Harem Ruthless Devourer in ATG universe
18 Getting new best-quality girls in the continent 1
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Harem Ruthless Devourer in ATG universe
Author :RuthlessOPMC
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18 Getting new best-quality girls in the continent 1

In the first palace located at mythical abode mountain at the sunset, only two people could be seen occupying the immensely huge palace. One man had an otherworldly handsome appearance while the woman was the epitome of pure, feminine beauty.

"Yuki, what are you going to do here?" Miyuki Shiba asked.

"If I want to 'eat' you now, what do you say Miyuki-chan." Yuki said that while he slightly hugged miyuki and faintly rubbed his hand over her crotch.

"Wha-wha-wha, don't think I don't know what you did earlier with a girl named Yuan Wu, and now you want to do me AFTER her ?" Miyuki pouted and turned her body backfacing Yuki.

"Gulp..." Yuki sweated a bit seeing the grumble of this jealous girl.

"Miyuki-chan, it just so happened we (Yuki and Yuan Wu) were in an ambiguous situation (half naked) and she smells so nice."

"Am I not smells THAT nice?"

"No, you are unique Miyuki-chan, you are so special and so pure, even when the first time I saw you, I cannot help but be enthralled by you" Yuki looked deep into her eyes with serious expression while grabbing her soulders.

"Then, thenn., do you now still love me?" Miyuki tried to avoid his eyes.

"remember what you said back then, "no matter if it was my body or heart, everything that i have belonged to Yukii-sama." I was the most lucky and the happiest guy ever alive in this world since that time...." Miyuki had already hidden her face behind her palm feeling really shy remembering her words so Yuki open her hand and stare deep into her eyes while saying: "and Forever." His head get closer to her and they kissed each other, a long deep kiss.

"Now you are mine, right my wife ?"


Yuki had already sensed many people waiting outside the palace. He made them wait to show his dominance. Thus, he used his 'clones' wearing different "anbu" masks to let them enter now.

(I repeat it again that his clones was just a puppet with no personality whatsover. It was just an advance Qi controlled directly by Yuki. Because of his high intelligence, dividing his focus in controlling everything was a piece of cake for him. It was not the same with some skills in anime.)

"Now Miyuki-chan, as my wife, let me show you something worth watching." Yuki then sat on the throne such as an Emperor.

The Huge front side of the palace then dissapper, surprising the people outside by this magical and magnificent palace. People from the outside could see a person at the throne, a girl beside him and many 'ninja' surrounding them.

Three entourage of something like tens of thousands each were coming entering the palace guided by three 'ninja' and leading the entourage was the three sect masters.

"Greeting Your Highness, Zuo Hanshuo from Heaven Thwarting Sect at your services."

"Greeting Senior, Duan Heisha from Seven Stars Divine Palace had come to fulfill your order."

"Greeting Your Highness, Mu Yingchan from Soaring Celestial Sword Sect at your services."

The tree bowed followed by their members.

"Hmm.. up" Yuki with a solemn face just nod.

Turning around he sees Miyuki just stood there beside him, deciding to get her to sit on this throne since it has enough space, even for him together with his wives, so he called her.

"sat here" Yuki said that while smiling gently.

"....Okay" Miyuki said, while she's almost lowered her head.

Seeing her staying beside him without taking the initiative to sit on his lap or beside him, he pulls her hand, which makes her yelp.


He ignored her state, which is currently in turmoil, and forced her to sit on his lap while unintentionally letting her pussy contact with his penis, which is currently bulging, and he could see that her face was reddening.

He chuckled inwardly, seeing this shy girl act like this, he can feel she wants to stand up but she lost if she wants to compare strength with him so it's futile, Miyuki knows that she can't avoid being in this position so she only snuggles into his chest while feeling fluttered.

He hugs her waist while placing his chin into her head, he can feel the girl has become docile. Feeling warm with her body he hugs her tightly while tickling her waist sometimes, which leads to her giggling, smiling while ignoring a jealous stare from the girls down there. The girls entourage were charmed by Yuki's otherworldly handsome face and his ruling aura, even the three sect masters were bowing down to him, so he must be really powerful. which girl didn't want their man to be the most handsome, powerful, and a ruler.

"Pffft... it's ticklish.. Ahh... hehe... eh"

Miyuki was feeling ticklish while delighted with this warm treatment, although she knew that he had more wives, she still felt satisfied with this treatment which exceeded her expectations, with this she knew he liked her for real and she knows she should work hard to get more of his love, so she was determined to do so.
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    《Harem Ruthless Devourer in ATG universe》