Martial World
Chapter 1180 Ranking
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Martial World
Author :Cocooned Cow
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Chapter 1180 Ranking

Chapter 1180 – Ranking

“So they were merit points. That makes sense. But why do only a small number of people have numbers behind their names, and most martial artists do not?”

Although the golden scroll had many names with numbers behind them, this was because the scroll was simply too large. The names were densely packed together and seemingly endless. If one counted them, the number of people with merit point values behind their names were not even in the thousands.

“It should be that only those with at least a thousand merit points are displayed. Even for an Empyrean, wanting to constantly update the merit points of over 10 quadrillion geniuses wouldn’t be easy! Those with numbers but then vanished were likely people that crossed over 1000 before being killed by other participants or nightmare beasts. Finally, their merit points fell and they fell down the list.”

It was naturally impossible for Empyrean Divine Dream to constantly update the merit points of every single participant with her soul force. No matter how powerful her soul force was, wanting to simultaneously monitor and change the merit points of over 10 quadrillion geniuses was impossible.

What she relied on were the heaven and earth Laws of the Divine Dream World.

Everything within the dreamland was supported by the Divine Dream Laws as a foundation, and the Divine Dream World would complete the statistics of everyone there itself. Empyrean Divine Dream would only need to provide a little bit of energy to display everyone’s scores.

“So that’s what is happening. Those with their scores on the golden scroll are all outstanding cultivators! They are likely to pass the first round of eliminations and possibly even the second round!”

“Yes! Perhaps they will even be noticed by the various large influence, especially those whose merit points rise the quickest!”

In all corners of the Divine Realm, there were countless people holding such discussions.

However, they soon discovered that although they could see the merit points of all the participants in the Divine Realm, it was far too difficult to find specific people.

The golden scroll was simply far too large. It was hundreds of thousands of miles wide and several million miles long. Even a Holy Lord didn’t have the ability to cover the entire golden scroll with their divine sense. And if they did, with the near endless names on the golden scroll, they would overdraw their divine soul before they found who they were looking for.

“I wonder how Wenshu is doing.”

Several old men from Dual Polarity Palace frowned. They all had a half-step Holy Lord cultivation and were important characters of the Zhong Family bloodline. Even with their combined abilities, wanting to find Zhong Wenshu’s name on such a massive list was far too great an undertaking for them.

Of course, Dual Polarity Palace’s Palace Master had the ability to find Zhong Wenshu. However, a World King didn’t have such leisurely time to spend an extremely long time observing the preliminaries. What they cared about were only the finals.

As the several Elders were worrying, a golden carriage soared across the sky. The chariot stopped and a middle-aged man with a jade crown stepped out. He wore a long embroidered golden robe tied together with a purple gold belt. He had a bright smile on his face, and the aura he emitted was one of wealth and extravagance.

“Mm? It’s Imperial City Auction House’s Vice Director!”

The Elders of Dual Polarity Palace quickly recognized the middle-aged man.

“Everyone!” As the middle-aged man stood atop the golden divine carriage floating in the skies, dazzling arcs of golden light shot out into the world, capturing everyone’s attention. As for his voice, it easily spread over an area of 100,000 miles. His cultivation was at the half-step World king!

A half-step World King powerhouse. Within an area of 100,000 miles, that was a peak existence among hundreds of millions of watching people.

Everyone looked at the middle-aged man, not sure what he was about to say.

The middle-aged man faintly smiled and said, “My Imperial City Auction House has been granted authorization by Empyrean Divine Dream to come here and sell inquiry jade slips. You may use these jade slips to search for the ranking of specific participants. If you know the name and sect of a martial artist you may search them to find out how many merit points they have. The number of times you can use this jade slip is unlimited. The price of each jade slip is 10 million violet sun stones. The quantity is limited, so the price is quite high.” The middle-aged man took out a deep green jade slip as he spoke.

This small jade slip only had a simple array formation carved into it that could connect to the golden scroll dreamland projection of the Divine Dream World. Even so, the cost was 10 million violet sun stones!

For some time, all of the wandering martial artists and martial artists of small families and sects were left speechless. This price was simply a killing move. Moreover, it was just to look at the results. It was simply far too luxurious an item.

However, those from distinguished families didn’t care at all. An Elder from Dual Polarity Palace laughed and said, “Sage Shi, you have come at just the right time. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to find the results of my family’s juniors. Allow me to buy an inquiry jade slip.”

“Alright!” Sage Shi tossed out a jade slip toward the Dual Polarity Palace Elder. At the same time, a spatial ring with violet sun stones contained within it was sent flying to Sage Shi.

Of the 10 million violet sun stones per jade slip, Imperial City Auction House was only able to take in 10% of the profits; the rest was to be given to Empyrean Divine Dream. In fact, these jade slips were created by the disciples of Divine Dream Palace. Although the process of creating them was simple, they contained a faint touch of the Divine Dream Laws, so anyone else could forget about thinking of duplicating them.

Empyrean Divine Dream was managing the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting. Just creating these massive Divine Dream Lights, continuing everything occurring within the Divine Dream Realm, and summoning those massive golden scrolls on all 3000 great worlds of the Divine Realm required an incomparably terrifying amount of energy.

Even if Empyrean Divine Dream was ridiculously rich, she still wasn’t able to use up resources like this, so she also needed a method to earn back some money.

A similar sale was occurring all throughout the golden scrolls of the Divine Realm’s 3000 great worlds. The ones responsible for carrying out these sales were the several peak trade associations of each great world. As for those that were able to afford jade slips, they were also great influences.

“I found it! Dual Polarity Palace – Zhong Wenshu, 5300 merit points! Haha, Wenshu has not let us down! Amazing!”

After the Dual Polarity Palace Elder obtained the jade slip he immediately began searching for Zhong Wenshu’s name. Of course, just looking for the name of Zhong Wenshu alone wasn’t enough; there were many people with duplicate names. But with Dual Polarity Palace added on, it was much easier.

“However, Wenshu is not the highest. The True Martial Holy Lands have some people that are even higher. Their top participant already has 6000 merit points.

“That’s already quite good! Let’s go and report this happy news to the family head! But the current ranking is a bit inaccurate. Only later when the points stabilize will we be able to see the true results!”

Meanwhile, Sacred Martial Mansion also bought a divine dream jade slip. This jade slip was enough to display over a dozen names. The three prodigies of Sacred Martial Mansion were among them. Their merit points were around 5000 each.

This was a result that satisfied the many Elders of Sacred Martial Mansion.

At this time, at Good Fortune World, a massive scroll similarly floated in the skies. Underneath this massive scroll, a beautiful woman was also selling divine dream jade slips.

“10 million violet sun stones is far too expensive!”

An Unbroken Cult Elder frowned. They were only an eighth-grade sect. Although they could afford a price of 10 million violet sun stones, it was hard for them to pay such a price only to find out the results a few months ahead of time. But their sect had spent a great deal of wealth and effort to cultivate Yu Youming. They were anxious in discovering just what his results would be like.

“Let’s join together with some other eighth-grade sects to buy one. Buying one alone is a bit too luxurious for us. Our Unbroken Cult’s wealth comes from the hard work of our disciples. We don’t have so much to spare.”

“Right, let’s buy it with others.”

The Elders of the Unbroken Cult devised this new plan and contacted some other eighth-grade sects they were on good terms with. Together, they bought a divine dream jade slip.

They quickly searched for Yu Youming’s results.

“3150 points. This result ranking is between the top one and two million of Good Fortune World!”

Currently, only those in the top 10,000 ranks would show their specific results. The rest only showed a general range.

“A rank between one and two million…” The disciples of the Unbroken Cult discussed amongst each other, not knowing just what concept this rank was.

“It seems that passing through the preliminaries will be impossible,” an Elder said. This was only the ranking of Good Fortune World. If this rank spread through to the entire Divine Realm it had to be multiplied by a factor of 3000. But through the preliminary qualifiers, only 10 million or so people would pass. If one wanted to pass in a great world, one needed to rank in the top 300,000. This would be extremely difficult for Yu Youming.

Even so, these Elders were quite satisfied with this result. They were only an eighth-grade sect, but there were also many geniuses of countless Holy Lands that were unable to pass the qualifiers. Those that were able to advance were at least the geniuses of peak Holy Lands that approached a World King Holy Land in strength.

The other sects that bought the divine dream jade slip with the Unbroken Cult took their turns to look up the disciples they sent. The result was that all of their disciples were ranked below 3 million. One could see the disparity as soon as they compared disciples. It was clear that Yu Youming led them all.

This caused the Elders of the Unbroken Cult to be in a much happier mood. The Vice Sect Master stroked his beard in satisfaction and said, “That Youming child is quite good. It seems we haven’t trained him in vain!”

“Yes! In the future he might even be able to become a half-step Holy Lord!”

The Elders of the Unbroken Cult were all overjoyed with their successes. Moreover, the Elders of the other eighth-grade sects also sourly sent their congratulations. The disciples of the Unbroken Cult that accompanied them here were soon celebrating.

Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan were also amongst these accompanying disciples.

“Big sister, that jade slip is…” Qin Xingxuan whispered.

“I know.”

Mu Qianyu’s heart was also tangled with conflicting feelings. If she was able to search that jade slip she could look for Lin Ming. She didn’t care about Lin Ming’s results; she only wanted to know whether or not Lin Ming joined the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting. If she knew he was participating, she could find out which great world he lived in. She could also confirm which branch palace he was accepted into. At that time, looking for Lin Ming would be far easier.

Her status as an outer court disciple was simply far too low. She and Qin Xingxuan had put in their greatest effort in their tasks and helped to perfectly refine the heaven-step pill. Finally, they managed to obtain two spots that were reserved for janitorial disciples so they could come watch the First Martial Meeting.

To directly speak to an Elder, she didn’t have these qualifications at all.

Mu Qianyu clenched her teeth. She took a brave step forwards and said, “Elder, this disciple has a request to ask of you.”

“Mm?” The Unbroken Cult Elder turned to Mu Qianyu. It was very sudden and surprising for Mu Qianyu to stand out from among the outer court disciples.

Yu Feng, who was responsible for managing the outer court disciples was angered. Her thin eyebrows shot up and she fiercely said, “Mu Qianyu, hurry up and step back if you don’t know customs!”

The rules of the Unbroken Cult were severe and strict. If Mu Qianyu aroused the annoyance of an Elder, as the one in charge of handling these disciples, she would leave a bad impression on the Elders.

However, due to Yu Youming’s results, the Unbroken Cult Elder was in a very good mood. He didn’t bother with Mu Qianyu’s rudeness but instead waved his hand. “What does she want? Let her speak.”

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