Martial World
Chapter 1230 The Semifinals Begin
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Martial World
Author :Cocooned Cow
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Chapter 1230 The Semifinals Begin

Chapter 1230 – The Semifinals Begin

Of the three people from the Ancient Phoenix Clan, Huo Violentstone was a peak Holy Lord, Phoenix Cry Palace’s Palace Master was an ordinary Holy Lord, and Fairy Feng was a half-step Holy Lord.

With these three people standing together, the Unbroken Cult Great Elder immediately felt a considerable pressure on him. He was merely a late Divine Lord; compared to these three people, he fell far, far short.

This was the background of a peak Holy Land.

Yu Youming was only feeling nervous. He was worried that there might have been a mistake and what would happen afterwards.

But before Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan were about to bow, Fairy Feng had already stepped forwards to welcome the two of them. “Two misses, please dispense with the formalities. Come, sit down.”

Fairy Feng waved her hand and several chairs flew into the hall.

“Senior Fairy Feng, the reason we came here today is…” Before confirming what was truly happening, Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan had been feeling constant unease.

“To see Lin Ming.” Fairy Feng faintly smiled. “Lin Ming is currently closed up in True Martial Great World’s spirit ship. Let alone you two, not even we can see him.”

Fairy Feng’s words were the same as confirming that the Lin Ming on the Divine Seal Decree was Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan’s husband!

Feeling this great weight lifted from their shoulders, the two young women felt as if they were about to burst into tears of joy. This wasn’t because Lin Ming had made such wonderful progress in the First Martial Meeting, but because they could finally see him. As long as the semifinals began, they could see him with their own eyes!

Thinking about their reunion, Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan felt their noses burn.

As for Yu Youming and the Unbroken Cult Great Elder, both of them violently gulped, their mouths somewhat dry.

It really was their husband!

The two of them looked at each other and were able to see the shock in the other’s eyes. Joy and disbelief mixed together.

The Great Elder certainly had matters to rejoice about. Even though there had been some doubts in his heart, he had consistently treated them two women courteously and with respect. He had indeed made the right bet this time!

“Hahahaha!” At this time, Huo Violentstone began to heartily laugh. He looked at the two women, tracing his beard as he said, “Wonderful, wonderful! For you two to come from the lower realms, you must have experienced untold hardships and trials. Really, what a shining example of the love between husbands and wives. I see that you two cultivate the Fire Laws, and you also seem to have a light Phoenix Clan bloodline within you. How about you two stay at my Ancient Phoenix Clan? I will find some experts to guide you.”

Huo Violentstone’s voice was so loud and booming that it caused one’s ears to tingle. Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan were startled for a moment before turning towards the Unbroken Cult Great Elder.

The Unbroken Cult Great Elder was stunned for a moment before rapidly saying with a true essence sound transmission, “Two misses can feel free to stay at the Ancient Phoenix Clan. There is no need to worry about us.”

What a joke, for the wives of a top 1000 ranked genius of the Divine Realm, how could a tiny temple like their Unbroken Cult possibly dare to keep them?

“Thank you Senior!” The two women bowed towards Huo Violentstone.

Huo Violentstone generously received them. This was nearly equivalent to the ceremony of taking them on as disciples. In the future, he could also direct the cultivation of the two women.

“There is still another day until the semifinals begin. Because of Lin Ming, our Ancient Phoenix Clan has been given an extra 500 admission tickets. You two should also come and watch so you can see with your own eyes your husband’s achievements.”

Huo Violentstone casually said. With 500 extra admission tickets, it was easy to spare a few.

“Thank you Senior.” The two women happily thanked once more.

As Yu Youming listened from the side, he visibly gulped. He also wanted an admission ticket to watch the semifinals. To be able to watch a competition between the greatest geniuses of the Divine Realm would help broaden his horizons. It would be an inestimable advantage to his future achievements!

Huo Violentstone glanced over at Yu Youming and the Unbroken Cult Great Elder. From Mu Qianyu’s questioning look just then, he was able to determine that they had some relationship with Mu Qianyu. It was likely that she and Qin Xingxuan were able to reach Gravemoon Star because of their help.

Thus, he smiled and said, “You two, if you would like to watch then come along too!”

As the two people heard this they were overjoyed. They quickly expressed their thanks.

This was a truly generous gift. By being able to directly watch the competition, they would also been able to faintly feel the pressure of the Divine Seal Altar and also see the Law lines engraved onto every step. To them, this was a truly great lucky chance!


The tenth day quickly approached. The semifinals would soon begin!

On the ninth day, seats were finally carved into the massive arena. Because martial artists could fly, they directly leapt into their own seats. Otherwise, with billions of people arriving, it would be impossible for them to all fit through the gates in a reasonable time.

Like this, an entire day was used to fully arrange and prepare the massive arena.

Billions of people gathered together, what sort of scene was that? Looking all around, every area of the arena was bustling with vibrant crowds. From above, the endless sea of people wrapped all around without end.

In the skies, the masses of people flying around were like a swarm of locusts!

Moreover, those that could sit here were all honored and revered characters. These were all people who ruled over their own region and were able to control the lives of millions in their palms. Even so, all of these people were nothing more than ordinary members of an audience.

“There are so many people.”

The Unbroken Cult Great Elder sighed. It wasn’t easy for him and Yu Youming to sit here. Everyone here far surpassed them in status.

And, with Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan’s luck, they managed to grab some good seats. From this area, they could simultaneously see two sides of the Divine Seal Altar.

The Divine Seal Altar was shaped like a square. There were only two sides that the participants would climb up: the east and the south. This was also the area where the audience was gathered, and there were some places in the arena where the audience members were only able to see one side.

At this time, from the 100 spirit ships in the skies, 300,000 geniuses flew down!

Their appearance indicated that the semifinals had finally begun!

“Look! The participants have come out!”

“There are so many of them! Any of them is a peak genius!”

“Those are the extraordinary elites of 100 great worlds! This semifinal will be incomparably grand!”

As the numerous geniuses flew down from the sky, the entire arena was filled with terrifyingly raucous cheers. With so many people cheering together, the sound was deafening. Even the clouds were washed away!

“Everyone, all honored guests that have come from the Divine Realm’s 100 great worlds as well as the countless small and medium worlds!”

At this time, from the southeast corner of the Divine Seal Altar, a pair of beautiful women appeared. Their voices passed through a special array formation and into the entire audience.

Everyone looked over. They discovered that these two beauties were actually twins. These sisters were disciples of Vast Universe Heavenly Palace.

“The semifinals will immediately begin. On the Divine Seal Altar, not even Holy Lords are capable of flying. Thus, if one wishes to ascend the Divine Seal Altar, they have no choice but to climb up themselves!

“If one defeats an opponent they are able to ascend a step. If they lose, they must drop down a step. If they are unable to continue or are defeated five times then they will be swept out from the Divine Seal Altar. The final results will be determined by who has climbed to the highest steps. As for those that have made the same level of progress, they will be evaluated by the number of defeats they experienced. In the end, only 300 participants will pass!

“In the competition, no one is allowed to kill others. Once two people fight, no one is allowed to interfere, otherwise they will lose all qualifications to continue!”

300,000 geniuses landed onto the base of the Divine Seal Altar. The Divine Seal Altar was 3.3 million feet high. Every step was equal to a 100,000 foot high cliff. Not just that, but there was an Empyrean pressure that covered the entirety of the Divine Seal Altar. If one wished to climb up, it was easier said than done!

“It’s so high!”

Lin Ming looked up into the skies; he couldn’t even see the top of this 100,000 foot high cliff.

Atop the first step of the titanic Divine Seal Altar, pure heaven and earth origin energy condensed into torrents that poured down in a gushing waterfall. When this waterfall fell down to the last level of the Divine Seal Altar it was reabsorbed and circulated again and again in perpetuity.

“We haven’t even begun to climb up but the pressure on us already isn’t weak. Even a first class character like Phoenix Cry Palace’s Huo Yanguang wouldn’t be able to withstand this. But these people currently all around me can do so with ease. Those that are able to pass the preliminaries are indeed extreme characters.”

Lin Ming swept his eyes over everyone, taking in the image of 300,000 geniuses gathered together. These people were the completely gathered monstrous geniuses of 100 great worlds!

“Brother Lin… I see Brother Lin!”

With their sense, a martial artist was able to sweep over several hundred thousand people in a short period of time. Moreover, Qin Xingxuan was incomparably familiar with Lin Ming. The first time she saw a young man dressed in blue, she only needed to see his strong back looking up at the majestic Divine Seal Altar to tell that it was him.

Mu Qianyu tightly gripped Qin Xingxuan’s hand, her nose burning. After so many hardships and trials, she was finally able to see Lin Ming, so how could she not be wanting to sob with joy? She took several deep breaths, restoring her composure before she said, “Don’t shout to him. Let him compete in peace. We must not divert his attention.”

“I know…” Qin Xingxuan giddily whispered.

All the participants lined up in rows as they stood underneath the Divine Seal Altar. At this time, the voices of the twins from Vast Universe Heavenly Palace sounded out –

“Everyone! The competition starts now!”

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!
Just as the voices of the two women faded, the numerous geniuses leapt upwards, diving into those waterfalls of heaven and earth origin energy like fish through the dragon gate!

The Divine Seal Altar suppressed flying, but jumping was possible. Some participants were able to summon true essence and jump up even under the tremendous pressure enveloping them. Every jump was at least a thousand feet high!

Hundreds of thousands of geniuses passed in and out of the waterfall. Their hands grasped the rough stone walls of the Divine Seal Altar, summoning their strength and leaping upwards again and again!

Their speed was extremely fast, as if they were flying upwards without pause!

“Even under this Empyrean pressure they can still have such a magnificent performance. The young are truly worthy of praise!” Countless powerhouses from the arena seats all shouted out in acclaim.

“Yes, but there are some differences. Some people will soon reach the first step but others have only crawled 30% of the way.”

Of the hundreds of thousands of geniuses, there were several people that were soon about to reach the first step of the Divine Seal Altar. Among these people was Nether Limitless!

Within Nether Limitless’s blood red pupils, a blazing light flashed.

And behind him, just a thousand some feet underneath, was a martial artist with a long sword strapped over his back. This was the top disciple of the New Paradise Holy Lands – Bloodless Sword.

“Heh, you’re quite fast, but speed isn’t everything here. In the end, this struggle on the Divine Seal Altar will look at your strength. First place is already mine!”

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