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Chapter 1341 Drastic Measures
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Martial World
Author :Cocooned Cow
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Chapter 1341 Drastic Measures

Chapter 1341 – Drastic Measures

As the bald youth was about to continue killing the other loose cultivators, the black swamp beneath them began to wildly rumble. With a loud explosive sound, endless amounts of black mud scattered in all directions. Then, a root hair 10 times thicker than the previous ones suddenly shot out.

This root hair was like a black dragon, releasing an incomparably terrifying aura. This was the primordial epoch spirit’s main body!

The primordial epoch spirit root had intellect and was also aware that this was a critical moment in its survival. It had to go all-out!

“Rahhh - !”

The primordial epoch spirit root roared. This plant was actually able to roar. The following sharp sound wave transmitted several hundred miles outwards, piercing through the ears.

“Stop it!”

“Demon Massacring Great Array!”

The six Divine Lord masters attacked together. The joints in their bodies burst out with crackling sounds, their muscles expanding as their blood vessels popped out. Their skin began to turn a dark red. Without a doubt, this was a secret technique of the demonic path.

Although this sort of secret technique didn’t involve burning their blood essence, the truth was that this harmed their source of life even more than that. This was a move that required them to burn their very life. Just using it once would cause one’s fires of life to weaken by a great deal, a style of bringing down the opponent while bringing great harm upon oneself. This was their final finishing move saved for all-out events. If they couldn’t kill their enemy then they would all die one after another, because this move greatly overdrew their true essence and blood vitality.

The bodies of the six masters burst out with layers of black light that wrapped around them. Behind these six people, a black scroll and a white scroll began to slowly unravel. Atop these scrolls were images of pain and suffering, people being tortured and demons being executed. Just glancing at these scrolls made one’s entire body feel restrained!

Hah - !
The black and white scrolls suddenly came falling down, covering the primordial epoch spirit root.

The primordial epoch spirit root wildly struggled, wanting to tear those painting scrolls to pieces. As for the six masters, their faces began to pale as sweat streamed down their faces.

“Darklight, hurry! Use the strongest state of the Myriad Blood Demon Fading Array so we can defeat this creature in one fell swoop!”

Hall Master Luo roared out. When he used the Demon Massacring Great Array, every breath of time cost a thousand years of life. They simply couldn’t continue like this.

“I know!”

Nether Darklight’s eyes turned to those several hundred loose cultivators, his vision filled with a thick and brutal killing intent.

“Hurry and kill them all!”

“Great!” The bald youth laughed. If he used the blood essence of these loose cultivators, he could earn merits and not damage his own life source; that was something he truly wished for!

“Skydark Holy Lands! You damned dogs can go die!” Many loose cultivators angrily cursed. They began to take out their weapons, preparing themselves to struggle to the death.

“Let’s fight with them and then run away!”

“I don’t want to die here.”

In the face of imminent death, no one was able to maintain their calm. Although these loose cultivators could also fight, they knew that there was a high probability they would all die here today.

“Big Brother, what do we do?” The blue-clothed girl who spoke to Lin Ming before was pale with an expression filled with fear. Beside her, her brother’s forehead was also dripping with sweat.

And at this time, Lin Ming looked at the battlefield in front of him. This primordial epoch spirit root’s strength had surpassed his imaginations. Even so, if this battle continued, the primordial epoch spirit root would be captured sooner or later. This was not something he wished to see.

What he hoped for was an outcome in which both sides were severely wounded.

“Hey, brat! We brought you all the way here, now it’s time to make use of you. We’ll start with you first! Now die!”

The bald youth decided to start with Lin Ming.

In his eyes, although Lin Ming was strong, he was still a loose cultivator in the end. In other words, he was nothing worth caring about.

Hu - !
The bald youth’s saber slashed through the void, cutting down at Lin Ming!

Lin Ming sneered. Without even using the Phoenix Blood Spear, he stretched out his hand and grasped the bald youth’s saber.

With the sound of shivering metal, the bald youth’s saber was easily gripped between two of Lin Ming’s fingers. The saber seemed as if it was stuck in a block of iron, unable to be pulled out.


The bald youth couldn’t believe his own eyes. This feeling was the same as if he were to step on an ant, but then found that the ant was lifting him instead!

At this moment, he felt a thunderous blast echo in his mind. Illusions began to grow thick in his spiritual sea. In the confusion, all he saw was Lin Ming’s coldly indifferent face.

With a light sound, Lin Ming flicked out a true essence energy arrow that pierced through the bald youth’s throat.

A severe pain spread through the bald youth’s body. The bald youth grasped his throat, desperately trying to stem the flow of blood, his eyes as round as plates and his vision filled with incredulity. Like this, he fell straight down from the skies.

“Senior-apprentice Brother Luo!”

“What happened!?”

The sudden change in Lin Ming immediately attacked the eyes of all the disciples from the Skydark Holy Lands.

Everyone saw Lin Ming easily kill that bald youth. Even the loose cultivators were shocked.

The bald youth himself had a late Divine Sea realm cultivation. As for Lin Ming’s cultivation, he was only at the peak of the middle Divine Sea realm. Even so… this was simply impossible.

“He killed Senior-apprentice Brother Luo?”

“How is this possible? He is only a middle Divine Sea realm martial artist!”

“He must have been hiding his cultivation! He isn’t a loose cultivator!”

The bald youth was not some ordinary nobody. Those people that Tian Mingzi were willing to accept as secret disciples were all amazing geniuses to begin with. Even so, he had been instantly killed by Lin Ming. The only explanation was that Lin Ming was hiding his cultivation or perhaps had even altered his appearance.

“Work together! Kill him!”

The disciples of the Skydark Holy Lands all rushed towards Lin Ming.

Lin Ming’s complexion was calm and indifferent. An ancient and boundless aura surged out from his body, recklessly washing over everyone. He had opened the grandmist space. However, this grandmist space was different from before. This time, Lin Ming’s grandmist space was filled with a wisp of divine dream energy, making this space seem as if it were isolated from the world and located in a completely different space and time.

This was the domain created by Lin Ming combining the Divine Dream Law with the grandmist space. With Lin Ming’s current understandings into the Divine Dream Law, it was impossible for him to form the divine dream space. And it was even more impossible for him to completely fuse the divine dream space and grandmist space together. But, to integrate the Divine Dream Law into the grandmist space and allow it to take on certain characteristics of the Divine Dream Law was something he could do.

For a time, all of the martial artists were covered in the grandmist space. Illusions grew thick in their minds and the real world seemed to fall away from them.

Lin Ming grasped the Phoenix Blood Spear and stepped forwards. A deadly spear light flashed out and several disciples were instantly cut down by Lin Ming!

“What have you done?!” As Nether Darklight saw this, his eyes filled with red rage.

Catching the primordial epoch spirit root was a golden opportunity for Nether Darklight to earn great merits; it would relate to how far he would be able to walk down the road of martial arts in the future. And yet, all of his efforts were being sabotaged by Lin Ming. By killing a massive number of Skydark Holy Land disciples, that would cause the great array to be destroyed. How could he not be angry?

He grasped his black heavy sword and cut down at Lin Ming, “Die for me!”

Facing Nether Darklight, Lin Ming’s complexion was indifferent. In that instant, essence, energy, and divine fused within his body as his strength began to rapidly rise.

Three Essences as One!

Nether Darklight was an early Divine Transformation powerhouse, but to Lin Ming, he was the same as everyone else.

Divine Seal Art – God Forbidding Seal!

Lin Ming’s fingers linked together, instantly forming thousands upon thousands of seals. These seals were all complex and ancient; besides Lin Ming, no one was able to understand them.

Lin Ming shouted out loud. Then, all of these seals flew towards the approaching Nether Darklight!

Ka ka ka!
Nether Darklight’s sword light was covered in these seals. In that moment, these seals all turned into energy black holes, rapidly swallowing Nether Darklight’s strength.

Nether Darklight felt his strength rapidly fading away. His complexion suddenly changed. He wanted to cut off his connection to his sword light and attack again, but Lin Ming had already appeared like ghosts and gods in front of him.

One spear shot out!

Nether Darklight was frightened out of his mind. A protective black fog covered his entire body. Ghostly energy grew thick around him as black light flashed. At the same time, he traced his spatial ring as if he wanted to pull out some life-saving magic tool.

But at this time, Lin Ming’s spear light thrust into the black fog surrounding Nether Darklight. With a blur, space trembled and the black fog around Nether Darklight remained for just a brief moment before completely dissipating.

The Phoenix Blood Spear ruthlessly pierced into Nether Darklight’s chest.

With this strike, the massive amount of energy contained within the Phoenix Blood Spear erupted. Nether Darklight cried out as most of his organs were torn to shreds. In his right hand, there was no time for him to use the magic life-saving tool he was taking out; he had already been killed by Lin Ming.

The disparity was too great!

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