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Chapter 517 - The Third Thunder Soul
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Martial World
Author :Cocooned Cow
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Chapter 517 - The Third Thunder Soul

Chapter 517 – The Third Thunder Soul

When Lin Ming had obtained the Disenchanting Dream Light, he had to run away, thus he didn’t have time to absorb it. After he had entered the ancient transmission array and crossed countless miles of space, he had been severely wounded by the spatial storms. Afterwards, he wasn’t even able to take out the Cosmic Melting Furnace, much less absorb he Disenchanting Dream Light.

Now Lin Ming was completely recovered. After being rebirthed like a butterfly in a cocoon, his true essence was more stable, and he was steadily into the early Xiantian realm.

For a martial artist to enter the early Xiantian realm before reaching 18 years of age… within the Sky Spill Continent, that was an unprecedented achievement since ancient times!

Lin Ming summoned the half foot sized Cosmic Melting Furnace from his dantian. The furnace revolved in the air, floating there. On the round furnace there was a chart of the myriad universe carved upon it. And in the center of this chart was a deep Golden Crow relief. This Golden Crow’s entire body burned with flames, and it exuded a mystical aura.

Lin Ming used the secret method to open the first layer of space within the Cosmic Melting Furnace. The Purple Comet Spear, Great Desolate Blood Halberd, and all sorts of precious medicines and elixirs flew out.

These things were all completely taken into Lin Ming’s spatial ring. After using earth-step spatial rings, Lin Ming wasn’t very familiar with this basic medium-grade human-step spatial ring.

After taking all of these possessions, all that was left over was a jade box in Lin Ming’s hand.

He opened the jade box, revealing an oval-shaped cocoon. This cocoon was completely covered in a red and purple striped pattern.

This was the sealed Disenchanting Dream Light!

Lin Ming linked his fingers together, and slowly peeled off the seals on the Thunder Soul. The Disenchanting Dream Light was finally revealed. It was a ball of light, and on the surface of this ball of light was the visage of a fearsome beast.

A high-grade earth-step Thunder Soul!

The truth was that there was still a large gap between different high-grade earth-step Thunder Souls. This Disenchanting Dream Light was one of the lower level high-grade earth-step Thunder Souls, but it was still much stronger than the Purple Flood Dragon Divine Thunder and Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder.

Lin Ming took several deep breaths, adjusting his condition to a calm and empty state. Then, he pressed the Disenchanting Dream Light over his heart.

As soon as the Disenchanting Dream light entered Lin Ming’s body, it immediately became furious. It turned into an ancient vicious beast, directly impacting towards Lin Ming’s spiritual sea!

The Disenchanting Dream Light was a Thunder Soul that had been transformed from an ancient vicious beast’s spiritual sea. The most difficult aspect of absorbing this Thunder Soul was to withstand the impact that it had on one’s spiritual sea. But to Lin Ming, who had an extremely powerful soul defense, this wasn’t a problem at all.

Within Lin Ming’s spiritual sea, the black vortex of the Samsara martial intent appeared. At the same time, the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder and Purple Flood Dragon Divine Thunder wove a massive network of lightning that fell over the Disenchanting Dream Light!

Before this, even when that demonic three-headed dog had broken into Lin Ming’s spiritual sea, it had still been injured in a showdown with him. Now, this ancient vicious beast from the Sky Spill Continent naturally couldn’t create too big a wave.

However, when the Disenchanting Dream Light collided with the black vortex of the Samsara martial intent, the result surprised Lin Ming. He felt a stabbing headache as a large portion of the black vortex was torn apart by the ancient vicious beast!


Lin Ming paled. He nearly fell over from where he sat.

How could this happen?

Lin Ming’s cultivation had broken through to the Xiantian realm. With his complete Tempering Marrow, his individual strength approached that of a middle Revolving Core martial artist. In addition, he also had the deterring power of the Heretical God Seed. Coupled together with his powerful soul defensive abilities, it should have been easy absorbing this high-grade earth-step Thunder Soul.


The ancient vicious beast sent out a howling cry, and a crazy, savage light shined in its eyes. It madly launched itself at Lin Ming’s spiritual sea. From its actions, it seemed to hate Lin Ming to the bones and wanted both of them to perish together.

This was…

Lin Ming’s mind stirred, and a sneer emerged on his face. That wily old Lei Jingtian! Even after he died, he was still trying to sabotage him!

“Extinguish for me!”

Lin Ming bit down on his tongue, forcefully waking himself up. He linked his true essence to the Heretical God Seed and opened it without a second of hesitation.

Rumble rumble rumble!
Within Lin Ming’s spiritual sea, the red and purple thunder began to furiously twist around.

In particular, the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder. It turned into a massive python that shot towards the ancient vicious beast!

“Lei Jingtian, you left behind a last wisp of your consciousness in the Disenchanting Dream Light in the hopes that you would destroy me in my spiritual sea. If I was a normal martial artist, then I would have really been done in by you. Too bad for you, I have experienced the vast inner space of the Magic Cube and now my soul defensive powers are far too strong. All of your plans have gone to waste!”

Lin Ming grit his teeth and a massive wave of pressure fell down from the Heretical God Seed. The Disenchanting Dream Light was immediately locked in space. The two-colored lightning had fully turned into a great python and Purple Flood Dragon that wrapped around the ancient vicious beast.

In the end, Lei Jingtian’s remnant consciousness couldn’t compare to that of the Supreme Elders from the Realm of the Gods. There was a sizzling ‘chi chi chi’ sound as the ancient vicious beast constantly emitted smoke. The beast’s face distorted, and a human face could be seen in the burning flames.

“Lin… Ming… even as a ghost, this old man… will not let you go… ahhhh!!!”

A guttural voice filled with hatred echoed in Lin Ming’s ears. Lin Ming remained unmoved. His eyes were cruel as he coldly said, “You won’t even have the chance to become a ghost. Now, turn to ash!”

The Disenchanting Dream Light fiercely shuddered as if something inside had burst apart. Then, a surge of purple smoke emerged into the air. Within this smoke, there was the image of a grim face. This face was somewhat similar to Lei Jingtian’s. It seemed to be in extreme agony. And then, it slowly drifted away in the wind before completely disappearing…

“Humph, he would rather split his soul and try to die together with me. He really is hopeless.” After Lei Jingtian had died. Lin Ming hadn’t even placed the threat of him in his heart.

After losing the support of Lei Jingtian’s remnant soul, the Disenchanting Dream Light wasn’t able to further resist the pressure from the Heretical God Seed. It was quickly sucked into the black vortex of the Samsara martial intent…

After an hour passed, the Samsara martial intent’s black vortex began to slowly fade away. Within Lin Ming’s spiritual sea, a four-legged purple vicious beast appeared. This vicious beast looked like a lion, with the added bit of a spiral horn on its head that exuded a powerful and brutal aura.

“So it was originally a Purpleglow Thunderlion.”

Within the Sky Spill Continent, the ancient vicious beast known as the Purpleglow Thunderlion was nearly extinct. This Disenchanting Dream Light had probably been bred within the spiritual sea of a dead Purpleglow Thunderlion for tens of thousands of years...

The formation of every Thunder Soul was unimaginable difficult. Much less, this was a high-grade earth-step Thunder Soul. This sort of Thunder Soul was worth the entirety of a third-grade sect like the Seven Profound Valleys.

“I’ve fully recovered from my injuries, and I’ve also absorbed the Thunder Soul. Now, it’s time for me to settle all these debts… but, before that, I need to arrange an escape path for Qing He and her grandmother…”

Lin Ming had sworn that he would turn this Silent Green Tribe upside down. But, he didn’t want to involve Qing He in this fight.

Suddenly, he heard Qing He’s voice. “Big Brother Lin Ming, it’s time to eat.”

A few days ago, ever since Qing He had found out Lin Ming’s name, she had referred to him as “Big Brother Lin Ming.”

A hot lamb soup was served up, garnished with simple green onions. A fragrant smell wafted up. There was really no doubting old granny’s cooking skills.

“Big Brother Lin Ming, I helped cook this stir fried lamb. Come and taste it!”

Qing He placed another dish of lamb in front of Lin Ming, her cherubic face full of hope.

These days, Qing He frequently cooked for Lin Ming. To her, hearing Lin Ming’s praise was the highlight of her day.

“It smells great.” Lin Ming was always generous in his praise of Qing He, not to mention that her cooking skills were also really good.

After hearing Lin Ming’s praise, Qing He happily smiled. She picked up a large bowl of rice and began to dig in. After Lin Ming had exchanged some of his true essence stones for bloodstones, they didn’t need to eat gruel any longer.

As the granny saw this, she also gently smiled.

“Granny, do you know if there are any nearby human tribes?” Lin Ming suddenly asked after he ate several mouthfuls of rice.

“Yes… what is Milord thinking of?”

Lin Ming placed down his chopsticks and said, “If you go to a human tribe, you should be a civilian there, right?”

“Go to a human tribe?” The granny suddenly guessed what Lin Ming’s idea was, and she paled. “My lord, please don’t speak nonsense. If we secretly leave the Silent Green Tribe, then we will have committed the sin of rebellion. I don’t know what secret ability these demons have, but they can catch everyone that runs away. Then, they will flay them alive and use their skins to make skincrows. They hang these skincrows up in the market as a warning to others.”

A skincrow was made from the complete skin of a human. After a human was flayed alive, the skin would be filled with straw and then sewed shut again. This was the so-called skincrow.

Hearing this word, Lin Ming’s eyes glistened with a cold light. “I am not running away. What I will do is overturn this Silent Green Tribe. This sort of place should already be removed from the map!”

The granny’s chopsticks fell to the ground. She stared at Lin Ming with her old eyes, unable to react to his words.

Beside her, Qing He also covered her mouth in shock. Although she was young, she also understood the meaning behind Lin Ming’s words.

“Big Brother Lin Ming, you can’t beat them, they are just too powerful and there are also too many of them!” Qing He nervously said. In her opinion, Lin Ming was only five or six years older than her. But, there were countless Giant Demon masters. Not to mention others, but just their master Mo Da alone could flatten a small hill with a single punch. To little Qing He, this was simply the power of a god.

Lin Ming patted the pitiful-looking Qing He’s little head. He said, “Qing He, don’t worry. I know what I’m doing.”

“No, no, no, Big Brother Lin Ming, you will really die, really!” Qing He began to cry in fear. These past days, she had already come to rely on Lin Ming and had taken him as her big brother. She didn’t want to see him walking to his own death.

Lin Ming didn’t know what to say. At this time, there was a rough and impatient call from outside the tent. “9566, get your ass out here! All of you slaves set out, it’s time to go mine the ancient Blood Demon Crystal ore!”

The Silent Green Tribe’s Blood Demon Crystal mines were located tens of thousands of feet within the depths of the earth. These ancient mines were filled with countless dangers. In order to mine Blood Demon Crystals, one had to be a martial artist. This was also the main task of all the slave martial artists in the tribe.

The reason that Lin Ming had been captured was to work at the ancient mines. It was just that the last group of miners hadn’t come out yet, so Lin Ming had been able to rest in the tribe. Now, it was finally his turn to go to the mines.

As Lin Ming heard the shouts of the Giant Demon outside, he coldly smiled and said, “Coming.”

Lin Ming slowly put down his bowl and calmly lifted the tent curtain, walking out…
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