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Chapter 414 - Do Not Move, You Will Be Safe
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Martial World
Author :Cocooned Cow
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Chapter 414 - Do Not Move, You Will Be Safe

Chapter 414 Do Not Move, You Will Be Safe.

Chapter 414 – Do Not Move, You Will Be Safe

In an instant, Lin Ming had appeared at Qin Xingxuan’s side, grabbing hold of her waist before she could fall.

At this time, Qin Xingxuan’s body was heartbreakingly frail. She was as light as floating silk, and there was no sense of weight to her.

As Lin Ming looked at Qin Xingxuan’s pitiful appearance, he felt a stabbing pain in his heart, as if his chest were about to burst open.

Nearby, Qin Yao stood stock still like a statue. She looked the youth who was holding Qin Xingxuan in his eyes, and she was completely dazed. “You… you are…”

A name echoed in Qin Yao’s mind. But, how could she possibly believe this!

At this time, Ou Xiong had a charming and affable smile pasted on his face as he rushed over. Ou Xiong had great desires in his heart, he never thought that he would run into an expert like this. If he could form good relations with this expert, then he might be able to obtain great benefits.

Thinking this, Ou Xiong’s smile became even more dazzling and bright. “Senior, many thanks for the graciousness of saving our lives. I wonder what Senior’s great name is…”

As Ou Xiong spoke to here, the rest of his words caught in his throat. He was like a crowing rooster whose throat had been seized by a butcher.

For a time, dismay and fear alternated on Ou Xiong’s face. His lips paled, his fingers trembled, and a cold sweat seeped out from all over him.

Lin Ming!

He was alive!

Not only was he alive, but his cultivation he reached such a terrifying degree!

The other two Acacia Faction disciples also paused. As disciples of the Seven Profound Valleys, there was no one who didn’t know the legend of Lin Ming. According to what they knew, Lin Ming had a very special relationship with Qin Xingxuan. As the two remembered what had just happened a moment ago, they felt their legs shiver.

Lin Ming didn’t even glance at Ou Xiong and the other two. He placed a hand on Qin Xingxuan’s back to support her and continuously infused true essence into her body. He took a life maintaining pill from his spatial ring, and gently placed it between Qin Xingxuan’s lips.

Qin Xingxuan let out a light sigh, and her face flashed with an unusual rosy color. She wanted to lift her hand and trace the contours of Lin Ming’s face, but to someone like her who didn’t even have the strength left to speak, this was nothing but a dream.

Her pale lips moved, but Qin Xingxuan could not form any words or sounds. All she could feel was the life rapidly leaving her broken body!

“I’ve got you, don’t move, you’ll be fine. Just lie down and relax.”

Lin Ming’s words rang in Qin Xingxuan’s ears. Qin Xingxuan only felt her nose burn a bit, and tears silently fall from the corners of her eyes…

At this moment, she was completely satisfied. This feeling of Lin Ming holding her cold body was very warm, and she felt at ease in his arms.

She knew that she was nothing but an oil lamp that had run dry. But, she could die in Lin Ming’s arms. And as she stood at death’s door, she learned that Lin Ming was still alive. This life’s content was enough for her to pass in peace.

With Lin Ming here, her grandfather would be safe, and her Qin Family wouldn’t suffer any longer.

The corners of her lips bent, revealing a light, sweet smile.

At the end of one’s life, a woman’s beauty flickered brightly like the last flame of a candle…

Lin Ming carefully placed Qin Xingxuan on the ground. Qin Ziya sighed, a melancholic expression on his face. He shook his head and said, “Miss Qin has exhausted all her blood essence. It is too difficult to recover. I fear that…”

Qin Yao was also sad. If Lin Ming had come just a bit earlier, even if it were just a day, then he could have rescued Qin Xingxuan. But now, it seems that he could only helplessly watch as she passed away in his arms.

Lin Ming said nothing, it was as if he hadn’t even heard Qin Ziya’s words.

He took out a small red jar from his spatial ring; inside of this jar was exactly the Vermillion Blood Essence that Mu Fengxian had given him.

Of the 22 drops, Lin Ming had used 12. he had planned to leave the last 10 drops for Qin Xingxuan, but he didn’t have enough authority at Divine Phoenix Island to do so. It wasn’t up to him to so casually pass along Divine Phoenix Island’s Vermillion Bird blood essence to others whenever he wanted to.

But now circumstances had changed. Lin Ming had obtained the first eight layers of the ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’ cultivation method manual. Let alone giving away some Vermillion Bird blood essence, even if he wanted to give away Fireshine, Mu Yuhuang would have nothing to say.

Lin Ming carefully took a drop of Vermillion Bird blood essence and used a special jade spoon to attentively and gently place it between Qin Xingxuan’s eyebrows. His expression was one of supreme focus. In his eyes, there was only that drop of Vermillion Bird blood essence.

Ou Xiong and his two juniors looked at each other. They noticed the deep fear in each other’s eyes, and began to unconsciously and slowly back away…

But this action was seen by Qin Yao. She furiously shouted, “You three scumbags want to run away!? If it weren’t for you three giving Junior-apprentice Sister Qin a Blood Burning Pill and ordering her to protect the rear, how could she end up in such a miserable state!”

Qin Yao’s voice was loud and clear. As soon as Lin Ming heard these words, in that moment, his hands shook, and the jade spoon in his grip nearly shattered!

However, he eventually calmed himself. He meticulously placed a second drop of Vermillion Bird blood essence on Qin Xingxuan. At this time, even if an earthquake or tsunami were to occur in front of Lin Ming, he would not be distracted at all.

An invisible killing intent subsequently filled the air, suppressing everyone in the area. Ou Xiong’s legs both became weak like jelly and his entire body began to drip with cold sweat. He wanted to turn around and immediately escape, but he lacked the courage to do so. If he ran away he would die, if he stayed he would die. No matter what he did or what route he took, he had already foreseen his miserable ending. Now, his heart could only pass away like dying embers.


Lin Ming was incomparably focused. He placed one drop, and then another.

In Qin Ziya and Qin Yao’s experience, blood essence could not be transplanted into someone else. However, Divine Phoenix Island actually had a secret technique that was able to transplant Vermillion Bird blood essence. If there was an individual that had a small amount of Vermillion Bird bloodline within them, as long as they had one or two drops of Vermillion Bird blood essence transplanted in them, it would be enough for them to practice the core sections of the ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’ cultivation method. It wasn’t enough of an exaggeration to say that two drops of Vermillion Bird blood essence was enough to birth a new Revolving Core master for Divine Phoenix Island!

As for several drops of Vermillion Bird blood essence, that was enough to cause a dispute within the highest echelons of Divine Phoenix Island.

Thus, it could be seen just how precious Vermillion Bird blood essence truly was.

Without any reservations, Lin Ming had placed all 10 drops of Vermillion Bird blood essence onto several of Qin Xingxuan’s important acupoints.

Vermillion Bird blood essence had very mild properties. Once it came into contact with skin, there would be a slight itching feeling, as if all the blood essence in their body was rushing over to a spot between their forehead, and condensing into a crystal. When Lin Ming had transplanted the Vermillion Bird blood essence into himself, he didn’t feel any painful or burning feeling at all. Instead, he only felt incomparably comfortable as if he were resting in the palace of an immortal and drinking fine wine.

So although Qin Xingxuan was in an incomparably fragile state at this moment, there was no worry that she wouldn’t be able to withstand the effects of the Vermillion Bird blood essence.

As the Vermillion Bird blood essence seeped into Qin Xingxuan’s skin, her face was finally restored to a colorful and rosy complexion.

Qin Ziya lay witness to this entire process from the side. At the end, when he saw Qin Xingxuan’s complexion restored and flush with blood, he was shocked. “What did you do? What is that red liquid? There is actually some miracle medicine that exists in the world which can restore blood essence?”

After Lin Ming finished placing the last drop of blood essence, he let out a deep sigh of relief. Miracle medicine? Vermillion Bird blood essence could be considered this. Just now, he had used enough Vermillion Bird blood essence to create five almighty Revolving Core masters in exchange for the life of the early Pulse Condensation period Qin Xingxuan!

Such a luxurious and disproportionate exchange was all to restore the blood essence within Qin Xingxuan!

This was a great price that not even the total accumulated wealth of the Seven Profound Valleys could match up to!

As the Vermillion Bird blood essence silently baptized Qin Xingxuan’s body, her eyes were tightly shut. Sometimes smoke would come from between her eyebrows, and sometimes she would twist around. From time to time she would reveal a happy smile, as if she were having a pleasant and wonderful dream.

Lin Ming silently waited by Qin Xingxuan’s side. He waited for her to gradually calm down and her breathing to even out. Eventually, it seemed as if she were sleeping.

At this moment, Lin Ming finally stood up, a knowing and loving smile touching his lips.

But this smile only lasted for an instant. Suddenly, and without a hint, that smile suddenly turned wholly cold. He turned his head, and his vision fell onto Ou Xiong and his two juniors, like the eyes of a death god had locked onto them.

The time period in which Lin Ming had treated Qin Xingxuan was only a few dozen breaths of time. But to Ou Xiong and his group, those few dozen breaths of time were no different than 10 years. It was like they were prisoners on trial, and although they were incomparably frightened, they could only wait for judgement.

“Mister Lin… I… I…”

As Lin Ming’s eyes fell upon Ou Xiong, his overflowing murderous intent also enveloped him. Ou Xiong’s legs were like jelly as he fell to his knees, prostrate.

As for the other two Acacia Faction disciples, they were in an even worse state. Their legs trembled, their fingers trembled, and they couldn’t stop shaking.

They couldn’t be blamed for this, Lin Ming’s aura was currently too terrifying. When that middle Houtian disciple who was monitoring Qin Ziya on Coconut Star Island met Lin Ming’s eyes, he spat out blood on the spot!

After experiencing the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm for a year, Lin Ming had fought in countless battles, slaughtering innumerable enemies. The killing intent that leaked from his body had reached a degree where it could already manifest into reality.

“Mister Lin, forgive me, forgive me, forgive me, please! I well help you testify against Ouyang Boyan! I know how he arranged everything! I know it all!”

Ou Xiong went all out as he groveled for mercy. But Lin Ming only chillingly smiled, like a cruel beast, “…Help me testify against Ouyang Boyan?”

“Yes… yes, if Mister Lin doesn’t believe me, then you may plant a seal within my body!” Ou Xiong was someone who feared death. In order to live, there was nothing he wouldn’t do.

“I do not need you to testify against Ouyang Boyan – I only want to kill Ouyang Boyan!!” Lin Ming’s voice was filled with a cold and domineering energy. At this time, he was just like a king who held life and death in his hands!

Testify against Ouyang Boyan? That was to use the rules of the Seven Profound Valleys as a weapon to defeat Ouyang Boyan. But if Lin Ming had strength, then Lin Ming would be the rules! Why would he need anyone to testify for anything!?

“Now, you can die!”

After Lin Ming had suffered this loss, he did not wish to leave behind any more enemies. Even if it was just a nobody who was following orders, it was still a hidden serpent in left behind. Someday in the future, this serpent might return to bite him!

Lin Ming flicked his fingers, and three crimson arcs of lightning shot out, shooting towards Ou Xiong and his two junior brothers.

Ou Xiong’s complexion completely changed, and he turned around to flee.

The other two also cried out and ran away, choosing different directions to escape in.

However, those crimson arcs of lightning followed them. In an instant, they had already caught up. There was only a ‘chi chi chi’ sound as those crimson arcs of lightning attached themselves to the three like leeches and begun to ruthlessly devour their blood essence!

The two juniors issued piercing screams. However, despite how much they struggled, it was all meaningless. Their bodies began to rapidly wither, and after several breaths of time, they had turned into desiccated mummies.

Ou Xiong was able to last for a few breaths of time longer. The Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder pierced his thigh, and his thigh began to rapidly wither. Ou Xiong desperately screamed and then used his sword to chop off his thigh. But at this time, the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder was like a serpent as it latched onto Ou Xiong’s other leg.


Both of Ou Xiong’s eyes filled with blood. He chopped down with his sword once again!

Unwillingness. Pain. Despair. Ou Xiong’s face was already completely twisted. He grabbed his own face, wishing he could tear off his skin.

Qin Yao was frightened as she looked from a distance. In that moment, she suddenly had a feeling as if Lin Ming himself were a demon…

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