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Check new novel: miss chicken and her mister
Author :Norah_Koch
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2 Author note 2

The journey back to the familiar camp, where I died for the first time, was fantastic.

The emperor rode a black horse. I was on foot.

My hands were tied with a rope. And guess where the other end of the rope was?

It was tied to his ankle. 

My soul was screaming at me to call the cops for violations of human rights. Then, the surrounding reminded me that things like human rights probably didn't belong in this fictional world. 

The soldiers, who were riding the horses too, kept peeking at me with fear. However, the commander had mixed feelings in his eyes.

I had worked with people for a long time. I wasn't a sixteen-year-old high schooler. I was a freaking thirty-one-year-old mature and accomplished woman inside the body of a skinny woman who might be in her late teens or early twenties. 

Aloisia was also young. How did she become a dark sorceress? This world was not kind to the dark magic practitioners. I guess every story needs a villain. 

But there wasn't just one villain. There were villains.

My damn fate was connected to villains.

In any case, I didn't want to die again. It was not even on my to-do list here. I wanted to go home as soon as possible. I missed my comfortable bed, my father, my nagging mother, my good-for-nothing brother, and my high and mighty sister. 

I even missed the acquaintances who killed me with small talks, annoying neighbourhood aunties who kept worrying about me because I was practically an unmarried old crone in their eyes, my boss who hated my guts, my colleagues who badmouthed behind my back, and my juniors who probably wanted to hire an assassin to kill me. I also missed my date, whom I couldn't meet. 

Those aunties were right. I died single -- not once. I died single twice. However, I was killed by a good looking man.

Can I see this as an accomplishment? It's not easy to die single in a society that looks down on people who remain single for life. Anyway, why do people want to get married? If someone has a lot of money, do they need someone? If I must choose between marriage and money, I will pick money anytime. The reason? Money can't divorce me.

"Oomph!" My face slammed against something hairy and it swished on my face as I lifted my foot to take a step back. A strong hot gas sprayed on my face. I sniffed it like a fool while blinking my eyes. Shit!

"What are you doing, you shameless bitch?" The horse neighed loudly, clearly offended by my sniffing attempt.

"What is she doing?" Jep muttered to his fellow, Tyyn.

"She's probably doing dark magic," Tyyn replied with a trembling voice.

The third soldier, whose name I still don't know, whispered to them, "Maybe she had cast a spell on the prince."

Just how brushing my face on a horse arse was related to doing black magic? I couldn't decide whether they were foolish or I was blind. I inhaled sharply, only to taste that horse's fast that was somewhat better than the smell of dogshit. 

"What are you doing?" The emperor asked me calmly while the horse gave me a judgmental look. 

The horse must be a straight female horse. Why would it hate having a female's face brushing against its arse? 

The horse neighed lowly when I didn't give an answer, "Speak, you ugly woman! It is sexual harassment. How could you kiss my arse hole?"

"I am sorry." I gave it an apologetic bow. Something wasn't right. 

Did I just apologize to a horse?

 I guess I did.

Did that horse talk to me? 

It didn't speak the human tongue.

Then, did I understand the horse's neighing?

I gasped, taking a few steps backwards. I recalled what soldiers had said about the Mara tribe when they were taking me to the camp for the first time. It was a rumour that people of the Mara tribe could speak to the animals. 

The horse glared at me. It was a female, alright. I didn't need to check her bottom. I already rubbed my face on her arse. 

"You are interesting," The emperor told me flatly. It didn't sound like a compliment.

"Give me some time to absorb the shock." I raised my hand. It was a fictional world. I could understand animals. I realized why I transmigrated into a person of the Mara tribe. "I think that I am screwed."

Did that horrible author give me this cheat? This useless cheat? Talking to animals could do nothing. What was I going to do? Play animal kingdom with them?

"You must be tired." Emperor pulled the horse reins, forcing it to turn around and come closer to me. The rope was long enough to allow the motion.

I wasn't scared. The emperor thought that I was Aloisia. A smart man like him wouldn't accept Aloisia as a slave without a good reason. Maybe he wanted me to raise an army of dead or do some black magic stuff for him. But I could only tell him what his horse's wishes. Since he hadn't touched his sword, I guessed that he wouldn't kill me.

I could talk to animals. Damn! That was my cheat. It was worse than getting killed by the emperor.

Suddenly, he bent down his waist and wrapped his arm around my back, his large hand pressing my boobs. I let out a cry, trying to resist him. In the next instant, I was pulled up and stacked on the horse with my legs on one side and my arms on the other side, head upside down like a bag of sacks lying on the horse's back. 

"Hmph!" The horse huffed in rage, "I have to carry my sexual harasser." 

Before I could react, the emperor hit the horse's sides with his legs. The horse galloped faster, running along with the wind under a bright full moon. I peeked at the emperor's face. He seemed normal as if he hadn't touched my boobs.

His hands were firm and rough. My boobs were aching because of the sudden touch. I couldn't utter a word because I was busy trying not to fall from a horse while it raced toward the camp.

So, I knew how that horse felt. At least, I apologized. 

Karma goes around in an unfair way.

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