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Chapter 343 - Broken Bones
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Martial World
Author :Cocooned Cow
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Chapter 343 - Broken Bones

Chapter 343 Broken Bones.
Chapter 343 – Broken Bones

However, now that three hours passed, Lin Ming’s breath of life was almost at its end, and there was no master that accidently passed by to save them. It seemed as if… the god of death had cast his final judgement!

Zhou Xinyu bit her lip until it hurt, then she suddenly swiveled towards Lin Ming behind her, thrusting the coldly shining dagger she held into his chest!

The dagger pierced through!

Lin Ming was thrust back by the impact of Zhou Xinyu’s dagger. At that same time, with an explosion, the dreamland enchantment completely shattered!

How… how could this happen?

Zhou Xinyu was shocked. This dagger of hers was a high-grade human-step treasure. After she poured her true essence into it, she would be able to cut Lin Ming like a piece of tofu, especially since he didn’t have any true essence protecting him. But as the dagger slid a third of the way through, it suddenly became stuck in his ribs.

To stab, it would not stab through.

To pull out, she could not pull it out.

However, in this short delay, Zhou Xinyu had already lost the chance to commit suicide.

“You want to die? It’s not that easy!”

Huang Zixuan was like a ghost as he appeared near Zhou Xinyu’s side. His skinny hand grabbed Zhou Xinyu’s wrist, forcefully pinching, wringing the dagger out of her hand. At this time, a thick influx of true essence entered her body, directly sealing all of her meridians.

With a sect peak Pulse Condensation martial artist and a sect peak Houtian martial artist, the difference between the two was just too great.

“Ah!” Zhou Xinyu screamed, her beautiful face paling. A thought emerged in her heart: her true essence was sealed, she wouldn’t even have the chance to alienate her meridians and kill herself!

“Haha, you whore, I wonder where you’ll run off to this time?”

Huang Sanping contemptuously laughed, brazenly looking over Zhou Xinyu’s mature and fabulous figure, his eyes full of immoral and lascivious thoughts. Ever since he had been deprived of his status as the successor to the Sect Master, and then all the overwhelming amount of resources had also gone over to his junior-apprentice sister, he had regarded her as a thorn in his side. Ever since then, he had wanted to lock her up, then completely humiliate and ravage her to no end.

“Junior-apprentice Sister, I was hoping for this day to come. Finally, you have fallen into my hands. Be relieved, I won’t kill you. I don’t know how many times I wished that I could lock you away, waste your martial arts, and plunder you daily.” Huang Sanping greedily licked his lips; this was truly the most wonderful and greatest event ever. Naturally, as a genius of the Moon Seizing Sect, he had no lack of women swarming around him. But the woman in front of him was different. She was the one that was favored by the Moon Seizing Sect’s Sect Master to be the future successor. Being able to ruin someone with Zhou Xinyu’s status brought him a great deal of excitement and satisfaction.

Zhou Xinyu had lost all color. The situation had changed so quickly that she hadn’t been able to react. How come the dagger hadn’t pierced Lin Ming’s heart, but had gotten stuck in his chest?

Lin Ming’s inner vitality was obviously incomparably weak, and he didn’t even have 20% of his true essence left over, so how could he possibly have blocked her dagger?

No, she no longer had the time to dwell on this. Thinking about the hellish future she would have to live, she only felt absolutely horrified! With her true essence sealed, she didn’t even have the ability to commit suicide. As for biting her tongue to kill herself, even mortals wouldn’t die, much less a martial artist.

“Mm? This fellow?” Huang Sanping saw Lin Ming suddenly lying on the ground, a dagger stuck in his chest, and his eyes filled with puzzlement. How did he become like this? His entire body was a blackened red; this method of dying was truly tragic!

“What happened to this boy?” Huang Sanping stopped appreciating Zhou Xinyu’s frightened expression as he shifted his attention to Lin Ming.

“He probably swallowed the Shattered Demon Heart Crystal. How stupid of him. Did he think he could rely on the Shattered Demon Heart Crystal to make a breakthrough in this final moment, and reverse the tables to kill us? Humph! Even if I swallow the Shattered Demon Heart Crystal, I will still die when my body explodes from the energy!” Huang Zixuan sullenly said as he sneered.

“Motherf*cker!” Huang Sanping flew into a rage as he heard this, “This idiot! If he dies then he should die alone, but why does he have to touch my precious Shattered Demon Heart Crystal! F*ck!”

As Huang Sanping spoke, he suddenly realized something and then turned onto Zhou Xinyu, his wicked eyes changing into those of a wild beast that wanted to take a bite out of its prey, “You slut, why would you give him the Shattered Demon Heart Crystal!”

As he spoke, he grabbed Zhou Xinyu’s hair and viciously yanked, causing her to painfully scream.

“Slut! Slut! You dare help outsiders! I will let you know what it means to beg for death! Second Uncle, break this slut’s meridians first and ruin her martial arts, lest she cause any more trouble in the future!” As Huang Sanping spoke, he discovered that Huang Zixuan stood there as if he hadn’t heard him. Instead, his eyes were shifted onto Lin Ming.

Huang Sanping looked down, and suddenly paused; he could feel a faint breath of life coming from Lin Ming’s body.

“This boy hasn’t died!? He’s like this, but he still has life?” Huang Sanping said with surprise.

Huang Zixuan frowned, then slowly said, “To live up to now even after swallowing the Shattered Demon Heart Crystal is really a cause for surprise. Looking at his appearance, he should have already persisted for a long period of time, yet he hasn’t died!”

“Humph! He hasn’t died? Even better. First I’ll tear apart his hand and feet tendons, and then I’ll save him. I want him to experience a life worse than death!” Huang Sanping’s eyes flashed with a bloodthirsty elation. If Lin Ming had died so easily, it would be difficult to erase the hate in his heart.

Huang Zixuan shook his head and said, “It’s useless. Since he swallowed the Shattered Demon Heart Crystal, he will die without a doubt. Even a Xiantian master with insufficient cultivation will die, let alone this boy.”

“Every moment he can live longer is fine.” Huang Sanping grinned as he walked over, grabbing Lin Ming. First he would feed him some pills to sustain his life, then before anything else, he would slice Lin Ming’s wrist and cut apart his wrist tendons.

The saber stabbed down. But, it didn’t enter that deeply. The blade pierced down just a bit, cutting apart the blackish-red skin, then was stuck there as if it were mired, unable to enter any further.

“Mm? What happened?”

Huang Sanping frowned. He saw Lin Ming’s skin began to rustle as it flaked away like dried scraps of paper being burned away by fire. Then, under that blackened exterior was tender flesh that seemed as if it were from a newborn baby.

As Huang Sanping’s blade attempted to cut into this tender pink flesh, it wasn’t even able to leave behind a scar.

Huang Sanping looked as if he saw a ghost while he watched this scene. But, he didn’t believe in superstitious nonsense. He kept slicing at Lin Ming’s body, but each sword was only able to rub off the blackened red skin, revealing the incomparably soft skin underneath, without even a single blade scar left behind.

“Ping’er, fall back!”

Huang Zixuan’s expression changed; something wasn’t right!

However, his voice hadn’t even faded when it was too late. The entire scene suddenly charged. Lin Ming, who was lying like a corpse on the ground suddenly opened his eyes, his pupils colored with a deep glazed fold, thunder shooting out from his sharp gaze.

Lin Ming glanced at the panic-stricken Huang Sanping with indifference in his eyes.

Huang Sanping was someone who wouldn’t be afraid even if he saw a corpse jump up from its grave. However, Lin Ming’s gaze was too terrifying. It was just like the eyes of a death god, a callous apathy that froze the soul, causing anyone who saw it to shiver.

Huang Sanping instantly paled.

“Ping’er! Hurry up and run!”

Huang Zixuan began to circulate the black fog that covered his body. In that moment, he had felt a terrifying killing intent from Lin Ming’s body. He didn’t know where this sudden burst of overwhelming vitality came from; how was this even the least bit like a dying man!?

He wanted to give a loud shout as a warning, however, it was too late.

Lin Ming’s right hand flashed atop of the horrified Huang Zixuan’s palm, clenching down.

The crisp sound of bones breaking echoed in the mountain valley; this was especially clear in the extraordinarily silent morning dawn!

Huang Sanping watched in helpless horror as his right hand was suddenly bent awkwardly, bones protruding from his wrist. For a time, he was silent, in complete disbelief at what just happened.


Huang Sanping wailed in pain and desperation. At the same time, Huang Zixuan shot forwards!


In a rush, he wasn’t able to think about why Lin Ming didn’t die, or how he had suddenly crushed Huang Sanping’s bones. His sword thrust forth, directly towards Lin Ming’s chest!

Lin Ming suddenly turned around, and his once silent true essence erupted like a volcano, along with the power of thunder and fire from the Heretical God Seed. Lin Ming’s momentum had climbed to the extreme!

Lin Ming’s right hand flashed with the radiance of his azure true essence, he reached out and grabbed Huang Zixuan’s sword!

Ka ka… zhi zhi zhi!
To Huang Zixuan’s imminent horror, Lin Ming had actually seized the sword with his bare heads, and twisted that high-grade human-step treasure with the bare flesh of his palms!


Huang Zixuan was in utter disbelief. Although Lin Ming’s palm was enveloped in azure true essence, it was impossible for human flesh to warp a high-grade human treasure! There were martial artists who were masters at fist and palm fighting skills, but they all covered their hands with treasure gloves. Otherwise, how could the human body possible compare to a treasure weapon?

In that split-second, Huang Zixuan could no longer reflect on this. As Lin Ming’s right hand gripped the treasure sword, his left hand formed a fist.

Body Tearing Bone Shattering Fist!

An immense and brutal vibrating true essence erupted forth like a massive tsunami. In that moment, Huang Zixuan felt like his own body was a single leaf in a giant hurricane – he could be torn apart at any time!

In this critical moment, Huang Zixuan gave a loud shot, and true essence in his body revolved to the limit, transforming into a sharp sword light that collided with Lin Ming’s fist.

The sword light was smashed to pieces and Huang Zixuan flipped backwards like a broken kite, the blood in his body surging. He barely managed to keep his balance as he dropped to the ground, forced to take several steps back. His face was colored with dread.

It wasn’t only Huang Zixuan, but the eagle handler, and the Third Brother also had a complete change in their complexion. Just what had happened? How had Lin Ming who was lying on the ground like a corpse suddenly revived? Where did the true essence in his body come from?

And the most startled was Zhou Xinyu. She was the one who had stayed together with Lin Ming this entire time, and was able to see the physical changes of his body. She had seen more than half of Lin Ming’s true essence leave his body, and the fire of his life become incomparably weak. Where did this terrifying strength come from?

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