I Will Be The Harem King
87 Ray vs Goku Black III
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I Will Be The Harem King
Author :Moad
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87 Ray vs Goku Black III

-Flashback to the battlefield- MC POV

We stood there fully releasing all of our aura as we both got ready for the final clash. We both had multiple wounds on us but we didn't pay any attention to them. It wasn't like the wounds were affecting the fight too much as of right now. Because of that, we could really forget about that and focus on each other.

"Haha, so you are finally getting serious huh? Will it work though, since you did end up getting quite the beating before this." I spoke up to him while compressing vibrations around me and inside of the lightning cloak. Unlike how I utilized vibration magic before, this time I am not doing it to explode him right away. This time I am using it to gain more weight behind my hits and do some damage to his organs while also making my defense with it so that I could negate any incoming forces.

"Enough talking. The time for that has now passed, starting now is the beginning of your end." Black didn't jump the gun this time as he continued to rise his massive aura and formed a ki blade on his right arm.

Seeing that, I took out my own sword and added both lightning and vibrations on it to have a good old classic sword fight. Though he wasn't exactly using a sword but it was close enough. I know for a fact though that if it comes down to a sword fight, I have the upper hand since he isn't exactly a swordsman and only uses his speed to his advantage in a fight in swords.

But as he said, it would seem that the time for talking has really finished. And so, we both disappeared from our spots before appearing right in front of each other and started to swing our respective form of blade at each other. Lightning sparks and ki shockwaves were sent off in every direction as we kept on attacking each other.

It didn't take long to get some hits on him as I put a slash wound on his chest and right thigh. But I didn't do that much damage since he moved in time to avoid any major damage. But even so, the fact that I managed to hurt him made him pissed and so he started to increase his speed and sent in a frenzy of attacks.

This continued for more than ten minutes. I blocked all incoming attacks and from time to time, sent my own attacks while he increased his speed more and sent more and more attacks from various direction. Since in terms of speed he is slightly above me, it didn't surprise me that he got some of his own blade attacks through my defense after he reached his full speed. But the difference in speed wasn't much and the fact that I was using lightning to ramp up my reflex also helped me dodge or avoid major damage.
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Despite the fact that we were both on equal footing after this blade fight, we both had landed many small to medium size wounds on each other and knew that this wouldn't be going anywhere at this rate. So we withdrew our blades and started to fire off ki and magic attacks while restarting our close quarter combat.

We both knew that this was the only real way that was remaining which could decide the victor between us now and we didn't want to hold back anymore. He unleashed his Super Saiyan Rose form and I combined both lightning magic and vibration magic to form my own form of transformation that increased my strength. As such, neither of us held back in our offense anymore as we sought the final blow against each other.

"Kamehameha!" After spending nearly half an hour of fighting like that, he created some distance between us by kicking me away and made the traditional Kamehameha pose and gathered ki between his hands before firing it towards me. Of course unlike a normal kamehameha, this one was black in color with a golden outer ring. But the power behind it was the same as the original and quite possibly even more than the original.

In front of his kamehameha, I sent a massive torrent of lightning reinforced with vibration to meet with his attack mid-way that caused such a huge shockwave that we were both affected by it and got sent flying since there wasn't that much distance between us. We both crashed down on the ground that created a crater where we landed.

We soon came out of it though as we both got right back into attack mode. The more time we spent on fighting like this, the more energy we were spending and that causes us to start losing focus. This is what happened when we both let down our guard at almost the same time. After tilting my body to my right, I sent a vibration reinforced lightning spear right into his chest, released the lightning inside of him that fried his organs.

But because I had tilted my body a bit too much, Black had an open target right in front of him and so as any sane fighter would do in such a situation, he took advantage of it. He sent an instant kamehameha which took both my left arm from the shoulder down and left leg from knees down. But thankfully, because of my own attack, he couldn't do a follow up attack and instead staggered backwards for a bit before dropping down to his knees while fell down completely because of losing my balance.

At this point, neither of us were in any form to continue this fight and I don't know what he is thinking but I for one am not willing to end it this way. So I got up on my one remaining leg with the help of my remaining arm and stood there hoping a bit to get used to standing on one leg.

Meanwhile, Black was twitching from time to time because of the residual lightning inside of him and coughed out blood due to his damaged organs. He raised his head with great difficulty while still being down on his knees as he opened his mouth, as though he wanted to speak. But the only thing that came out of his mouth was blood as his vocal cord seems to have also been damaged.

I didn't pay that much thought and started to hop towards him but I couldn't get near enough as I fell down again. I knew I was on the verge of losing consciousness and so I dragged my body towards him with my only remaining arm. My vision was already blurring as I made it in front of him as I sat up right before him.


"See… ya!" I raised my arm and put it on his face as I managed to speak those words to him. My voice was hoarse and it was hurting my body the more I did useless things but I didn't let go of this moment to satisfy my damned ego.

Right after speaking those words, lightning covered his body from every angle, as inside the lightning, my vibration magic was exploding his body piece by piece so that I don't get too effected from it. Whatever is sent flying from his body is turned into nothing because it was flying straight into the lightning cloak around him.

The reason I did this was because I didn't want any of his body to form a zamases when I blow him up. And it was working since apart from his main aura signature, there wasn't anyone else's presence around near us. I was using all of my will power to do this and also keep my aura magic activated so that I don't miss anything when erasing him and it all ended after three whole minutes.

After making sure that there really wasn't anything left of Black, I focused on my space powers to go back home since I can feel losing my consciousness any second now. After finally getting some luck again, I got the guild on the radar as a space crack appeared beneath me that I fell into as soon as it opened and as I fell, I saw the guild members, Makarov and finally the girls down there. Their faces was the last thing I remembered as I lost consciousness as soon as I hit a table and probably crashed through it.
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    《I Will Be The Harem King》