Martial World
Chapter 744 - The Bloodstained Deep Sea
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Martial World
Author :Cocooned Cow
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Chapter 744 - The Bloodstained Deep Sea


A great mystic fairyland enchantment was originally difficult to break. Moreover, the Giant Leviathan’s intelligence was low to begin with; it simply wasn’t able to differentiate between fantasy and reality.

If the array had a boundary, then the Giant Leviathan could directly break through it. But, this Mystic Thousand Sea Sealing Array had no boundaries. If the Giant Leviathan attacked, its strike would simply fade outwards, causing no damage to the array itself.

On a side of the deep sea trench, the strange octopus was laying down the array formation with Bai Guanyun.

The deep sea trench was very long. The entire array formation had to cover a radius of 10 miles. While the octopus creature crawled onto the walls of the ocean trench its body wriggled as it drew deep sea origin energy through its arms and into its body.

“Brother Fish, that Lin Ming boy has many secrets on his body, right?” Bai Guanyun asked in a seemingly casual manner. In his opinion, there was no way that Xuan Wuji would be willing to pay any price to just kill this Lin Ming for revenge.

The strange octopus looked at Bai Guanyun, its entire body bulging and pulsating like the waves of the sea. “I do not know…”

Its voice was forced and hard to understand as if it had to use some arcane ability to stiffly change its normal language into something understandable.

Bai Guanyun pondered for a moment. He didn’t know what sort of secrets Lin Ming had on him, but he very much wanted a portion of the spoils. However, he simply didn’t have the ability to contend against Xuan Wuji. His only chance was if he found several more allies or if he found some opportune turning point.

“I heard this Lin Ming is less than 25 years old… to be at the middle Revolving Core at such a young age, there definitely must be some sort of extraordinary secret on his body.”

Bai Guanyun didn’t play around with the strange octopus. He directly told him his thoughts, hoping to arouse its interest. “If we can capture Lin Ming ahead of time and use a soul searching technique on him, then perhaps we might be able to glean something. Of course, the premise of this all relies on whether or not Brother Fish can fix the array formation so that we can hide this from Xuan Wuji. As for the matter of capturing Lin Ming, you can leave that to me. I can guarantee you that there won’t be any problems.”

Bai Guanyun’s tone was very casual. He was a man of ambition. Although he knew that there was a risk of enraging Xuan Wuji, he still couldn’t resist the desires of his heart. As for dealing with Lin Ming, this didn’t seem like a problem to him to begin with.

To change the array formation to hide all this from Xuan Wuji and then capturing Lin Ming?

The octopuses mind stirred. It’s hand movements slowed a bit, and its body oscillated. It was unknown just what this strange creature was thinking about.

Without a doubt, Lin Ming was definitely a delicious delicacy. But, to move against Lin Ming was the same as stealing food from the jaws of a tiger. They would have to risk arousing Xuan Wuji’s wrath.

There was still several days until this array formation would be finished. If it could use this time to plan its moves…

While the strange octopus was thinking, it suddenly became aware of a very unusual feeling. As a deep sea life form, it was extremely sensitive to any changes in the water. At this moment, it could feel a faint murderous intent rushing through the sea.

“Mm? Dodge!”

The strange octopus frantically screamed out. Its body suddenly accelerated to the side. Bai Guanyun was shocked, immediately following it. As for the spot they had just been floating at, the current of water there had twisted into the point of a blade, crazily spinning and slicing its way through!

“What is this!?”

The strange octopus was shocked. That strange spinning water blade didn’t contain any energy, but with just the driving force of will itself, it seemed as if it could cut everything to pieces!

“Who is it!?” The strange octopus and Bai Guanyun spun around, both of them looking in the same direction. There, they could see a blue-clothed youth that wielded a red long spear. In the deep darkness of the sea, he was like a god of death that slowly approached them. His entire body seemed to meld into the surrounding seawater, making that red spear in his hands seem particularly dazzling.

Since it was hundreds of thousands of feet deep under the sea, there was no sunlight. One could only count on their own perception to sense things. But, that red spear seemed as if it was emitting its own crimson light like a flame burning in the darkness.

“You are…” Bai Guanyun’s pupils contracted. This youth’s face wasn’t unfamiliar to him. Before coming here, he had already investigated the situation in the South Horizon Region. He knew that this boy was Lin Ming!

“You are Lin Ming? Haha, truly I can search far and wide, only to find you so easily here! Since you’ve come visit me, then you might as well stay behind!”

Bai Guanyun’s words seemed rampant to the extreme but he remained highly alert in his heart. He revolved the energy in his body to the limit. According to his intelligence, Lin Ming’s strength was inferior to that of a third stage Life Destruction master, so why would he take the initiative to attack them? There were the two of them and even Xuan Wuji was nearby. Did he have a death wish?

At this time, Lin Ming gave off an aura similar to a vicious deep sea beast from the depths of the divine sea. It was like he was completely enveloped in killing intent, making anyone who looked at him feel repressed, unable to revolt.

Bai Guanyun immediately extracted a peak high-grade earth-step treasure sword from his spatial ring. At this time, he finally noticed that Lin Ming’s cultivation was actually at the late Revolving Core realm!

Late Revolving Core realm! That was inconsistent with the information he received…

Bai Guanyun didn’t even have time to ponder the meaning of this. In the blink of an eye, Lin Ming’s spear had already thrust straight towards him!

Brilliant flames roiled, heating up the seawater until it bubbled. The spear shot thousands of feet forwards in an instant as if it were a blazing meteor in the deep night sky.

“Humph!” Bai Guanyun coldly coughed. Although he was somewhat ambivalent towards Lin Ming, this didn’t mean that he feared him. “Merely at the late Revolving Core realm and you suddenly think you’re undefeatable in the world? This old man will let you know just how strong a third stage Life Destruction master is! Heaven Shattering Sword!’

Facing this unfathomable Lin Ming, Bai Guanyun didn’t dare to hold his hand. With a loud cry, he used 100% of his strength to launch a counterattack. This Heaven Shattering Sword strike was one of his great master moves!

Meanwhile, the strange octopus waved its tentacles, ready to go all out. But in this moment, a bright crimson light suddenly shined out from between Lin Ming’s eyebrows. The spear in his hand suddenly soared in speed!

Concept of Fire Annihilation – Chasing Sun!

The might of this spear was like a falling meteor from the God Transforming Mirror’s second world. With a loud explosive sound, the sword in Bai Guanyun’s hands broke apart!


When Bai Guanyun saw his own sword shatter like a pane of glass, he was immediately horrified. At this critical moment, he drew back in a panic. However, Lin Ming’s long spear homed in towards him. As the Law of Annihilation bloomed in front of Bai Guanyuan, all of the sea water around him began to instantly deconstruct. With a miserable scream, the right half of Bai Guanyun’s body was covered in blood!

Not dead yet?

Lin Ming’s eyebrows pricked up. With absolute silence, his spear swept out!

Bai Guanyun was so scared that he felt as if his soul had fled from his body. “Brother Fish, save me!”

At this time of crisis, the strange octopus had also discovered just how terrifying Lin Ming was. Although it didn’t know just what had happened in these past four months, without a doubt, Lin Ming’s strength had risen dramatically. At this time, it was impossible for the strange octopus to contend with him!

As for saving Bai Guanyun, that was simply just a joke. Instead, it hoped that Bai Guanyun could delay Lin Ming for some time so that it could safely escape. Since things had devolved to this point, it no longer had any intention of laying down any sort of sealing array formation. If it couldn’t kill Lin Ming, then the consequences would be dire indeed.

The strange octopus flung out several tentacles, quickly fleeing into the deep sea.

Bai Guanyun cursed in his heart. At the doors of death, he fiercely bit down on his tongue and spat out a mouthful of blood essence, forcefully revolving true essence in his body, causing his body to suddenly shoot up 10 feet. This caused Lin Ming’s spear strike to miss its target and sliced through his leg instead of cutting him in half.


His leg bones ruptured and blood oozed into the water. Bai Guanyun screamed as his heart filled with a manic despair.

Lin Ming no longer cared about chasing after Bai Guanyun anymore. He swiveled around and the Asura force field and the Death God force field erupted together. At the same time, he flicked his finger and a mass of purple flames shot out from his hand.

As these flames appeared, the surrounding sea water instantly vaporized. A massive spherical hole was burned through the center of the deep sea.

This fire was the Burning Star Flame.

Pouring his battle spirit into the flames, Lin Ming sprung out his five fingers and the Burning Star Flame shot out like a hail of arrows!


The strange octopus that had fled not too far away suddenly screamed. Because it was suddenly covered by these dual force fields, its speed instantly plummeted. It felt as if a sun was suddenly born in the sea, and the high water content of its body quickly withered away in the face of this purple sunlight!

The strange octopus was from a deep sea race and was a water-attribute life form. Fire was its natural nemesis.


The strange octopus let out a strange cry. It spat out a black ball from its body, shooting it straight towards the Burning Star Flame.

Monster’s core?

Lin Ming’s eyes brightened. If he wasn’t wrong, then this was the strange octopus’s monster core. The deep sea races were less like humans and more like highly intelligent monsters and beasts. A monster core was something that only a high level monster could cultivate. It was similar to a human’s Revolving Core crystal nucleus. Additionally, the most important thing was that it would only use this monster core to fight its enemies when it encountered a highly dangerous situation.

The monster core was extremely fast as it collided with the Burning Star Flame. With a loud bang, a terrifying detonation occurred in the deep sea. The explosive shockwaves surged out in all directions, pushing Bai Guanyun away. As for the strange octopus, because its monster core was damaged, it let out a miserably cough and flew backwards as it emitted a huge jet of inky black fluid.

Lin Ming grasped his red long spear and stepped forwards. After becoming accustomed to the explosive shockwaves from the meteors of the God Transforming Mirror’s second world, these shockwaves were now no different from a cool spring breeze to Lin Ming. It simply wasn’t even worth mentioning.

He easily broke past the shockwaves. As his feet stepped forwards, he displayed Golden Roc Shattering the Void, instantly appearing in front of the strange octopus!

At that moment, the strange octopus’s face distorted with horror. Its monster core hadn’t yet returned to its body but Lin Ming had already arrived in front of it. The severity of the situation could be imagined!


Lin Ming expressionlessly thrust out his spear. The spear held the Concept of Burning Heat within it. The crimson spear edge burned red like it just came from the center of a blazing sun. As it shot forwards, a massive amount of water evaporated around it. The octopus screamed out as Lin Ming’s spear pierced right into its soft head.


The strange octopus emitted a completely inhuman scream. It’s originally milky white face became covered wish rosy colors, as if paints were being mixed on its skin.

Chi chi chi!

The strange octopus’s body rapidly withered away as all the water in its body evaporated. As for that spinning black monster core that was returning, Lin Ming snatched it in his hands.

The monster core of a third-stage Life Destruction monster could be considered a great fortune. If a martial artist directly swallowed it up, it would be useful for one’s cultivation. In addition, it could also be used to refine pills. Since Lin Ming had decided to step onto the path of becoming an alchemist, he naturally wouldn’t miss out on rare water-attribute materials like this.
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