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Chapter 7 - Innate Divine Strength?
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Martial World
Author :Cocooned Cow
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Chapter 7 - Innate Divine Strength?

Chapter 7 Innate Divine Strength?




The strongest attacking method within the ‘Chaotic Virtues Combat Meridians’ that Lin Ming practiced was not a sword attack, but a fist attack!

At present, the force behind Lin Ming’s strongest punch could leave a half-foot-deep indentation on an Iron Tree trunk. The durability of the Iron Tree was in no way inferior to steel. If the object being punched were stone, it would have been easily smashed to pieces!

Lin Ming kept his gaze onto Wang Yigao, his eyes locking onto Wang Yigao’s chest. Moving to the side, he threw out a punch!


With a muffled sound, Wang Yigao spat blood out of his mouth and flew out. Even with the protection of the flexible armour, even with a martial cultivation of Second Stage of Physical Training, even with the training to toughen his flesh to an incredible degree, he was still unable to endure this superb punch from Lin Ming.

Observing Wang Yigao falling onto the ground like a dead pig, the surrounding onlookers were left speechless. Wang Yigao had threatened to defeat Lin Ming in three moves, but the result was the complete opposite. Lin Ming instead defeated Wang Yigao in three moves!

Within the exchange of three moves, each one had ended with Lin Ming being victorious. If not for the flexible armour, Wang Yigao would have lost early on. How was this a fight between a Physical Training First Stager and a Second Stager? This seemed to be the complete opposite!

“Senior Liu, what is your opinion regarding this incident?” In the midst of the duel, an elderly man appeared amongst the onlookers. In his younger days, this elder had once attained the Fifth Stage of Physical Training, Bone Forging Stage. He was only one-step away from reaching the Pulse Condensation Stage; however, he had ultimately failed to break through. A Bone Forging Stage martial artist has the same amount of lifespan as the common people. Naturally, their bodies could not withstand the ravages of time. Now that this Senior Liu’s age had exceeded seventy, he no longer has any fighting strength. But, his perceptive eyes remained.

The elderly man pondered for a moment before replying. “That child is gifted with innate divine strength!”

The grade of a martial artist, be it Grade One Martial Talent or Grade Two is simply the measure of the speed and ease with which their body could absorb primal energies. The faster they could absorb primal energies, the higher their martial talent would be.

However, the martial artist’s body strength is not included in the measurement for martial talent. That is because most people have the equivalent amount of strength.

Occasionally though, some people would be born with innate divine strength. Some are born with ten times the strength of the normal people, and others more!

With great strength comes great speed. Naturally, they would have an advantage in battles.

Yet, the number of these martial artists is small. In addition, not many of them are successful. After all, as martial cultivation progresses, the primal energies become more important and the effect that one’s innate strength has becomes correspondingly smaller.

“So that is how it is…” The surrounding observers nodded their heads. This explanation was very reasonable.

Lin Ming picked up his knife and walked step by step towards Wang Yigao. The current Wang Yigao was in a miserable state. His clothes had turned into strips of fabrics, blood spilled from his mouth and his face was covered with dirt. Wang Yigao wanted nothing more than to kill himself. He had completely lost his face in today’s incident. He would likely become the laughing stock amongst his peers within Sky Fortune City.

Lin Ming spoke up. “You are the one who said it earlier, one thousand gold liangs, cough it out.”


Hearing those words, Wang Yigao nearly spat out another mouthful of blood.

Oh, what a son of a bitch I am! Did I really have nothing better to do? Why did I have to turn eight hundred to one thousand? Even though Wang Yigao is a child of a great family, taking out one thousand gold liangs is no small matter!

Today’s incident was certainly the most miserable and unforgettable one in his entire life. With so many people bearing witness, Wang Yigao was unable to go back on his words.

Additionally, since it was the terms of a duel, he could not even think about exacting vengeance or risk being ridiculed by all. Unless, unless it was done in utmost secrecy.

“Money, bring out the money!” Wang Yiago shouted at his men! Today, he would have to admit his loss. But, this was not the end, he swore that he would hack Lin Ming to pieces!

The group of men were all shocked senseless by Lin Ming’s performance. Even if all of them were to gang up on Lin Ming, there was no guarantee that they could win! Is he really just a Physical Training First Stager?

“Xiaodong, collect the money,” Lin Ming said. One thousand gold liangs was no small sum. Even though Wang Yigao is rich, he would not have brought so much money with him. Thus, he could only pool them up through his men.

From the moment Wang Yigao vomited blood, Lin Xiaodong had been stunned. It was only after Lin Ming had called him that he finally reacted: Oh, heavens! Is this for real? He actually won?

Furthermore, they had won a thousand gold liangs. A thousand gold liangs! All of Lin Xiaodong’s wealth combined amount to no more than only two hundred gold liangs. Buying up a single Blood Ginseng took up more than half of it!

Looking at the gold bills within his hands, Lin Xiaodong’s expression was one of shock. Then it turned into ecstasy before turning into one of laughter.

His eyes were never big to begin with. Now that he was smiling to such an extent, his eyes were almost unnoticeable.

“Haha, we are rich, we are rich! You are too kind, what could I say? Thank you so much for your generosity. Knowing that we were in a tight spot, you seniors have chosen to gift us with some spending money, thank you!”

“Especially brother Gao Yiwang who felt that eight hundred liangs was not enough and had insisted on giving out one thousand liangs. On behalf of the common people, I give you my thanks.”

Hearing Lin Xiaodong’s sarcastic words, ‘Gao Yiwang’ who was already seriously injured felt his mouth overflowing and spat out another mouthful of blood. Back then, he had said that if he could not kill off Lin Ming within three moves, his name would be read upside down.

Screw your granddaddy!

Wang Yigao furiously gritted his teeth. As for the others, their faces were contorted to the extreme. As it so happened, Lin Xiaodong’s face was not the attractive kind. To them, Lin Xiaodong’s current face was so disgusting, it could kill. After collecting the gold bills, Lin Xiaodong spit out some saliva onto his palms in an exaggerated manner and started counting the bills one by one.

“Twenty, thirty, fifty, hundred, hundred five, hundred seven…”

Lin Xiaodong counted the thick stack of gold bills three times, then said with a grin and squinted eyes. “Eight hundred and fifty gold liangs, one hundred and fifty short. I say, aren’t you all men of wealth? How is it that you cannot even cough out such a small sum of money?”

Hearing Lin Xiaodong’s words, Wang Yigao nearly vomited blood yet again. His face sank deep, he shook his right hand and a “ding” could be heard. His long sword was embedded in the middle of the square. “Verdant Sharp Sword, it can be sold for two hundred gold liangs in any weapons shop. We are leaving!”

Six of them came to exact vengeance on others. However, the end result was them having to hand over all their possessions, including their swords. This pathetic state was a first for Wang Yigao!

Seeing the Verdant Sharp Sword, Lin Xiaodong grinned. He has some knowledge regarding weapons and the Verdant Sharp Sword is truly an extraordinary weapon. At the very least, it is far better than the one he was using.

Lin Ming said. “If you like it, you can have it.”

Lin Xiaodong replied. “I cannot do that. Brother Ming, you do not even have a weapon yet.”

Lin Ming replied. “My fists are my weapons. For now, I have no need for a weapon. Later on, I will get myself a weapon that fits me. Even though this Verdant Sharp Sword is sharp, it is too light for my fighting style.”

Lin Xiaodong recalled the fearsome fist that Lin Ming had thrown back then and had to agree that this sword was simply insufficient to complement with Lin Ming.

“Very well, I will take this sword then. However, you sure are fearsome, Brother Ming. I never saw you as such a character before,” Ever since Lin Ming started practicing martial arts, Lin Xiaodong had never witnessed Lin Ming in action. How could he have known that Lin Ming’s strength had soared to such a degree. He believed this to be the results of Lin Ming’s hard work.

Lin Ming explained. “Wang Yigao does not have a detailed grasp on his own strength, and is only a beginner Physical Training Second Stager. In addition, his foundation is also unstable. His level of cultivation is probably a result of stuffing himself with medications. Even his martial techniques were nothing of note. Beating him is nothing to be proud of, my first goal is Zhu Yan.”

Zhu Yan is different from Wang Yigao. Zhu Yan possesses a high amount of strength and a solid foundation. His Grade Four Martial Talent is not simply for show. In addition, he is also quite the hard worker. Thus, the current Lin Ming had no chance of beating Zhu Yan.

Lin Ming accepted the gold bills, then split them apart and handed one stack to Lin Xiaodong without counting. “Use this.”

“What are you doing? This gold were all earned by you. I have already taken the sword. As for gold, I have no need for it. With my way of practicing, ten gold liangs per month is the most I will need.”

Lin Ming remained silent for a while, then without objecting, he kept the gold bills into his own bosom. Between him and Lin Xiaodong, such details were unnecessary.

“All right, let us go to the fair.”

“You are right! Haha, I nearly forgot about it, the fair! Now we have the capital for it, one thousand liangs! Son of a bitch! This senior had never even laid eyes on such a huge sum of money before! This time, I will be making a splash!” Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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