Martial World
Chapter 627 - Evil Being
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Martial World
Author :Cocooned Cow
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Chapter 627 - Evil Being

Chapter 627 – Evil Being

10,000 miles around the edge of the Eternal Demon Abyss, the infernal energy was so thick that it was nearly concentrated into droplets. In this, Lin Ming could feel the energy within his body being pulled at by this thick infernal energy, as if it were faintly gushing out of him.

‘What an amazingly rich infernal energy. This fog is infernal energy that has condensed and formed into essence. If I could practice demonic realm cultivation methods here…’ Lin Ming shook his head as he thought of this. When a martial artist cultivated they would often have to enter into meditative states. In this state, a martial artist’s defensive ability would be very low. Doing that within the Eternal Demon Abyss that was filled with all sorts of dangers was simply asking to die.

“Hehe, boy, what do you think? The atmosphere here is great!” An annoying voice suddenly called out to Lin Ming. Each syllable was like a needle that jabbed into the ear, causing anyone listening to feel very uncomfortable.

Lin Ming turned around to see that the one speaking was High Lord Black Ash.

He frowned, not answering.

High Lord Black Ash didn’t mind. He continued to say, “Boy, I guess that when we’re 1,500 miles from the edge, you will continue to go forwards. At that time, how about we go together? We can take care of each other, haha!”

“Sorry, but I’m not interested. Also… it would do you good to stop trying to probe me by attaching your perception to your words.” Lin Ming’s voice was cold.

High Lord Black Ash stiffened. This boy was too sensitive! His method of probing others was extremely secretive; the normal person would only a hear a grating voice upon their ears, but Lin Ming had actually instantly seen through his tricks.

Sada moved forwards unhurriedly. He closed his eyes and felt the wind, saying, “From here on out, we are 8,500 miles away from the Eternal Demon Abyss’s 1,500 mile radius zone. Our travel time by foot will be around 20 days to a month. During this month, you must follow my orders. If we encounter some evil being, you absolutely cannot take the initiative to do anything, you absolutely cannot! Otherwise, this may possibly lead to serious consequences!”

“Evil being? What evil being, hm?” A Fey youth asked, interested. As someone that qualified to come to the Eternal Demon Abyss, there was naturally no need to mention his strength and talent; he had full and complete confidence in himself. He was wondering whether or not he should be the one to step forwards and save the day if they encountered some danger. Even though he might not be able to be the hero that saved the maiden, he could at least leave a good impression on Lan Xin. To women, even if they were powerhouses, deep down they always wished to be protected.

This time, during this journey to the Eternal Demon Abyss, the most important target for him was to capture Lan Xin’s attentions and heart. Compared to marrying Lan Xin and joining her Blue Silver Holy Land, any lucky chance he found here would simply be garbage.

Sada slowly explained, “Around the Eternal Demon Abyss there are many strange and evil beings that breed within the thick infernal energy. These existences are bizarre and enigmatic. No one knows where they originate from, and in normal times, naturally we need not fear them. But, there are some evil beings that were projected out during the Eternal Demon Abyss’s eruption. If we run into this sort of thing, we must run far, far away! Fighting them is simply suicide!”

“Evil beings that were shot out by the Eternal Demon Abyss?” Lin Ming’s heart chilled. The Eternal Demon Abyss was without a doubt immeasurably terrifying. A massive claw had come out from that strange hole and killed 12 Emperor level powerhouses instantly. From that sort of place, even if it were just a dog or cat, that simply wasn’t something anyone here could deal with.

Although the several Fey youths were proud and arrogant, they weren’t stupid. As they heard Sada mention the evil beings of the Eternal Demon Abyss, they kept silence. They were well aware of just useful their skills were here.

“Good. If there aren’t any more questions then we’ll set off. Also, there’s one more point. Try to avoid fighting as much as possible, but if you’re really forced into a situation, then suppress your strength as far as possible. Only use 30% of your power to fight, do not use 40%, and do not create any surging waves of true essence or demon essence or start stirring up the massive amount of infernal energy within the Eternal Demon Abyss. Understood?” Sada’s expression and tone were harsh. Seeing the Fey youth from before look a bit unhappy, he said, “This isn’t playtime for children. Hey, you, can you hear me?”

“I heard you.” The Fey youth revealed an impatient and impetuous expression, perfunctorily nodding, “I am not a child.”

Sada glared at the Fey youth and said, “Let’s go!”

As one, the group began their journey. The next 8500 miles around were relatively safe. There basically wasn’t any situation where a martial artist would kill others. With someone guiding them, the dangers they encountered were even fewer. Of course, the lucky chances they found in this way were also limited, and with so many people together, it wouldn’t be much after being divided so many times, and Skysplit Tower also took a great portion of that.

As time passed, the group continued marching forwards. The surrounding environment could be described as gloomy, filled with a vast, endlessly hazy fog. Fortunately, they could use the stars in the sky as their guide so they didn’t lose direction.

The ground was covered with bumpy red rocks. Occasionally, one could see broken stone tablets scattered about. The writing and seals on these stone tablets had long since blurred after so many tens or hundreds of thousands of years.

These boring days of travel happened without complaint for one or two days, but after a dozen days or so, many people began to feel impatient.

During these days, they hadn’t even seen a hair of these so-called ‘evil beings’, much less a lucky chance.

Sometimes, it was far too boring. Some of them were even looking forwards to one of these ‘evil beings’ appearing so that it could alleviate their boredom.

“I say that we can go fast. Here, there’s nothing else but fog and rocks. We only walk several hundred miles per day, the heavens only know how long it will take us to cross 8500 miles. If I could fly, it would only take several hours! What sort of evil are you even thinking about? We’ve walked for so long and haven’t even seen anything at all!”

To cross hundreds of miles in a day was something that even well-trained mortal soldiers were unable to accomplish. But in front of these outstanding heroic youths, this sort of speed was a pace as slow as a snail’s crawl.

Sada suddenly stopped, his head spinning around towards the Fey youth like a tiger, his ice cold eyes causing the Fey youth to pause.

“The dangers of Eternal Demon Abyss are not as simple as you think they are. You should already be glad that you can arrive there safely without danger, so shut your damn trap. Once we arrive within 1500 miles of the Eternal Demon Abyss, my role is over. You can do whatever you like then. Even if you jump into the Eternal Demon Abyss itself, it is something I don’t care about.”

The Fey youth also began to grow angry, “How interesting! Why do we need you to guide us? Why do you so-called supervisory deacons need to go with us? Isn’t it to monitor us? Are you afraid that we’ll find some lucky chance, or are you afraid that we’ll kill each other and become twelve-winged Heavenly Demons?”

The Fey youth’s tone was aggressive, “With you leading the way, who knows whether or not you’re quietly pocketing everything along the way! If we really run into danger, you might be the first to run while leaving us behind! We are looking for lucky chances here, not running about as your bodyguards, acting as cannon fodder when you need it!”

Sada’s expression sunk to the floor, “If you aren’t willing to go with me then f*ck off!”

“Humph! Who is afraid of you? Let’s go! Come on everyone!”

The Fey youth shouted out to several martial artists. However, no one responded to him. Following this Sada was truly the same as giving up on lucky chances, but the goal of most people here was to reach the 1500 mile radius zone. In this outer 8500 mile radius, there basically weren’t any lucky chances, so giving up on them was fine too.

Lin Ming was indifferent to all this. As they travelled these past days, he had always been practicing his breathing.

Although he hadn’t been able to calm his heart and mind because of the brisk pace they were making, the infernal energy here was surpassingly rich; it was the ideal condition for practicing the ‘Great Desolate Halberd Art’. This total practice speed wasn’t much slower than practicing in closed-door meditation.

In order to guarantee that he would have the most solid foundation, Lin Ming estimated that he would have to practice for half a year to break through to Revolving Core. If he meditated on those stone tablets in the Road of Emperor, it might have taken just a few months. But, unfortunately, the path Lin Ming had chosen was to continue down the road of will lights, thus he had to continue down that path, giving up on the Emperor stone tablets.

Seeing no one respond to his shouts, the Fey youth’s complexion immediately became ugly. He didn’t care much about face, and was really ready to walk away at any time. In truth, he didn’t fear venturing off by himself. But, once he did, he wouldn’t have any further chances with Lan Xin.

The Fey youth had hopped on the tiger and couldn’t back down now. As he glanced at Lan Xin, he saw that she was controlling her breathing, simply not even caring about him at all.

The mindsets of these outstanding young talents were mostly that of arrogance and easy to anger. With his stubborness even in this awkward situation, the youth was about to spit out several vicious words before leaving, when at this time, a change occurred.

Not too far away, there was a wailing cry. This sound was absolutely not that of a human. It was like some vicious beast was screeching out while having glass shards crammed in its throat, it was grating to the extreme.

“What is that!?”

Everyone immediately tensed up, taking out their weapons.

Sada extracted a crescent sickle, his entire body on full alert. He quickly said in a low voice, “Without my order, do not act rashly.”


With another miserable scream, a gray shadow jumped up from not too far away, rushing towards the group like an arrow!

The Fey youth who had been blabbering on would be the one to bear the brunt of this attack!

“Don’t be nervous! This is only…!”

Sada’s hadn’t even finished his words when that angry Fey youth gave a sudden shout and stabbed out with his sword!

“Go die!”

A deep blue sword light pierced through the vast skies. The gray shadow was directly penetrated with this sword light. Space trembled, strong winds howled. The rich infernal energy all around them was cut in half, swept away!

This sword was a strike for the Fey youth to vent his anger. This Fey youth had been able to come to the Eternal Demon Abyss and was also a top ranking character amongst the Heavenly Demon Seven Stars. He had reached Large Success in his comprehension of the Concept of Wind, and had even touched upon the Concept of Space.

A strike with all his power behind it could be imagined.

Sada’s eyes instantly turned red, “Do you want to kill us? I told you not to use your full strength and create true essence waves and also not to stir the infernal energy here! You…”

“F*ck off!” The Fey youth violently interrupted Sada. “I do not serve you, so why the hell would I care about what you want! Also, you fellows as well! You’ve been bullied by the Blood Slaughter Divine Temple to the point that you’re willing to submit yourself to all these garbage conditions! I’ve never been so angered by such a useless bunch before!”

Although the Fey youth wanted to marry Lan Xin and enter her Blue Silver Holy Land, doing so was easier said than done. That being the case, he might as well leave in a cool and awesome manner, making it so that his thoughts were smooth.

Even with all his grievances expressed, even the group of people that wouldn’t follow him weren’t saying anything. He felt nothing but incomparably free and comfortable. But at this time, everyone’s expressions around him began to change.

Lan Xin pointed at the Fey youth’s legs, her complexion paling as she said, “You… your leg…” Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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