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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao
Author :Flying Alone
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1428 Change

Lin Yuqi was a cordial person, yet there was a slight kink in her personality. That was, she liked to tease people. This was especially the case with naive and innocent youngsters, whom she would tease until they became red-faced with embarrassment. She derived great joy from their awkwardness.

Now, however, she was almost frightened to death. Although she had already recovered her cultivation and returned to her position on the chair, she still had yet to calm her frightened self.

She had a feeling that this woman hadn't simply been joking. If she hadn't admitted defeat, this woman would've genuinely carried through with her threat.

It was due to this feeling of a genuine threat hanging over her that she chose to respect yet distance herself from Empress Luan Xing. In fact, she felt a sense of… fear toward her.

Ling Han laughed loudly in his mind. Why was Empress Luan Xing the ruler of his harem? Just look at her demeanor! He couldn't help but feel smug. "Has Han Xinyan succeeded in refining the Berserk Blood Spirit Pill yet?"

"Yes, she's succeeded," Lin Yuqi said in a deflated voice. She would only feel invigorated and spirited when teasing others. Now that an untouchable prey was sitting before her, how could she not feel stifled?

Ling Han nodded, and said, "That's good to hear. I'll take my leave then. Oh, that's right, why did you mention the Star Sand Martial Arts Academy just then?"

"Why don't you pop your head out to see? Who isn't discussing this matter right now?" Lin Yuqi was showing signs of returning to her previous self. However, after stealing a glance at Empress Luan Xing, she immediately felt a chill in her heart. She hurriedly reined herself in, continuing, "In the past, it's always been one of the Star Sand Saint's nine disciples recruiting disciples. This time, however, all nine of them will be recruiting disciples. Thus, which young king tier isn't rubbing their hands in eager anticipation?"

"Oh?" Ling Han was slightly surprised. Didn't this mean that there would be more available spots?

Lin Yuqi raised nine fingers, and said, "In the past, there were only 100 available spots in each recruitment cycle. This time, however, there are a whopping 900 available spots! Moreover, it's rumored that the most talented among these 900 new disciples will be taken as a personal disciple of the Star Sand Saint, guaranteeing their path to become a Saint in the future. Who can resist this kind of temptation?"

Indeed, even the North Emperor and Stone Emperor wouldn't dare to beat their chests and claim that they could definitely become Saints in the future. After all, taking this step was far too difficult. However, if one became the disciple of the Star Sand Saint, them becoming a Saint in the future would be guaranteed.

This was because of the Star Sand Saint's keen eye for talent!

However, the cruel matter of fact was that only one of the 900 prodigies who entered the Star Sand Martial Arts Academy would eventually become a Saint. The others would all become stepping stones for this one fortunate prodigy. This was a true battle between prodigies. Once one failed, they would have essentially kissed goodbye to their chances of becoming a Saint.

This was because this battle pertained to the fight over fortune and Dao. As the saying went, the success of one prodigy would be built on the failure of 10,000 others. Similarly, Saints would also be treading upon the despair of other prodigies as they ascended to the pinnacle of success.

The success of the nine Saints was but a repetition of this cruel truth. Among the 99 disciples who had entered the academy alongside them at each time, none had succeeded in becoming a Saint, regardless of how prodigious they were. They could only remain trapped at the peak stage of the consummate level of the Eternal River Tier forever.

For example, the Crimson Flame Emperor had also been a supreme prodigy back in his days, even referred to as the most talented prodigy on Cloud Apex Planet in the past one billion years. Moreover, he had also had the fortune of entering the Star Sand Martial Arts Academy. However, he had lost to the prodigy who was now the ninth Saint. Even so, he had continued to strive to become a Saint, though he experienced nothing but failure and rejection.

Yet, even with this knowledge, the young king tiers still flocked to the Star Sand Martial Arts Academy.

First of all, they would at least have a chance of becoming that one fortunate prodigy. If they became a Saint, they would then be the most powerful being in the world, someone who could truly grasp their own destiny and fate. Secondly, even if they couldn't become a Saint, they would still develop a battle prowess that was unparalleled among their cultivation level, just as the Crimson Flame Emperor had. Becoming the most powerful cultivator under the tier of Saint was also a seemingly acceptable outcome.

'Is it true that only one out of the 900 prodigies can become a Saint?'

Ling Han didn't believe this curse. Not only was he going to become a Saint, but those beside him were also going to become Saints as well!

"Alright, I understand. Then I'll take my leave now." Ling Han stood up to leave.

"Then broth— Um, we'll meet again at the Star Sand Martial Arts Academy." Lin Yuqi wanted to act seductively again, yet she immediately became serious upon seeing that Empress Luan Xing was still beside them.

Ling Han was slightly surprised. "Huh? You're also going?" Even if there were far more available spots than before, it still wasn't a case that anyone could enter the academy.

"Heh, I'm a scout. I need to test the waters of the Myriad Directions Galaxy to determine whether or not we can expand our Treasure Forest Pavilion there," Lin Yuqi said.

'So that's how it is.'

"Ling Han, don't be too careless," Lin Yuqi warned. "Rumors are flying, saying that the Star Sand Saint is already nearing the end of his life. This time, he might be searching for someone to pass his inheritance onto. Thus, the competition will surely be tremendously intense. You've definitely got to squeeze yourself into the top 900."

Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, "I'll keep that in mind."

Lin Yuqi didn't say anything else. Anyhow, they might meet again at the Star Sand Martial Arts Academy. More importantly, she was afraid of Empress Luan Xing.

"Husband, we're not going to take her along with us?" Empress Luan Xing asked. "We can have a new face attending to you at night."


Lin Yuqi was so startled that she fell back down onto her chair.

A smile stretched across Empress Luan Xing's face. Did they think that she couldn't play jokes?

"Hahaha!" Ling Han wrapped his arm around Empress Luan Xing's slender waist as he casually took his leave.

"Wife, why don't you attend to me tonight?" he whispered in Empress Luan Xing's ears. Although Empress Luan Xing had already started to call him husband, the two of them still hadn't experienced any intimate contact yet. Thus, there was always an itch in Ling Han's mind.

Empress Luan Xing glanced at him, and said, "I still have yet to cultivate my Nine Snakes Mystical Power to the pinnacle level, so I must retain my purity. However, if you insist…" Her eyes were watery and full of love.

Ling Han's heart fluttered, and he involuntarily gripped her slender waist even tighter. Although this empress was proud, she would be gentler than anyone when she expressed her love for him.

However, the more she was so, the more he would cherish her. He pecked the empress' soft lips, saying, "It's better that we wait then. I don't want to sabotage your path to the pinnacle level."

Empress Luan Xing nodded, and said, "I know."

Ling Han enjoyed this kind of seemingly mundane relationship with the empress. Even though it seemed dull, who could say that there weren't strong feelings of love between them? At that time, Empress Luan Xing had even dared to oppose the Venerable Trinity to stand up for him. Meanwhile, Ling Han was willing to become enemies with the two Majestic Empires for her.

Love didn't need to be incessantly spoken.

Ling Han couldn't help but ask, "So, when can you cultivate to the pinnacle level, then?"

Empress Luan Xing involuntarily chuckled. This man sure was perverted. She pondered for a moment before answering, "Not before I reach the Genesis Tier!"

Ling Han nodded in understanding. No wonder she had previously required him to reach the Genesis Tier before agreeing to marry him. This wasn't because she had incredibly high standards, but because it was necessary.

That was the Genesis Tier! It would take them at least several hundred years to reach!

Ling Han immediately became mopey. Him loving Empress Luan Xing was one matter, and him wanting to make love with her was another matter. From a certain perspective, when a man loved a woman, wasn't he wanting to make love with her forever?

"I want it too," Empress Luan Xing whispered into his ear.


Ling Han almost howled like a wolf. Who said that the empress couldn't say seductive things? He truly wanted to push her over and make love with her now. However, he clearly couldn't do this, so he could only forcefully suppress his urges.

"We'll have Heavenly Phoenix attend to you tonight!" the empress suddenly said.

She was truly the best wife in the world. How understanding!

Because he hadn't married and made love with Empress Luan Xing yet, he felt too guilty to secretly make love with the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden. Mm-hm, he couldn't leave her as a "widow" any longer. After all, he was alive and kicking!

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    《Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao》