, how about Good Fortune Saint Son coming alone to my Divine Dream Heavenly Palace as a guest?”

Empyrean Divine Dream’s words contained ruthless needles within them. The Good Fortune Saint Son laughed, “I’ve heard that within Divine Dream Heavenly Palace, there are beautiful women all over. If there truly is an invitation then I cannot ask for anything more!”

“Is that so? It seems Saint Son has some interest. Then, we can go right after these negotiations end.” Divine Dream smiled, immediately cutting off the playful game the Good Fortune Saint Son was weaving.

The Good Fortune Saint Son’s smile suddenly stiffened. He hadn’t thought that Divine Dream would be so aggressive and menacing with her intentions.

At this time, beside the Good Fortune Saint Son, an old man’s lips moved as he passed a true essence sound transmission to him. As the Good Fortune Saint Son heard this, he grinned once more.

At this time, Empyrean Divine Dream and Skyrend Godlord had a foreboding feeling. Their complexions turned cold.

With a terrifying ringing explosion, the entirety of Mount Potala began to shake. A massive black hand tore through space, forcefully smashing down at Mount Potala!

At the same time, outside Mount Potala, the glowing barriers of a massive array formation appeared, blocking this giant hand.

Ka ka ka ka!
The great hand fiercely collided with this array formation, causing a horrifying storm of energy to be whipped up. Then, this great hand unexpectedly tore apart a large chunk of the array formation. Four shadowy figures entered through this hole. Of these four figures, three were men and one was a woman. They wore black cloaks and armor with an astonishing aura exuding from their bodies.

“Eh? This array formation can still close itself up? This Mount Potala is quite good.” One of the men among the four people spoke. He had fair skin and beautifully delicate features, appearing strangely feminine. Behind him, Mount Potala’s array formation that had been ripped apart by the black hand began to slowly knit itself back together. However, there was still a black energy left behind that hindered the regenerative process of the array formation, causing it to restore much slower than it should.

“Hehe, it is a sect that managed to continue on from the last great calamity, so it must have some ability. But, if the four of us join together, completely eliminating it isn’t a problem at all.”

Beside the feminine man, a fat-looking middle-aged man spoke. His two pitch black eyes shined in the darkness, sparkling like diamonds.

These four people were the four great Protectors that the Saint Sovereign had sent out. They were also the four strongest subordinates of the saint race’s Saint Sovereign.

These four Protectors had come to the negotiation table, but not only did they not send any greetings, they even tore apart the defenses here in order to enter. The purpose of this act was clearly to demonstrate their own strength and make a grand show of it.

The dimension of the meeting hall was ripped apart. The four people emerged from thin air, floating high in the skies above the negotiation table.

They all possessed half-step True Divinity cultivations!

In the moment that these four half-step True Divinities appeared, although they were just casually standing there, a faint array diagram appeared beneath their feet. This array diagram had countless runes flowing on its surface. The extremely oppressive strength left all the human Empyreans with extremely dark and ugly expressions.

Skyrend Godlord’s complexion was dignified. The sudden appearance of these four people had caused a serious tilt in the balance of power between the two negotiating sides. If they were to fight here at Mount Potala, then even with the help of Mount Potala’s array formations, Skyrend Godlord didn’t believe for a second that they would win. If they were to ultimately fight here, then humanity would suffer serious losses!

It had to be known that the human Empyreans gathered at Mount Potala were already half the strength of humanity. In facing the strength that the saints had revealed so far, they were far from being their match. Moreover, it was possible that the saints still had True Divinity powerhouses that had yet to appear!

The disparity between humanity and the saints was simply far too great.

Skyrend Godlord and Empyrean Divine Dream glanced at each other, a glint of dread in each other’s eyes.

And beside them, Great Limitless Buddha had also laid down his Buddha beads. He grasped his monk staff, his entire body revolving with energy.

“Four honored Saint Envoys, you have finally caught up, haha!” The Good Fortune Saint Son briefly bowed towards the four new arrivals. The four Protectors that the Saint Sovereign sent here had an extremely high status within the saint race. Moreover, these four people could also form battle arrays and multiply their strength in combat.

The four Protectors nodded back, not speaking. The Good Fortune Saint Son faintly smiled. “Now, let us return to the matter about coexisting together in the Divine Shifting Heavens!”

Strength was the greatest influence on the negotiation table. Without strength, just what was there to discuss? Now, even a hot-tempered and wild Empyrean like Fire God was afraid to tear apart all semblance of peace. If they were to truly fight, then it was possible that humanity would face total annihilation!

But, if they made a compromise and allowed the saints to enter the Divine Realm, they would have to endure the silent invasion of the saints. They would have to watch helplessly on as the saints plundered their resources. Even so, at the very least, humanity would still maintain their foundation and their younger generation would be able to develop.

To steel their heart for revenge and endure for a thousand years. This would give Divine Dream enough time to become a True Divinity, and Lin Ming, Xiao Moxian, and the others would also be able to grow up. Once that time came, humanity would still have hope.

Throughout history, there were many human martial artists that had to suffer periods of shame and insults. But afterwards, they actually succeeded in becoming rulers of their own domain. Only by being able to endure the things that could not be endured could one make the impossible possible.

“What do you want to discuss?” Skyrend Godlord spoke once more. These words were the same as agreeing to the Good Fortune Saint Son’s conditions.

Empyrean Divine Dream’s eyebrows twitched slightly, but she didn’t object.

“Haha, this is the right way, huh?” The Good Fortune Saint Son was ecstatic. In the face of absolute strength, how could humanity not roll over on their backs?

In the future, the saint race would only need to occupy the Divine Realm and establish a foundation here. Then, they could plunder the resources of the Divine Realm without end and invest everything into their war with the spiritas.

After the soul race was defeated, the saint race could then turn their eyes back to humanity. At that time, dealing with them would be as simple as drinking a cup of tea.

Eventually, the saint race would become the true masters of all existence!

The Good Fortune Saint Son slowly closed his hand. “My saint race wishes to sign a non-aggression treaty with humanity. These are the conditions. First, humanity must cede the Bright Luster Great World to us, as well as all other affiliated worlds, hidden worlds, mystic realms, star domains, and so forth. All of that will belong to my saint race. Human sects must leave the Bright Luster Great World. If they wish to stay, they may, but they must obey the orders of my saint race unconditionally.

“Second, the Divine Realm’s 3000 great worlds, innumerable dimensional realms and smaller worlds, can be entered at will by my saint race’s influences. They will exchange inheritances with human influences and together they can develop resources."

“Third, humanity must pay my saint race 10,000 nine sun jades for damages caused to us. This can also be paid in an equal value of materials or spirit treasures!”

As soon as the Good Fortune Saint Son spoke, he put forth such exaggerated conditions. After hearing this, Skyrend Godlord nearly flipped over the table!

Divine Dream’s complexion turned even chillier. If it weren’t for the four Protectors of the saint race being present, there was the chance that war would immediately have broken out right here, right now.

“How about it? Do you disagree?”

The Good Fortune Saint Son lazily smiled, appearing completely confident. At his side, the four Protectors of the Saint Sovereign had runes flowing about them, emitting a deep killing intent that put a great pressure on everyone present.

If the four Protectors were to deploy their battle array together, the strength they could display on the battlefield would be unimaginable!

Skyrend Godlord was silent and even Divine Dream didn’t speak out. Great Limitless Buddha held his Buddha beads in hand, meditating on heart sutras.

The atmosphere was extremely grim.

In the current situation, signing a treaty of peace could be called the best outcome for humanity. But, to give away too many interests and resources was something that no one dared to sign away so easily. Once they signed it, they would have to bear the great weight of being the scapegoat for all of humanity. This would be an event recorded down in history, and would become the greatest stain upon the lives of these powerhouses.

Divine Dream, Skyrend Godlord, Great Limitless Buddha, Emperor Shakya – all four of them would be listed as the traitors of mankind.

After a thousand years, if humanity could win then everything would be fine. But, if humanity were to lose, they would become the greatest sinners of all time.

But, if they didn’t sign this treaty now, it was possible that humanity would perish at this moment.

The hundred plus Empyreans had all been pushed to the edge of the cliff.

To sign was to become a sinner, but not signing wasn’t possible either.

At this time, the flame of a sound transmitting talisman suddenly lit up. Great Limtless Buddha’s eyebrows slightly rose.

“What is it?” Skyrend Godlord asked.

“Someone wishes to enter the meeting hall…” Great Limitless Buddha replied with a true essence sound transmission.


“Lin Ming.”

“Lin Ming?” Skyrend Godlord frowned. He looked at Divine Dream, but Divine Dream also didn’t know what was happening. This was a meeting between Empyreans, so why would a junior like Lin Ming want to come here?

“What is he here for? Is he trying to add to the chaos? If any conflict really does occur, then with his cultivation he will be instantly destroyed!”

Skyrend Godlord unhappily said.

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