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Chapter 1302 Lin Ming VS Xiao Moxian
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Martial World
Author :Cocooned Cow
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Chapter 1302 Lin Ming VS Xiao Moxian

Chapter 1302 – Lin Ming VS Xiao Moxian

“Hang Chi, victory!”

Vast Cosmos loudly announced. Even so, the audience still hadn’t recovered from their shock.

Hang Chi hadn’t used any Laws from the start to the end. He hadn’t even used any true essence. It was hard to imagine how he had defeated Shiku.

“This Hang Chi, did he rely on just his movements to win?”

Lin Ming felt this was unbelievable. Hang Chi’s actions attacked the weakest point of Shiku’s martial skill. He had used a simple attack to overcome him, not wasting a single ounce of strength or even using his Laws. It was simply incredible.

And Hang Chi had done all of this easily. The reason he had been able to easily expose his opponent’s flaws and counter was all because of his movement skill – Leopard Climbing the Wall.

In the legends, the agile leopards could fall down from an extremely high pagoda and not die. Hang Chi’s movement technique was known as Leopard Climbing the Wall. Although this sounded very low-class, the truth was that it was simple and straightforward. It was a movement technique that utilized the simplest and most direct movements to the greatest effect. An unrivalled movement technique in truth did not need some magnificent name to prove itself. This Leopard Climbing the Wall was even superior to Lin Ming’s Golden Roc Shattering the Void.

“I wonder which senior from Mount Potala created this set of martial arts and gave it such a casual name…” Lin Ming wondered as he sighed with emotion.

At this time, Mo Eversnow suddenly responded, “The disciples of Mount Potala consider themselves austere ascetics. The seniors of Mount Potala spend their entire lives diligently praying and cultivating, studying Buddhist texts and cultivation methods. Each and every one of them is considered a martial arts grandmaster, and after creating a set of martial arts, they simply do not care too much about the name, only coming up with something on their whims. This is how the martial artists of Mount Potala pursuit their road of martial arts. Even if the martial arts they create are brought to fame by their descendants, they wouldn’t care about this at all. Most of them don’t even leave behind their names on the cultivation method jade slips.”

“I see… no wonder why Mount Potala has managed to continue on for such a long time. They are a low key sect and their background is so deep. Even the martial artists in their sects spend all their efforts cultivating without caring for external conflicts. Who would dare to provoke such an influence?”

Lin Ming suddenly realized. A vicious and crazy sect who wildly provoked others could arouse fear, but after a long time passed they could also fade away. In this world, there would always be another influence that was even more ruthless. But, a low profile sect like Mount Potala never provoked others and was also strong themselves; this type of sect was the most likely to last.

“Hang Chi is also a terrifying opponent, and he didn’t even use Laws in his moves just now. I wonder what level his Laws have reached?”

Lin Ming thought to himself. If he were to fight Hang Chi, he simply couldn’t say what the results would be.

At this time, the second round of the finals came to an end.

Vast Cosmos stepped onto the arena stage, loudly proclaiming, “The second round has come to an end, and now we shall give special notice to the first match of the third round. Vast Universe Heavenly Palace has specifically opened up a separate gambling bet for this match. Everyone may place bets, and these bets will not affect the previous bets placed.”

As Vast Cosmos spoke, everyone in the audience was suddenly excited. If this was a match worth opening up a separate bet for then it was naturally going to be a battle of heavyweights.

“The match for the separate bet is… Lin Ming against Xiao Moxian!”

As Vast Cosmos said this, the entire audience was stirred up in a frenzy!

This match was truly worth looking forwards to!

Xiao Moxian and Lin Ming.

One was the number one genius girl of the Divine Realm. Her cultivation methods were cruel and callous, and she was a sorceress capable of eating someone up without leaving behind any bones.

As for the other, he had a mysterious history. Since the First Martial Meeting began, he had yet to be defeated. No matter how strong his opponents were, he rose to the challenge to strike them down. Especially in the last battle. After defeating Dragon Fang and his Three Lives Pupils, his fame had risen to unprecedented heights.

The two of them exuded an unfathomable and invincible aura. But if one invincible person were to fight another invincible person, there would inevitably be someone that died.

As Lin Ming heard Vast Cosmos’s words, he turned to glance at Xiao Moxian. He just happened to meet Xiao Moxian’s own gaze. She playfully smiled at him.

“I didn’t think I would need to fight Xiao Moxian so soon. I thought my next match would be Jun Bluemoon.”

In the third round, he would have to fight one of the top three seeded players!

This battle was basically a battle for the top three!

Vast Cosmos said, “The odds for this match have been set. Xiao Moxian’s victory has a 1 to 1.4 compensation rate! Lin Ming’s victory has a 1 to 2.9 compensation rate!”

Gambling on the outcome of an unknown battle was extremely electrifying. Moreover, the compensation rates that Vast Universe Heavenly Palace put out were very fair. If one were to bet 100 million violet sun stones on Xiao Moxian and another 50 million on Lin Ming then no matter who won the losses wouldn’t be too great.

This naturally motivated people to bet even more.

“From the compensation rates, it seems that Vast Universe Heavenly Palace favors Xiao Moxian’s victory more! However, even if Lin Ming loses he still might be able to rank in the top four.”

“It seems more likely that Xiao Moxian will win, but Lin Ming cannot be underestimated either. No matter who he fought he still won. He might be able to score an upset against Xiao Moxian.”

Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian were both undefeated. Of course, if one had to choose sides, Xiao Moxian seemed the superior choice. She was the granddaughter of Empyrean Demondawn and her mother was a true God Beast. The descendant of a person and a God Beast was an existence that might not be seen even in 100 million years. It could be called a miracle of life!

“Hehe… Lin Ming!” Xiao Moxian chuckled at Lin Ming, taking the initiative to greet him, “I hope you’ll show me some mercy on stage!”

Xiao Moxian playfully smiled. Lin Ming also laughed, “I would also like to show you mercy, but I’m afraid I don’t have the qualifications to do so.”

“Haha, I know you still have some cards you haven’t used. Why don’t you give me a little clue?”

Hearing Xiao Moxian’s words, Lin Ming was left a tad speechless. She actually directly asked someone else what cards they still had hidden. “I have almost nothing left. Dragon Fang was very strong. It was impossible for me to hold back against him.”

“How stingy. I knew that you weren’t going to say anything.” Xiao Moxian rolled her eyes before swiveling around.

After having this conversation, Lin Ming didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

“Lin Ming, how confident are you in this battle?” Mo Eversnow asked from within his spiritual sea.

“I have no idea. There is no way I can estimate the limit of Xiao Moxian’s strength. She is at the middle Divine Sea realm and I am at the middle Divine Sea realm. If I lose to her then I have truly lost, there is no excuse or reason to give!”

Growing up until now, this was the first time that Lin Ming hadn’t had full confidence in being able to defeat someone that was at his cultivation level. Moreover, Xiao Moxian was even younger than Lin Ming by a great deal, so her talent could be seen from this alone.

“Don’t look down on yourself, Xiao Moxian has had a much better environment to grow up in. She was born in one of the greatest influences within the Divine Realm and her talent is truly too formidable. As for you, you wasted an immense time with your life starting at the Sky Fortune Kingdom. For instance, at 15 years of age, most Empyrean descendants would have been exploring the Divine Realm. They would have already reached the Xiantian realm, perceived the Laws, and even trained in transcendent divine mights. As for you, you had to diligently train in the Seven Profound Martial House as a student, and your growth afterwards was filled with countless trials and tribulations. You obtained the Nirvana Dragon Root at the Demon God Imperial Palace by risking your life to struggle with Xuan Wuji and the others who were countless times stronger than you at the time. But even so, to these Empyrean descendants, a medicine of the level of a Nirvana Dragon Root is nothing but a joke. You spent a great deal of wealth to purchase the Boundless World Pill, but to Xiao Moxian and the others, that is merely a common pill.”

Mo Eversnow’s words defined how difficult it was for a common martial artist or a martial artist from the lower realms. For any one of them to grow to the degree at which they could battle an Empyrean descendant was already a miracle! This sort of probability was so negligibly low that it could basically be ignored. Only by adding the incalculable number of lives in the Divine Realm and lower realms combined together could such a singularity appear.

“Miss Mo, the tribulations I experienced in the lower realms, they may have been difficult and I may have wasted a great deal of time there, but they are still a precious wealth of mine. If I didn’t begin in the lower realms then I would never have obtained the Magic Cube, I wouldn’t have obtained the inheritance of Empyrean Primordius, nor would I have been able to temper my will. A person’s destiny, their karma, all of their causes and effects cannot be forced or faked. If I didn’t originate from the lower realms and was born into an Empyrean influence of the Divine Realm, then my current achievements would have been far from what they are now. I would only be an Empyrean descendant, someone similar to Hua Xuan, and even that might have been exceptional.”

Lin Ming’s words were his philosophy of living. Mo Eversnow also nodded, “You’re right. As long as you can maintain your path then you can definitely create an even greater miracle. Especially now that you have comprehended the Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens. In the future, there is a slim hope that just maybe you will be able to reach the boundary of Empyrean Divine Seal!”

“Empyrean Divine Seal…” Lin Ming took a deep breath. He found it hard to imagine just what the world was like 3.6 billion years ago, but he knew that Empyrean Divine Seal was the most terrifying Empyrean that he knew of, even more horrifying than Empyrean Divine Dream or Empyrean Primordius!

He might have even surpassed the boundary of an Empyrean altogether.

Of course, these matters were still too distant for Lin Ming; there was no need to think of them. He closed his eyes and began to meditate, preparing himself for the upcoming match.

The noise of the audience and their discussions could not affect him at all.

One hour later, Lin Ming’s eyes flashed open. The time for his decisive battle had arrived!

Many high level figures of the Divine Realm were paying attention to this match. Even Empyrean Divine Dream, Empyrean Vast Universe, and Empyrean Demondawn were the same.

The audience was even more zealous. Before this, a massive number of people in the audience joined in on the gambling bet between Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian. With several hundred million people present, even if only 10% of them participated and each person only bet 10 billion or so, that was still hundreds of thousands of trillions of wealth. That was hundreds of thousands of nine sun jades. And to the disciples of these great sects, 10 billion was nothing at all.

This massive gambling bet was something that only an Empyrean level influence was able to handle. There was no smaller influence that would dare to host this sort of bet, because if they lost, then they would really be finished.

Lin Ming stepped onto the arena stage, grasping the Phoenix Blood Spear. Xiao Moxian stood a thousand feet across from him.

Xiao Moxian playfully smiled as before. No one knew what cards she had hidden or what the limit of her strength was. She seemed completely confident in her abilities.

“Match, begin!”

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