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Chapter 149 - Life Death Contrac
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Chapter 149 - Life Death Contrac

Chapter 149 Life Death Contract.

Chapter 149 – Life Death Contract

“How about we sign a Life Death Contract? This way, if one of us is wounded or crippled, we cannot be held responsible. How about it?”

Lin Ming’s smile was very bright. The effect that the ‘Pulse Cutting Palm’ created was a little too excessive, so it was a good idea to establish a Life Death Contract in advance.

When Zhang Guanyu heard Lin Ming say such a thing, he was over the moon. This Lin Ming was simply stretching out his neck waiting for him to chip it off. He was so stupid; he had never seen someone do anything so stupid!

“Lin Ming! What are you doing!?” Wang Yuhan anxiously said. She did not use a true essence sound transmission, but had run over instead. To sign a Life Death Contract? That was simply digging his own grave!

“Lin Ming, you cannot sign this!”

Zhang Guanyu laughed, and said with a smile, “Miss Wang, may I ask who you are to Lin Ming?

“I…” Wang Yuhan’s words caught in her throat. There was nothing she could directly say. Her relationship with Lin Ming was only as an inscription master and assistant. Besides that, there wasn’t anything else. What qualifications did she have to interfere in Lin Ming’s decision?

Lin Ming said, “Miss Wang is a friend of mine. Zhang Guanyu, since I said that I will sign the Life Death Contract, I will not renege on a promise I made. Bring me a pen.”

“Good! Wonderful! Servants, bring the writing set!” Zhang Guanyu chuckled.

A servant quickly brought over a set of writing utensils. A clerk came over and quickly wrote down line after line on the paper in small print. These were the words of the Life Death Contract between Lin Ming and Zhang Guanyu.

Zhang Guanyu pressed down a fingerprint, and then taking up a red pen, made a big waving motion as if he were clawing, and the words ‘Zhang Guanyu’ appeared on the Life Death Contract. The ink was bright red like blood, and looked incomparably fierce.

Lin Ming received the ink and red pen, and quietly signed his name. His strokes were not obvious, but it was similar to a long spear and faintly exuded a sharp imposing momentum. Standing on the side, Wang Yuhan could clearly see that the intersecting strokes of Lin Ming had already penetrated the back of the paper and were flowing outwards.

As the Life Death Contract was signed, Zhang Guanyu chortled, and sent Ouyang Dihua a true essence sound transmission. “Mister Ouyang, before we had agreed that you would give me the Thunderbolt Devilfire Bead.”

Ouyang Dihua smiled and replied with a true essence sound transmission. “Why, Lin Ming has challenged you so early, and you still want to use the Thunderbolt Devilfire Bead? Aren’t you overestimating him?”

Zhang Guanyu quietly replied, “Caution is best, I must ruin Lin Ming to the point that he cannot recover from the failure. I do not want to allow even a little mistake to occur.”

“Haha, this Lin Ming has offended you; he truly does have bad luck.” Ouyang Dihua flicked his finger, and a gray spatial ring suddenly flew into Zhang Guanyu’s waiting hand.

At this time, it was getting late, and Ouyang Dihua’s action was very subtle. This scene was so minor that almost nobody noticed. But after Lin Ming had cultivated the ‘True Primal Chaos Formula’, his senses were much keener, and he had actually noticed that small movement near Zhang Guanyu.

“What is in that ring?” Lin Ming’s mind went cold, suddenly and secretly on alert. The ring that Ouyang Dihua had thrown was certainly not something minor. “I don’t know what card this Zhang Guanyu has in his hand. I must be careful this fight.”

The Imperial Palace’s military field was just outside the gates. It was large, had a paved floor of blue stone, and it had several dozen acres of space; it was even larger than a horse field.

Because of this duel, all the participants at the grand banquet had come out to watch. Even Murong Zi, who had been hiding, had found an obscure corner to watch together with Bai Jingyun.

Zhan Guanyu had replaced the long silk gown that he had been wearing with simpler clothing and ran onto the military field. In his hand he held an impressive high-grade human-step treasure sword that shined with a dense coldness. This sword was the one that Lin Ming had helped Zhang Guanyu engrave just a month ago.

Seeing this sword, Wang Yuhan sighed. This day, Lin Ming would face the top quality treasure sword that he had personally helped make.

Zhang Guanyu casually flourished the sword in his hand. He smiled, and with a happy expression said, “Mister Lin, do you remember this sword? I must thank you, I did not imagine that this sword would be so perfect. I wonder what it’s like to lose under a sword that you helped to create? How would you feel?”

“The feeling should be the same as yours.” Lin Ming pulled out the Heavy Profound Soft Spear. Above his right hand, the symbol began to glow with a hint of dark red light, as if the blood vessels underneath were congealing.

Zhang Guanyu naturally did not understand Lin Ming’s words. He did not know that the fifth-level vicious beast blood that he had personally handed over was one of the primary materials for the inscription symbol on Lin Ming’s right hand. Otherwise, his feelings would be much more intense than Lin Ming’s.

“Lin Ming’s spear… it… it doesn’t have an inscription symbol!” Wang Yuhan could not believe this as she looked at Lin Ming’s Heavy Profound Soft Spear. She had never thought that Lin Ming, an inscription grand master, would not have given his own spear an inscription symbol!

Just what exactly was his mind thinking?

As Wang Yuhan said this, everyone turned to look at Lin Ming’s Heavy Profound Soft Spear. This spear did not have an inscription?

Usually, a normal martial artist would have no way to judge from a distance whether a weapon had an inscription symbol or not. But Wang Yuhan was an inscription master so what she said shouldn’t be wrong.

Lin Ming obtained the weapon, and hadn’t placed an inscription symbol on it as soon as possible? And now he was planning on using an inscriptionless weapon against Zhang Guanyu? Why would he do such a foolish thing?

They were not optimistic about Lin Ming’s strength to begin with, but now even his weapon was an order lower than Zhang Guanyu’s, and it also lacked an inscription symbol. How could he still fight this battle?

Far away, Qin Xingxuan also watched this, and her delicate eyebrows pressed together. She was clear; Lin Ming was young, but by no means an immature child. Since he dared to challenge Zhang Guanyu at this time, what sort of cards did he have up his sleeve?

“Hehe, I didn’t think that you would be stupid to this degree. You obtained such a fine weapon and hadn’t placed an inscription symbol upon it as soon as you could, yet you still want to cope with me today with it.” Zhang Guanyu greedily licked his lips and smiled.

Lin Ming looked at the Heavy Profound Soft Spear. These days he had been occupied with cultivating the ‘Heretical God Force’ and drawing up the ‘Strife Seal’. He hadn’t been able to set aside any time to give the Heavy Profound Soft Spear the inscription symbol that it deserved. The main reason was that Lin Ming wanted collect some top quality materials to make the most formidable inscription symbol that he could with his current technique and cultivation. To find the materials that were worthy of this Heavy Profound Soft Spear would take some time. After all, he planned to use this spear for a long time.

However, missing an inscription symbol didn’t affect him too much. Lin Ming’s dark purple elastic iron Penetrating Rainbow spear didn’t have an inscription symbol either.

Lin Ming stepped forward, his right hand holding the end of the Heavy Profound Soft Spear as he stretched it out. He could feel that his right hand was full of an explosive force; this was power that the ‘Strife Seal’ had given him.

After he had successfully drawn up the ‘Strife Seal’, Lin Ming’s strength head already reached 7200 jins. This strength was even stronger than early Pulse Condensation Period martial artist’s!

Motionless like a mountain!

With the flare of Lin Ming’s imposing aura, his body began to release a formidable pressure. Some of the young elites of Sky Fortune City with weaker cultivations could not bear it, and backed away. This was just like what an average person would feel when they confronted a wild and ferocious tiger. Even if they knew this tiger would not injure them, they could not help but back away.

“Good! What a commanding aura! Lin Ming’s strong point is his strength and towering manner, and his speed is not so good. But Zhang Guanyu’s strong point lies in his speed and his strength is slightly lower. This could be said to be a duel between a peak strength powerhouse and a peak speed powerhouse! It really makes one look forward to it!”

A distinguished disciple of the Seven Profound Marital House said.

“A duel of peak powerhouses? Hehe, the strongest disciple within the Seven Profound Martial House is Ta Ku. Not only is his cultivation at the early Bone Forging stage, but he also as inborn divine strength. Zhang Guanyu is the fastest, Ta Ku is the strongest. When these two fight, that will truly be the match of peak powerhouses.”
“As for Lin Ming, although he is a heaven warping genius, he is still tender and inexperienced. Motionless like a mountain how? I bet that the agile Zhang Guanyu will lead Lin Ming to dance around in circles. With Lin Ming’s speed, I’m afraid that he might not even be able to touch the hem of Zhang Guanyu’s clothes! And since Zhang Guanyu also cultivates the ‘Divine Acacia Power’, his true essence and strength might not be lower than Lin Ming’s. The result of this duel is already undeniable!”

A young aristocratic junior in silk robes sneered as he said this. In the Sky Fortune Kingdom, there were enough young people that idolized Lin Ming that they were like an endless river of carp. But correspondingly, there were no small number of those young martial artists that were jealous of Lin Ming and hoped that he would suffer a loss, and henceforth never be able to recover. This young man in a silk gown was also one of them.

He believed that Lin Ming would one day be able to surpass Zhang Guanyu. But, that was not today. Since Ling Ming had challenged Zhang Guanyu now, he would truly die miserably.

Zhang Guanyu sneered, and mockingly said, “Your imposing aura is good, but what a pity that it is useless against me. I am not Zhu Yan, and I have already seen through your ‘Body Tearing Bone Shattering Fist’!”

As he said this, the entire audience was startled, particularly Wang Yuhan. Her heart suddenly felt as if it was hanging by strings. The ‘Body Tearing Bone Shattering Fist’ was Lin Ming’s strongest ability. If Zhang Guanyu had already seen through Lin Ming’s ‘Body Tearing Bone Shattering Fist’, then how could Lin Ming possibly win?

However, Lin Ming completely did not care for Zhang Guanyu’s words and disregarded them. He brightly smiled and said, “You’re just playing mind games. With your garbage perception, you had cultivated the ‘Divine Acacia Power’ for more than half a year and harmed so many women, and yet you still haven’t reached the second layer? You think that you could see through my ‘Body Tearing Bone Shattering Fist’ with your garbage perception? Too laughable!”

As Lin Ming said this, Zhang Guanyu felt deeply aggrieved, and he was very angry. It was true that he had continually cultivated the ‘Divine Acacia Power’ and still hadn’t reached the second layer, therefore he had worried that he would never reach Large Success of the ‘Divine Acacia Power’s’ seventh layer in his entire life, and attain the realm where he would have inexhaustible Yang Essence.

Lin Ming’s words had stamped on his sore spot.

“A person shouldn’t be so unrestrained, now go die!” As soon as Zhang Guanyu yelled out, his figure flashed, and even his shadow was lost. Those present could only hear a series of ta ta ta footsteps and a sharp piercing sound coming out from nowhere. This was the sound of a high speed sword cutting through the wind!

“So fast!”

“Heavens! Even my eyes cannot catch up to his speed! Is this really a speed that a human can hope to achieve!?”

The young heroes and outstanding talents present all had a good ability to judge others’ power. Although they knew that there would be a disparity between Lin Ming and Zhang Guanyu, they hadn’t thought that this difference would be like an endless gulf between them!

This speed was so fast that not even the eye could follow. How would Lin Ming deal with this?

One simply did not know where his sword would come from!

Zhang Guanyu’s speed was just like a rushing wind.

Lin Ming gripped the Heavy Profound Soft Spear, and stood motionless in the same place.

One was an indistinct figure with rapid movements, and the other was standing completely still. Just looking at this momentum, Lin Ming was weaker.

Zhang Guanyu flashed around to arrive at Lin Ming’s back. He grinned fiendishly, and aimed his sword to lop off Lin Ming’s head. His sword reached an extreme of speed; even sound was swallowed within it.

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