Martial World
Chapter 459 - Gathering of Lords
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Martial World
Author :Cocooned Cow
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Chapter 459 - Gathering of Lords

Chapter 459 Gathering of Lords.
Chapter 459 – Gathering of Lords

Fire Ax stared at Lin Ming for a long while, and then finally received the gifts. These things were truly practical for him. As for someone like Lin Ming, they were just too basic and low-level. Not to mention that purple and red spear he had used, but even that blood halberd was far beyond what his total net worth was.

“Everyone, this is where we part. Take care.”

As Lin Ming bid goodbye to each member of the Fire Ax Squad that remained, he turned around and flew into the skies like a shimmering rainbow, flying off to distant lands…


The sea was choppy and whirlpools were everywhere. The deep color of the sea gave of an extremely suppressive pressure.

Lin Ming quickly skimmed over the sea, the strong winds that passed him leaving a trail on the surface.

Lin Ming had chosen to walk the path of martial artists. Most of the time he would have to be alone. When he had decided to tread on the road of becoming a master, he had been destined to a lifetime filled with loneliness. However, that didn’t mean that he didn’t long for friendship.

As he flew for around an hour, Lin Ming heard a sound transmitting talisman flicker in front of him, and then Mu Qianyu’s voice passed into his ears. “Junior-apprentice Brother Lin, are you alright? I am at Small Wave Island. If you receive this message, quickly return at once.”

As he heard the short message that was filled with concern, Lin Ming felt a warmth in his heart. He realized that Mu Qianyu must have noticed the sudden change within the South Sea and had quickly gone over to Small Wave Island, periodically sending a sound transmitting talisman.

Otherwise, there was no way he would have received this sound transmitting talisman after escaping from the broken world.

Knowing that someone cared for him like this naturally felt good. Lin Ming took out a sound transmitting talisman and then simply said, “I’m fine. After two days I’ll come over to Small Wave Island.”

Hu –
The sound transmitting talisman burnt off in a pile of flames.

Lin Ming didn’t immediately go to Small Wave Island, instead, he found a deserted island and set up a simple dwelling there. He had some business to do first. His appearance had been seen by Xuan Chang. Naturally, he couldn’t use it again.

As he looked in the direction of Blood Demon Island, he saw six thin pillars of light directly piercing through the sky. In the sky, dark clouds raged, and thunder faintly sparkled in the dim gloom.

Lin Ming didn’t know just what had happened, but he had a faint premonition that a great storm was coming to the South Sea.


As the days passed, the chaos of the South Sea battlefield was being sorted out. Groups of surviving martial artists that had fallen into the broken world were coming out, and these survivors gathered onto isolated islands, dazedly waiting.

As for Lin Ming, he arrived at Small Wave Island. There were already many South Sea Demon Region Revolving Core Elders that had gathered there.

“Lin Ming!” After Mu Qianyu saw Lin Ming, she let out a long breath of relief. Although Lin Ming had changed his appearance, Mu Qianyu was still able to recognize him at first glance.

For her safety and in a hurry, Mu Qianyu had left Qin Xingxuan back behind the lines where it was safe. When she had heard that most of the South Sea Demon Region martial artists had been sucked and twisted to bits by the space vortex, she had become anxious. She came to Small Wave Island and had used several dozens of Sound Transmitting Talismans, but still didn’t receive any reply. If she had known which broken world Lin Ming had been sucked into, she would have personally gone to find him.

Finally, after dozens of hours had passed, she had received Lin Ming’s message. Otherwise, Mu Qianyu thought she was about to die from a heart attack.

After Lin Ming met Mu Qianyu, he began to learn what had happened at the South Sea.

“The ancient battlefield opened?” Lin Ming asked, his eyebrows arcing up.

“I’m not too sure.” Mu Qianyu shook her head. “Divine Phoenix Island’s history only goes back 3000 years. The ancient texts of the sect are very vague about the South Sea’s history. As for this ancient battlefield, it might have a history that goes back tens of thousands of years.

Compared to the legacies of those long and glorious sects, Divine Phoenix Island was simply too young; the sect wasn’t even as old as the Black Flood Dragon Clan’s Patriarch.

“Now there is already a massive number of Revolving Core martial artists that have gathered at the South Sea battlefield. There are even many extreme Revolving Core masters. And then these strange old masters began to gather together, trying to connect to the ancient battlefield’s entrance.” Mu Qianyu said.

“Connect to the ancient battlefield’s entrance?”

“Mm. It is reported that the space storms that cover the entrance to the world are simply terrifying, no one can enter. They have to connect through a smaller broken world into the main world. Now, there are over 30 late and above Revolving Core masters that are negotiating. Master and Master Ancestor are both inside.”

“Over 30!” Lin Ming’s heart jumped. Late Revolving Core powerhouses or even higher, and there were actually more than 30! To his knowledge, Divine Phoenix Island only had a handful of Revolving Core masters that were at the late period or above.

As for the Five Element Region, it was already good if every sect had one or two of them. Just how could there be so many here?

Mu Qianyu understood what Lin Ming was thinking and said, “Master Ancestor has contacted those from a righteous path alliance. There are over 10 that have come from the righteous alliance and nine of them are at the Life Destruction boundary. Also, the South Sea Demon Region has sent eight people, six of which are at the Life Destruction boundary. The Five Element Region also has eight masters, but they are all at the late Revolving Core realm. And there are also some free martial artists that have come to take a share of the treasures.”

“Free martial artists?”

“Mm. There are some senior Supreme Elders that have already long since left their sects and live in seclusion, trying to make breakthroughs. Some of these seniors are exceptionally strong.

Lin Ming nodded. This opening of the ancient battlefield seemed like it would be a gathering of champions and heroes.

“With so many powerhouses arriving, it looks like this ancient battlefield won’t have anything to do with the likes of us.” Lin Ming was confident in himself, but he wasn’t stupid enough to think that he could steal treasures from a group of Life Destruction masters. Any one of these characters could kill him with just a single breath.

Let alone him, but even Mu Fengxian couldn’t do anything to this group of characters. The reason that Mu Fengxian had invited those from the righteous alliance to come was so that they could muddy the waters and cause chaos. Otherwise, she simply wouldn’t have the qualifications to contend with the South Sea Demon Region.

Mu Qianyu smiled and said, “We can also enter the ancient battlefield. Life Destruction powerhouses have all come here in order to enter the Imperial Palace and look for some rare treasures that can increase their chances of crossing the stages of Life Destruction. If there is a treasure like this, it will be in the Imperial Palace. But there are also some smaller palaces around the edges. If we have good luck we’ll also have a decent harvest, and this could be considered an adventure to gain experience and temper ourselves.” Mu Qianyu said with ease. The extreme Revolving Core realm was simply too far from her right now. With her current strength, there was no way she could obtain anything that could enhance her chances of crossing through Life Destruction.

A heavenly material that could increase one’s chances of crossing Life Destruction?

Lin Ming wasn’t interested in something like this. As he was now, he simply couldn’t make use of it.

“That’s good. At that time, I’ll also take this as an adventure.”


Five days later, South Sea’s South Aurora Island.

After the space vortex had devastated the entire island, over half of South Aurora Island had collapsed in destruction and large tracts of land were submerged into the sea. When Lin Ming had learned that the Life Destruction powerhouses would gather at South Aurora Island, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He didn’t think that these old fellows would finally choose to go to South Aurora Island. It seemed as if the broken world here was relatively stable, and they could cut a space channel and directly access the main world.

This was simply a crazy idea. And only with dozens of Life Destruction powerhouses gathering together would they be able to display the great supernatural power required to make a connection between two different dimensions of space.

“If I knew this earlier then I would have just waited in the broken world.” Lin Ming joked. He had learned from Mu Qianyu that there were also some small lucky chances that could be found in these broken worlds, but he hadn’t been able to find anything when his group was searching.

With 20 to 30 Revolving Core masters at the late period or above floating in the air, it gave off an extremely horrifying oppressive feeling. The wind in the air seemed to have been intentionally or unintentionally changed by their auras.

Lin Ming stood in a corner, secretly watching these floating top masters.

In this group of 20 to 30 people, there were only three from Divine Phoenix Island. Mu Yuhuang, Mu Fengxian, and also a blue-clothed old woman. Lin Ming didn’t know exactly who this was, but he expected that she was someone from the Blue Luan Faction.

Nearby the three from Divine Phoenix Island there were also 10 monks wearing cassocks. They were those that had come from the Great Zen Region’s righteous alliance. These monks had ring scars on their bald heads, and appeared serene.

Across from these monks were the Elders of the South Sea Demon Region. They wore long black robes and their expressions were chilling as they glared at these uninvited guests. At their side, there were also four or five Black Flood Dragon clansmen, their bodies covered in dark blue scales.

As Lin Ming looked at these people, he couldn’t help but be flabbergasted. Although he had heard that the Sky Spill Continent was extremely vast and broad, and that there were countless masters everywhere, he had only heard of them, but had never seen them with his own eyes. Now, he saw such a big group of these old Life Destruction fellows. And it seemed as if most of these people came from fifth-grade sects; most of them were stronger than Mu Fengxian.

At this moment, waves of melodious tunes and drumbeats came from the sky. Lin Ming looked up with surprise and was shocked to see that not too far away there was a golden flash in the sky. A luxurious and somewhat overly fancy spirit boat was slowly headed their way, being pulled by nine Winged Flood Dragons. Around the golden spirit boat, there were also over a dozen Xiantian warriors in shining golden armor and a group of musicians playing different instruments. Behind them were beautiful maids that were also at the Xiantian realm.

This way of travelling left Lin Ming stunned. It was simply like how the heavenly gods in the stories he had read as a child travelled.

“Humph, that old man really has no shame, he comes at such a late time!”

At the South Sea Demon Region’s side, Xuan Wuji coldly glared this opulent gold spirit boat, his eyes filled with loathing and disgust.

“Don’t try to mess with him. If he is angered then it will be extremely troublesome.” Xuan Yuqie said. Although she was also disgusted in her heart, she always had a cheerful smile on her face.

As the golden spirit boat came down, Lin Ming discovered that these nine Winged Flood Dragons had feathers as long as swords, and also looked like Hornless Dragons. Obviously, they had a very rich Flood Dragon bloodline, and they were all equal to extreme Xiantian masters.

This caused Lin Ming to be speechless. Raising nine Winged Flood Dragons required no small price, but whoever this fellow was had only used them to pull his cart.

“Haha, this old man was late just a bit, I hope that all the fellow martial artists here do not mind!” Along with a loud and hearty voice, a middle-aged man stepped out of the spirit boat. He wore a nine-claw imperial robe and a golden purple jade belt at his waist. As he stepped down from the spirit boat, he was holding a white-dressed fairy-like beauty in each arm. Although he had said words of apology, this old fellow’s bright red face obviously didn’t hold a single bit of apology.

Not just that, but the two beauties had faces like peach blossoms. Their faces were flushed red with blood as if they were shy about being in the open. Their skimpy clothes even had sections that were exposed; it wasn’t hard to imagine just what this old man was doing to them with his hands.

Seeing this, the Life Destruction powerhouses present all had ugly complexions.

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