Cruel Human Sacrifices
18 Inside the Facility 16
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Cruel Human Sacrifices
Author :dreamer17
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18 Inside the Facility 16

Inside the artificial habitat, the lights turned red as a signal of warning as well as the annoying noise all over the place. Mandy and Aaron was looking around to figure out what was happening.

"What was happening?" Mandy asked as the explosion heard outside.

"There must be something happening outside"

When all of a sudden a door was opening in the right side of them. A figure shown in the smokes coming out of it, it slowly walks towards them.

"Mandy" it a small voice but Mandy immediately recognized the person. Its Wendy, who was covered with darkish red all over her body. Mandy got worried in her appearance, there must be something happening outside.

"What happened out there?" Mandy immediately help Wendy stand straight and hug her. She was worried Wendy might have some injury and wounds, so she inspect every other parts of her body.

"You don't need to worry I'm okay" Mandy felt relieved when she heard it.

"What were you doing here? Did they do something on you?"

"No, I came here on my own will. You don't need to worry about me or your parents they're all fine now"

"What do you mean by that?" two person came out from where Wendy was earlier came out, their appearance made her recognized them, she can no longer control what she felt and ran towards them.

"Mom! Dad! You're here, how did you get here?" Mandy asked immediately.

"With the help of your friend Wendy, she came and helped us out" her Mom answered for her, Mandy looked back at Wendy and bowed slightly her head to thank her.

"I'm glad to hear that, but what's happening outside? Did something happen?"

"They already went too far for this project and already cause much trouble, so I eliminated them all" as Wendy said those things, her eyes glows red and her body turned into dark particles which form her whole body. Mandy was alarmed from her new appearance. Her parents was also looking at her, and Aaron was having an argument in his mind about the girl who just arrived.

"What did they do to you?"

"No, they haven't done anything in me, I did this to myself"

"What?" Mandy could not believe Wendy used her own body for the experiment.

"I've study too much for this project and found out it will help the entire world for the better of the future. Once I've discover the stability of the syrum, I immediately inject some for myself. It was difficult for the first stage, but I've manage to overcome it"

"Then what's happening now? Why aren't your body intact? Why were your body turned like this?"

"It's part of the phase, since I've used up most my strength earlier"

"Are you going to be okay?" Wendy smiled, which a light of the hollow on her mouth could be seen.

"You're one of them is it? I've seen your face before, you were one who was looking down on me when they've done this on my own body" Aaron spoke out, which they immediately respond to look on him.

"You're right, but In was only an assistant on that time. You were their first subject in human mutation with the animals" Wendy explained, but it did not stop Aaron from overthinking. He loath so much everyone who made him like that. He was against at his new appearance and want to comeback in his normal life. Now, that he face one of them, he can't control his anger at them. Anyone who participated in the project, he loathed them all.

"You're all gonna pay for what you have done" Aaron push Mandy aside and assulted Wendy, she was thrown into the wall.
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    《Cruel Human Sacrifices》