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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao
Author :Flying Alone
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1426 Return

In the Immortal Realm, 50 years' time really couldn't bring much change.

These were not empty words. As long as one had advanced into the Immortal level, then putting aside 50 years, one might not be able to advance another minor level in even 5000 years. But in the Great Ling Empire, 50 years was enough to cause the majority to be completely transformed.

The Rain Emperor, at the peak stage of the consummate level of the Heavenly Body Tier.

Ling Han, at the peak stage of the medium extreme of the Heavenly Body Tier.

Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden, at the peak stage of the low extreme of the Heavenly Body Tier.

Ding Ping and Jiuyao, at the peak stage of the pinnacle level of the Sun Moon Tier.

Feng Po Yun, Murong Qing, Jiang Yuefeng, Kang Xiuyuan, Chen Ruijing, Yun Yongwang, Helian Tianyun, the Rock Spirit, Rabbit, the old ginseng, and the Asura Demon Emperor were all at the peak stage of the consummate level of the Sun Moon Tier.

The Azure Flame Vulture, Little Qing, was at the early stage of the low extreme of the Mountain River Tier. There was nothing to be done about it. It had started too late, and its bloodline wasn't all that strong, either.

There was also Yuan Cheng He, Can Ye, and the others. They had all attained very great achievements, though they could not match the others. If there was anyone who hadn't improved in the slightest, it would only be Empress Luan Xing. She was already at the peak stage of the pinnacle level of the Heavenly Body Tier, and if she did not break through to the Eternal River Tier, this step was too hard to take.

Still, without a corresponding cultivation technique, no matter how supremely talented she was, and even if she could comprehend Dao underneath the Reincarnation Tree and had Reincarnation Tea, if she wanted to break through to Eternal River Tier, that would at least be tens of thousands later.

In terms of the time taken underneath the Reincarnation Tree, that was an exceedingly long time.

Too bad, there still did not appear a new Heavenly Body Tier here, especially for those who would be staying behind. At first, Ling Han had been very anticipatory that Feng Po Yun and Murong Qing could break through.

What was most satisfactory for Ling Han was that with the effort of the entire nation, the Divine Demon Sword finally surpassed him, and advanced into Level 11. But this was also very depressing to Ling Han. Even if it was the whole effort of the entire nation in name, it actually meant investing all the resources of Joint Peace Planet, and the result was that the Divine Demon Sword had only progressed another level. If he wanted to further boost its level… He was a bit afraid to think about it.

Perhaps only when he became a Saint, and went all over the world to collect all the Godly metal in this world, would he be able to forcibly push the level of the Divine Demon Sword to the height of a Celestial Tool.

By this time, Ling Han also prepared to set out.

He sent someone to inform Xu Ran, and after a few days, Xu Ran brought his wife to meet ep with Ling Han.

"Er… Brother Xu?" Ling Han was shocked. He could not address him as senior any longer.

Though the present Xu Ran still had a head of gray hair, the skin all over his body had become very smooth, and he did not look old in the slightest anymore. If it was not for the fact that that head of gray hair was a little blinding, he would definitely be a dashingly handsome man that could make the hearts of women throb when they saw him.

Even so, he also had a unique kind of charm to him, causing Jiang Qiaoling and the other young women to exclaim with shining eyes when they saw him.

However, in terms of age, a 300,000-year-old cultivator at the consummate level of the Heavenly Body Tier was indeed exceedingly young.

After they reminisced for a while, Ling Han decided to set out.

A friend in need was a friend indeed. At the time, Xu Ran had stepped out even in such a dangerous situation. This caused Ling Han not to only be grateful for Xu Ran's previous guidance and the favor that he had done him through his teaching. He had now truly thought of him as a real friend.

Thus, he allowed the other to know a portion of the secrets of the Black Tower—that this was a Spatial God Tool, and there was a Reincarnation Tree inside.

This stunned Xu Ran dizzy. Only now did he know how Ling Han had managed to advance into the Heavenly Body Tier before he had reached 100 years old.

With the Reincarnation Tree in his possession, the world was his.

Too bad, none of them had Eternal River Tier-level cultivation techniques. Thus, they scheduled the breaking through to the Eternal River Tier for when they reached the Star Sand Martial Arts Academy. There was a Great Saint-level elite overseeing things there, and even the Notionless Saint would have to address him as senior.

Speaking of the Notionless Saint, this ex-Saint had broken through to the Heavenly Body Tier. The rate was fast enough to make even Ling Han envious. More importantly, the conditions for his path of cultivation in this lifetime were really too good—he had a Five Element Body, the experience of a Saint, the Reincarnation Tree, and the Berserk Blood Spirit Pills. Merely one of these would allow one's cultivation level to soar rapidly, what more when all four of these conditions were gathered for a single person.

This guy… also wanted to enter into the Star Sand Martial Arts Academy and shamelessly compete with youngsters like them.

Thus, the travellers on this trip included Ling Han, Empress Luan Xing, the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden, the Rain Emperor, Ding Ping, Jiuyao, Xu Ran, and the Notionless Saint. Aside from them, Chen Xiao, Li Ruotong, Ding Zhizhi, the Old Ginseng, and the Rabbit would also be coming. Though they could not enter into the Star Sand Martial Arts Academy, one shouldn't break up families, either.

As for the Old Ginseng and the Rabbit, they were purely there to make trouble at the Star Sand Martial Arts Academy.

At first, Ling Han wanted to stop them, but then he thought that there was also a troublemaking Large Black Dog following them, and these two added together probably wouldn't even be able to cause as much damage as a single toe of the Large Black Dog.

Xiu, the Cloud Piercing Shuttle shot through the skies, and flew towards the dark stars.

Though Joint Peace Planet no longer had super elites as overseers, as long as there was no news of Empress Luan Xing's death, there would definitely be no one who would dare make trouble. Otherwise, when the empress returned and called them to an accounting, who would be able to stop her?

Two years later, the group arrived at Cloud Apex Planet.

Ling Han went first to the Treasure Forest Pavilion. He had promised that he would teach Han Xinyan the concoction method for the Berserk Blood Spirit Pill until she learnt it. Previously, when he had left, the latter still had not grasped it fully, and he was a man of his word. Thus, after more than 70 years, he once again came to this place.

He walked side by side with Empress Luan Xing, and brought this empress to admire the local conditions and customs of this ancient city at an unhurried pace. It had been a long time since he had last come here.

"What would you like— yi, Grandmaster Ling!" A worker had just approached them, yet immediately recognized Ling Han. He was suddenly all smiles, revealing a feeling of pleasant surprise that came from the heart.

…Ling Han had won the second place in the clan competition on behalf of the Lin Clan of the Anyuan Branch. This was an amazing achievement, and was also a great honor. Even the workers here felt similarly proud.

Ling Han smiled, and asked, "Is Madam Lin here?"

"Hehe, Madam has been waiting for you." The waiter immediately answered with a smile.

"Oh?" Ling Han was surprised. Could it be that Lin Yuqi had been waiting for him all this while to give Han Xinyan "tuition"?

"Madam had initially been transferred back to the main branch, but has stayed here all this while for the sake of Grandmaster Ling. She said that you would eventually return. True enough, Madam had not guessed wrongly, and you had not disappointed her, either," the worker said.

Ling Han couldn't help but cast a look at Empress Luan Xing. This wife of his had better not become jealous. But the empress was not the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden. She looked very gentle, and not the slightest sign of anger could be seen.

Of course, with how the air of Primal Chaos was enshrouding her, the average person would not be able to see her features at all. Otherwise, that worker could not have possibly spoken with such clarity.

"Grandmaster Ling, please wait a moment. I shall go and report your arrival to Madam." The worker departed, and very quickly came back again. He brought Ling Han and Empress Luan Xing to the inner courtyard. However, he was not qualified to enter into the inner courtyard. There was a young maid standing here.

With the young maid leading the way, they entered into the inner courtyard, and saw Lin Yuqi in a small garden. This gorgeously dressed woman was presently lazily lying on a bench. She did not wear any socks or shoes; her two small feet were as beautiful as jade, smooth and delicate, just like a beautiful scene of the world.

"Yo, handsome little brother, you finally realized that you should come back to see Big Sister?"

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    《Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao》