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Chapter 663 - Heaven-step White Spear
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Martial World
Author :Cocooned Cow
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Chapter 663 - Heaven-step White Spear

Chapter 663 – Heaven-step White Spear

“This damn old fox!”

Lin Ming knit his eyebrows together. With his current strength, having to simultaneously deal with Elder Xiao, the Great Ax Tower Master, and the severely wounded Polaris Tower Master would be somewhat difficult.

The strength of these two new challengers might be no less than that of the Polaris Tower Master!

When Lin Ming had faced the Polaris Tower Master, he had continuously attacked him several times in a row. Although he had managed to beat him into the ground, he still hadn’t been able to kill him. Now, with three of them together and mutually supporting each other, wanting to kill any one of them would be much more difficult.

Moreover, this Elder Xiao seemed to be very cautious. If Lin Ming wanted to defeat him, he would have to expend himself.

“Great Ax! We’ll attack him from both sides!”

Elder Xiao said with a true essence sound transmission. Great Ax didn’t want to be sucked into this mess, but now there was no turning back for him.

Together, they both rushed towards Lin Ming in a pincer position!

Holding a double-headed ax, the Great Ax Tower Master’s attack seemed truly epic. As for Elder Xiao, with the lance in his hands, his strike appeared incomparably sharp. The weapons in both of their hands were equally heaven-step treasures!

But, the Purple Comet Spear within Lin Ming’s hands was only an earth-step treasure. Facing the violent impact about to occur, it would be far too difficult to use his high-grade earth-step Purple Comet Spear to block both attacks!

A great portion of his battle spirit needed to be branched out in order to stabilize the Purple Comet Spear, so the part he could use for attacking was naturally lessened. This caused Lin Ming to not dare to recklessly face these two in a melee clash, otherwise he would inevitably be injured!

At this critical moment, Lin Ming’s pupils shrank. His feet stepped upon Golden Roc Shattering the Void as space twisted beneath him. In the next moment he had actually dashed through the gap between Elder Xiao and the Great Ax Tower Master’s attacks, directly rushing towards the Polaris Tower Master!

To wound 10 enemies was far inferior to killing off one!

Lin Ming’s first focus of attack was the Polaris Tower Master!

“Lin Ming, do you want to die!?” The Polaris Tower Master was furious. But at this time, he truly had overspent himself. He began to rapidly combust his blood essence as he cut down at Lin Ming.

Lin Ming completely ignored this attack, his spear still thrusting towards the Polaris Tower Master’s heart. Even if he had to receive a small wound in exchange, he would still desire to kill this man.

As Lin Ming was about to kill the Polaris Tower with his spear, he suddenly heard a loud whistling of wind behind him. Elder Xiao was chasing after him with his lance in front!

Lin Ming instantly determined that if he killed the Polaris Tower Master, he was bound to be stuck for a moment. At that time, he would definitely be struck hard by Elder Xiao.

This damn old man!

Lin Ming wildly grit his teeth and slammed his feet into the ground, his body suddenly jumping up from the recoil as he abruptly recovered his spear potential while dodging the Polaris Tower Master’s sword!


After taking back his spear potential, Lin Ming could feel the blood within his body tumbling madly about, his face flushing red.

To a martial artist, having to forcefully withdraw an attack they sent out was similar to a wildly dashing horse suddenly stopping. The energy backlash would impact the blood vitality within their body and might even cause damage to their meridians.

Even though Lin Ming’s meridians and body were astoundingly formidable, this impact of energy made him feel queasy.

“Boy, your end is here!”

Elder Xiao thrust out his lance once again, the lance point chasing after Lin Ming’s vital points! Even if Lin Ming could dodge using Golden Roc Shattering the Void, Elder Xiao had still made an immediate judgement to strike at him again!

Although this old fellow wasn’t any stronger than the Polaris Tower Master, his combat experience was far richer!

“Haha, Lin Ming, you will die here today!”

The Polaris Tower Master’s eyes shined as if victory was already within his reach. With his sword cutting down at Lin Ming, and in addition to the Great Ax Tower Master joining in on the assault, the attacks of these three individuals were unblockable with Lin Ming’s trivial earth-step Purple Comet Spear! He simply didn’t have the qualifications to meet all three attacks at once!

Blocking one attack was possible, but the other two attacks would also fall on him. At that time, three heaven-step treasures would cut down on a single earth-step treasure. If that happened, he feared that no matter how heaven-defying a battle spirit was, it still wouldn’t be able to withstand this!

The Purple Comet Spear would break!

Golden Roc Shattering the Void!

The power of space underneath Lin Ming’s feet twisted again. By virtue of his understanding of the Concept of Space, Lin Ming once again dodged the combined attacks of the three. But, even though he had successfully dodged the attacks, the currents of demon essence still scraped by him. Although he wasn’t injured, this scraping still tore apart the cloth of his lower robe.

This sounded alarm bells in Lin Ming’s mind. With the Concept of Space fused into it, Golden Roc Shattering the Void was indeed an incomparably wonderful movement technique. But, to dodge the attacks of three people in a limited space was still extremely difficult.

Lin Ming could decide not to fight and escape deep into the Eternal Demon Abyss instead. If this happened, then there wasn’t anyone here that could stop him. But the Eternal Demon Abyss would be sealed off in another half month and the only exit was here. There was another exit on the other side of the Eternal Demon Abyss, but that was over 10,000 miles away. Although it was only 10,000 miles away, the truth was that it was impossible to cross through the center of the Eternal Demon Abyss; the truth distance to the other side was 20,000 to 30,000 miles. There were also a massive number of unknown dangers that existed between here and there. Wanting to cross this distance in a mere half month was simply impossible.

“Lin Ming, your Concept of Space is indeed exquisite, but…” Elder Xiao suddenly sneered, thrusting his lance through the void!

Lin Ming didn’t know what Elder Xiao was trying to do, but after he understood, he sucked in a breath of cold air.

Every time Elder Xiao thrust out with his lance, a black energy would fuse into space.

Elder Xiao only had a minor understanding into the Concept of Space. To have him shrink the space between his feet and keep up with Lin Ming’s strange movement techniques was naturally impossible. But, he was actually able to fuse a portion of his striking energy into space, making it so that the power of space here became increasingly chaotic.

In this situation, although Lin Ming was still able to use the power of space to display his elusive and fleeting movement technique, it would become much more difficult. And having to dodge the combined attacks of the three also became that much harder. If Lin Ming’s speed were to slow down and he were to make even the tiniest mistake, he would be injured!

If he was injured at this time, then his fate could be imagined!

“This damned old man!”

Lin Ming’s eyes blazed with a brilliant killing intent. The elderly were truly tricky. Although this Elder Xiao wasn’t any stronger than the Polaris Tower master, ever since he joined this fight, Lin Ming had been constantly suppressed from multiple angles.

The power of space became increasingly chaotic. And, because the Purple Comet Spear’s quality was limited, Lin Ming couldn’t engage in a melee with these three. If this continued on, then he would reach a point where he wouldn’t be able to withstand this any longer and then he would have to escape into the Eternal Demon Abyss!

With Demonshine beside him, Lin Ming was confident he would be able to stay within the Eternal Demon Abyss for 10 years until the next time it opened. But, even if he could survive down here for 10 years, he was still far too worried about the events happening in the Sky Spill Continent. 10 years from now, who knew what would change?

Perhaps the South Sea War would have already ended!

He had to leave now! But to leave, he had to defeat these three!

Lin Ming frowned. He had been caught in a dead end!


As Lin Ming was fiercely battling against three others, he didn’t know that in a distant corner of the battlefield, two martial artists were secretly talking to each other with a true essence sound transmission.

“High Lord Whitedemon, a fist sized earth-step Demon God Bone is already enough to exchange for several heaven-step treasures. I will trade you two. Although that heaven-step spear in your hands is good, it absolutely isn’t worthy of an earth-step Demon God Bone.

The one speaking was Duanmu Qun. He had long noticed that Lin Ming was being suppressed because of the quality of his weapon. Now, he wanted give Lin Ming a new one.

Duanmu Qun, Lan Xin, and Feng Shen all used swords; they didn’t have a heaven-step treasure spear in their spatial rings. Thus, Duanmu Qun thought of purchasing one from another High Lord!

To trade two fist-sized earth-step Demon God Bones for a low-grade heaven-step treasure spear was the same as having a massive amount of money drop down from the heavens. By all reasoning, no one would ever reject this offer.

However, High Lord Whitedemon seemed a bit pained with embarrassment, “Brother Duanmu, I know what you’re trying to say, but even if Lin Ming received my spear he still might not be able to win. If he loses, then those two great Tower Masters and supervisor will be furious at me. How would I still continue living?”

Duanmu Qun was very understanding of High Lord Whitedemon’s thoughts. He said, “I will deliver the spear, the risk to you is not too large. In addition, as long as you leave the Blood Slaughter Steppes, I guarantee you will receive sanctuary under my Divine Wood Holy Land! High Lord Whitedemon, without taking risk, you will never break through to the Emperor level. Where has there ever been such a good deal in this world? Okay, how about this. Three earth-step Demon God Bones, all of them the size of a fist. That is our final offer, because of the three of us, that is the totality of the resources we obtained in the Eternal Demon Abyss!”

The reason that Duanmu Qun had offered two Demon God Bones at the start was so that he could have some bargaining room with High Lord Whitedemon. It was try to take advantage of others urgent needs, no matter how tempting the conditions were from the start. So, rather than first putting out the best offer, it was better to slowly toss in the chips until they couldn’t be refused.

And sure enough, High Lord Whitedemon was shaken. Three earth-step Demon God Bones could greatly shorten the time it took from him to break through from a four-star Demon King to a quasi Emperor. If he could continue like that, then he really would one day reach the Emperor level!

Truly, there were no riches in this world without danger. If a massive meat pie fell down from the sky and he didn’t eat it because he feared it was poisonous, then that was the same as him giving up on ever becoming a true Emperor.

Gritting his teeth, High Lord Whitedemon calmly handed over a spatial ring to Duanmu Qun. “The spear is inside. I’ve already erased my soul mark. Do with it as you will!”

“Great!” Duanmu Qun didn’t waste time and directly passed a spatial ring containing the three earth-step Demon God Bones to High Lord Whitedemon.

At the same time, his figure flashed and he appeared at the edge of the battlefield, extracting a white spear from the spatial ring!

This was also partly the reason why High Lord Whitedemon was originally unwilling to hand over this spear. This spear was far too blatantly garish and easily recognizable.

“Brother Lin, take this spear!”


Duanmu Qun threw out the spear!

At this time, Lin Ming was facing the dual attacks of the Great Ax Tower Master and Elder Xiao – he was indeed facing a crisis. The power of space around him was becoming increasingly chaotic, and it was becoming much more difficult to use the Concept of Space effectively.

But at this moment, as Lin Ming saw a long spear shooting towards him, his eyes lit up!

“Not good!”

As Lin Ming saw this white long spear, the Great Ax Tower Master, Elder Xiao, and the Polaris Tower Master also saw this spear. The Great Ax Tower Master and Elder Xiao were attacking so they were unable to intercept this spear. Only the Polaris Master was able to rush towards this white spear.

Golden Roc Shattering the Void!

Lin Ming erupted with true essence. The Heretical God Force revolved to its limits, forcefully distorting the chaotic power of space. Once again, he shrunk the space under his feet and avoided the attacks of the Great Ax Tower Master and Elder Xiao, seeming as if he teleported in front of the white long spear! Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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