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Chapter 822 The Splendor of Lightning
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Martial World
Author :Cocooned Cow
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Chapter 822 The Splendor of Lightning

Chapter 822 – The Splendor of Lightning

In the two or three hours that Lin Ming had been in the Thunder Dominion for, Bi Ruyu had experienced the Yellow Springs River as well as encountered a desolate ancient vicious beast that roamed the 8000 Mile Black Swamp. A fierce battle had begun between her and the ancient desolate beast and she had to use the body transformation cultivation method that harmed the fires of her life yet again. Only by desperately risking her life against that ancient desolate beast had she been able to emerge victorious.

All of the vitality-restoring medicines in her spatial ring had been used up. Now, she looked haggard and worn out beyond belief. She didn’t even have the energy to restore the horrible wounds that covered her body.

At this point, Bi Ruyu had already fallen into madness. The only thought in her mind was to rip apart Lin Ming, steal away all his treasure, pull out his soul and refine his marrow and search him for every single secret he held.

As Lin Ming watched the maniacal Bi Ruyu rush towards him, he sneered and said, “You abominable witch, you still haven’t died? I was just thinking about searching for you, but since you’ve decided to knock on my door then let me send you on your way!”

“You little beast! Keep on being arrogant! Wait until I catch you, I will rip open your mouth and hang your corpse by your tongue! I will refine your divine soul!”

Bi Ruyu coldly shouted out. Her body emitted crackling ‘ka ka ka’ sounds as it changed once more.

Lin Ming was startled as he saw this. This Bi Ruyu in front of him had just experienced constantly frigid battle and had consumed most of her true essence. Her entire body was covered with wounds and she didn’t have much lifespan remaining. The fires of her life had already dropped to an extremely feeble point. Even so, she was still able to maintain such a strong combat strength and use this arcane body transformation ability. The will and strength of a top 50 ranked Destiny Decree master truly made one’s heart tremble!

“I’ll tear off your mouth.”

Bi Ruyu slashed out with her claws and a dangerous black light gathered into a line, shooting towards him with incredible speed and strength. Even though Bi Ruyu was wounded to this point, her claw attack still had an immense inherent world-shaking power. Even a 30,000 foot cliffside would shatter into pieces under her claws!

Lin Ming’s expression turned solemn. To this point, this was the strongest enemy he had faced in direct combat. A top 50 ranked Destiny Decree martial artist, a master with a sixth stage Life Destruction cultivation, Bi Ruyu truly symbolized the first-class strength of the Sky Spill Continent’s Life Destruction powerhouses!

The Eight Inner Hidden Gates opened and the power of the Heretical God Force was unleashed. Lin Ming thrust out his spear. On top of the spear shaft, dual Concepts of Thunder and Fire intertwined!

The Burning Star Flame mixed with the top grade heaven-step Thunder Soul!

Penetrating Rainbow!

Spear light cut through the horizon, converging into a purple red line. From afar, it looked like the horizon line that divided the skies and seas. It was vast and mysterious, with a terrifying strength that made one shiver with despair.

Before now, whenever Lin Ming had used Penetrating Rainbow, the power of thunder had always been inferior to the power of fire, causing him to be unable to display the peak power of Penetrating Rainbow.

But now, although Lin Ming’s Concept of Thunder was still at the lowest level, far inferior to his comprehension of the concept of Fire, the purple gold Thunder Soul was a small grade and a half higher than the Burning Star Flame. This was enough to make up for the disparity in Concepts. When Lin Ming now poured the balanced power of thunderfire into his spear, he was able to display Penetrating Rainbow’s greatest killing strength!

The claw shadow and Penetrating Rainbow’s spear light collided into each other, forming a fierce explosion and creating shockwaves that rolled up into the skies. Lin Ming felt a strong force pass through his body as his spear light collapsed!

The black claw shadow was unstoppable as it tore through Penetrating Rainbow’s spear light. It rushed towards him, weakened by just the smallest amount.

Too strong!

A trace of surprise appeared on Lin Ming’s face. That spear strike just now could be considered one of his strongest strikes in his current state, yet it had been completely suppressed by Bi Ruyu. This was the disparity of absolute strength.

Lin Ming stepped upon Golden Roc Shattering the Void and flash stepped five miles away. He watched as the claw shadow struck the ground just two miles away. With a corrosive ‘chi chi chi’ sound, three immeasurably deep holes had been formed in the ground!

Lin Ming rapidly heaved heavy breaths. After being scratched by that claw shadow just now, it had caused the blood vitality in his body to tumble, nearly severely injuring him.

“You little beast, you can actually melt away a bit of my Netherworld Claw; you truly aren’t so simple. But this makes me just that much more excited! I can personally destroy a future King! I’m just too happy, hahahaha!” Bi Ruyu crazily cackled. That spear strike just now had been alarming – it wasn’t strength that a Revolving Core powerhouse should have.

“If you must hate something, then hate your destiny for dooming you to perish under my hands!

“Take my strongest attack! Dark Crimson Hell!”

Bi Ruyu’s body fiercely twitched and her right arm turned a deep blood red. The blood vessels on her arm suddenly bulged out as if they would burst apart at any time. Although she knew perfectly well that she could suppress Lin Ming and capture him sooner or later, she didn’t want to delay any longer. Her fires of life were exceedingly damaged right now and she didn’t even have 40% of her true essence remaining. If she were to encounter any of the other monsters in this black swamp then she would die without a grave.

Hiss –
A red ghost appeared on Bi Ruyu’s right arm. It grasped a several dozen foot long scythe, a long scarlet tongue lolling from its mouth as it shot towards Lin Ming!

At this moment, Lin Ming was exceptionally calm. He took a step back and set his red spear horizontally. He linked his true essence to the Heretical God Sprout, quickening the golden red lightning saved up within.


With a loud shout, Lin Ming transferred the complete strength of his divine soul, only then forcing out a thin wisp of golden red lightning as thick as a newborn’s finger. It shot out from the Heretical God Sprout!

With a nearly inaudible sound, the twisted force field around the arc of lightning was torn apart!

This was golden red lightning from the 90 mile region of the Thunder Dominion! If a vast amount of this golden lightning gathered together, it could even char a Divine Sea Supreme Elder to cinders!

Even though the tiny wisp of lightning that Lin Ming took out was a paltry amount, it still wasn’t something that Bi Ruyu could ever hope of blocking.

The slender arc of lightning was unexpectedly considerably heavy. With Lin Ming’s soul force driving it, it simply couldn’t fly too quickly. This was because this amount of energy had exceeded the limits of his control.

However, the current Bi Ruyu had fallen into madness and was less than 100 feet from Lin Ming. Although she saw this tiny wisp of lightning shooting towards her, she only assumed that it was some arcane technique that Lin Ming sent out. The lightning energy was far too compressed; if one didn’t carefully investigate it then they would never discover just how terrifying it truly was.

“Brat, you are already at the edge of death! In front of absolute power, any move you try is just a useless last-ditch struggle! Break for me!”

The crazy Bi Ruyu stretched out her blood red right hand, clawing down at the golden red lightning. She wanted to break apart that lightning and tear apart Lin Ming at the same time.

In her opinion, such a slender wisp of lightning emitted by Lin Ming could never be strong. She would be able to crush it to pieces like a fallen branch.

The red claw and golden red lightning struck each other. The lightning didn’t even seem as if it had been blocked by anything. It instantly penetrated through Bi Ruyu’s claw shadow and continued forwards!

In that instant, Bi Ruyu only felt her right hand heat up and her bodily true essence explode like fireworks. Her right hand was like a bag of blood that was lashed by a whip; it directly exploded!

Burnt black blood, fragments of bone and pieces of flesh sprayed onto Bi Ruyu’s face. In that instant, Bi Ruyu’s eye had gone completely blank as she completely forget about the searing pain in her right arm.

That lightning… just what was that!?!?

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