Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao
1427 Everyone had a weakness
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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao
Author :Flying Alone
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1427 Everyone had a weakness

A leopard could not change its spots.

So quickly, almost 100 years had passed, but Lin Yuqi had not changed in the slightest. In the case of a Heavenly Body Tier, this little bit of time might not be as short as the blink of an eye, but it was equivalent to a few days' time of an ordinary person at most.

"Don't misunderstand. I only came to check if Han Xinyan has successfully refined the Berserk Blood Spirit Pill, and will leave immediately after." Ling Han had no desire to trifle with this very alluring woman.

Lin Yuqi did not even raise her head, "You are in such a rush, could it be that you are heading to the Star Sand Martial Arts Academy?"

She knew even about that?

Ling Han was slightly surprised. Though this woman could also be termed a prodigy of martial arts, she was still extremely far off from the level of king tiers. She definitely would not be able to enter into the Star Sand Martial Arts Academy, so how had she known about the Star Sand Martial Arts Academy, and had guessed correctly on her first attempt?

"Hehe, just look at how concerned I am about you. Yet you only came to visit me after so many years!" Lin Yuqi pretended to be aggrieved. "No, I demand you accompany me today!"

"Less chatter; is Han Xinyan here?" Ling Han asked in irritation. This woman had to tease him every time. If he did sleep with her one day, and then completely turned his back on her heartlessly, he would really want to see what her expression would be like.

Of course, that was just saying it. Ling Han could never be that heartless, so he would rather not trifle with her. However, he would also be displeased if he kept being teased.

"Yo, you're throwing a temper tantrum with me, why not… allow Big Sister to dote on you tonight, and let you vent some anger?" Lin Yuqi stood up, and with a single motion, she arrived in front of Ling Han. As a Heavenly Body Tier elite, her speed was naturally fast.

Pa, a hand gripped her slender wrist.

Lin Yuqi was shocked. At first, she thought it was Ling Han, but this hand holding onto her obviously had delicate skin, and she could tell with a glance that this was a woman as well. Thus, she did not struggle. In any case, she did not lose anything, though her heart did skip a beat. How could this woman standing beside Ling Han be so powerful!

She looked at the other, and her small mouth suddenly gaped widely. Heavens, how could there possibly be such a beautiful woman? Even she could feel her spirit shaken just by seeing her; she was almost drooling.

Why was it like this?

She was a woman herself, and furthermore was herself incredibly beautiful. She could die from admiring her own beauty in the mirror, so how could she possibly stare besottedly at another woman?

She had a feeling that as long as this woman spoke up, she would complete whatever task she was given as best as she could, no matter how harsh the task was.

With this thought, she paled in shock. What kind of charm was that? Furthermore, if even a woman like herself would be like this, then what about men? They would all be worshipping her, and kneel on the ground just for the sake of catching a glimpse of her toes.

Ling Han snickered internally. This great vixen exuded her allure no matter the situation. Could it be that she didn't know that this person by her side was Empress Luan Xing? Her charm had no equal, and there had been emperors willing to surrender their empires for her sake!

The great turmoil previously had directly led to the destruction of two great Majestic Empires, and the cause had been Ding Li'an's manic longing, which was proof of this person's charms.

Were you f****** showing off?

"Oh, you want to sleep with my husband?" Empress Luan Xing asked calmly.

"Er, this…!" Though Lin Yuqi had a glib tongue, in the face of Empress Luan Xing, she was as uncomfortable as a young girl that had first stepped into romantic affairs; that was how shy she was. She was practically dying from the awkwardness. She was teasing Ling Han, and actually met with the latter's actual wife. This could really be considered as throwing herself onto the spear's end.

"All right then, you shall be serving him in bed tonight!" Empress Luan Xing declared unexpectedly. "From today onwards, you will be a member of our Ling Clan, and shall address me as Big Sister in future!"

"Er, Miss, I was just joking!" Lin Yuqi got a scare; asking her for bed service tonight itself? She was still a virgin!

"En?" Empress Luan Xing revealed a sliver of dignity, and seriously uttered, "Call me 'big sister'!"

'F***, are you being serious!?'

Lin Yuqi had originally thought that she was enough of an annoying troublemaker herself, but she had immediately paled in comparison when compared to this lady; the latter practically wanted to force her into prostitution! She hurriedly surged her Origin Power, wanting to struggle free, yet shockingly discovered that while this hand holding onto her wrist might be as beautiful as jade, and was practically like the most delicate work of art, it did not move in the slightest.

'So powerful!'

She hurriedly exerted some effort, but Empress Luan Xing seemed as if she had not even sensed anything, and was still shockingly calm.

This… The gap in power was really too big!

Ling Han shook his head on the sidelines. Empress Luan Xing had cultivated to the pinnacle level, and had furthermore reached the peak stage. Added with the fact that the Nine Snake Tribe were prodigies of the ancient times and she had come from the Celestial Realm and possessed unfathomable means, she was truly powerful!

It was just like with the Ding Clan that Ding Zizhen was from—almost everyone knew how to use Tide of the Ages. The only difference was that some would be stronger, and some would be weaker. How terrifying a secret technique was that?

Even if their cultivation level was completely the same, it would be very difficult for Ling Han to defeat Empress Luan Xing. He would need to depend on the Indestructible Heaven's Scroll for defense, and finally expend himself to emerge victorious, so how could Lin Yuqi possibly be a match for her?

"Big Sister!" Lin Yuqi immediately grinned, her expression filled with obeisance. She finally knew that her inferiority to Empress Luan Xing was not only in terms of looks, bearing, and figure. With her personality, she was naturally the type to be flexible. For a man to avenge himself, even three years would not be too late, and she was a vengeful woman, so she would get her vengeance in three days!

When Empress Luan Xing was no longer here, just see how she would tease Ling Han to tears!

"I was just joking, please don't take it to heart, Big Sister," she said humbly, her eyes soft.

Yet Empress Luan Xing did not take it seriously at all, and said, "Joking? So you were just fooling around with me?"

'You, you're not playing by the rules!'

The charming smile on Lin Yuqi's face immediately disappeared. Killing a person would only take a moment, and she had surrendered, so you could concede a bit too. Why keep picking on this matter. Her lip twitched, and she said, "How could I dare to fool you, Big Sister!"

Honestly, she had never been so aggrieved. In the past, who had not accommodated her when they saw her incomparable beauty and shocking natural talent in martial arts?

Yet Empress Luan Xing's expression was still serious. "I never joke around. Since you have fooled me, you have to pay the price. Your punishment will be to service my husband in bed tonight!"


Lin Yuqi almost spat out a mouthful of blood. So no matter what, she was insisting that she would be providing bed service? She had only been joking around, so why had it given her an opening to take her words seriously? She laughed drily. "Big Sister, you must be kidding!"

"Humph!" Empress Luan Xing looked serious. With Lin Yuqi's hand in her grasp, she gave a light tremor, and an overbearing Origin Power suddenly surged into Lin Yuqi's body along with her own martial intent, sealing off Lin Yuqi's cultivation level in an instant.

This was completely one-sided, and Lin Yuqi was completely incapable of resisting.


Lin Yuqi paled in shock. Her cultivation level had been sealed, and she was now a normal person! What if she would really be undressed completely and thrown onto Ling Han's bed naked? What was she to do? Would she really be dishonoured by this little rascal?

"Hey, hey, hey. Don't let your imagination run wild; I do not accept such slander!" Ling Han hurriedly exclaimed. He could tell what she was thinking about just by looking at Lin Yuqi's face that had paled in fear.

"Big Sister, I am really sorry!" Lin Yuqi exclaimed to Empress Luan Xing, crying.

"Do you really know your mistake now?" Empress Luan Xing asked calmly as if completely indifferent.

"Yes," Lin Yuqi mumbled softly. She had really gained some healthy fear from being sorted out.

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    《Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao》