A Spirit's Love The Series
54 What should I do if I get addicted?
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A Spirit's Love The Series
Author :ChibiFireflies
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54 What should I do if I get addicted?

Warning: NSFW ahead! Read at your own risk!

I was raised in the environment where virginity was highly valued. People would talk bad if you lost your virginity, saying that it was the only thing that would make your future husband appreciate your existence later. But, as I grew older, I decided that if my future husband would not appreciate me being not virgin anymore, there was no point to get married.

Not that I would act like a cheap whore, sleeping around with men.

Up until today, I could still maintain my virginity, and if I could preserve it until marriage, it was even better.

But, losing my virginity willingly was better to me than losing it after being raped by some bad people -no offense to those who got raped, seriously you got no choice at all.

Also, what is the point of saying that one was still a virgin if one was an expert in dirty talk? Who would believe that?

Anyway, if I were to lose my virginity tonight, I had no regret --even when I lost it to a pervert spirit I called my boyfriend.

I was writhing beneath Tom's naked cold body, feeling hot all over my body. His tongue was wrestling with mine, plundering my mouth in a hot feverish kiss. His kiss felt so good; wild, as if he couldn't wait to devour me, and urgent. His cold hands brought goosebumps wherever he touched; he felt cold, but in a good way.

I moaned when his hands cupped my breasts and fondled them. My nipples felt so good under his active hands and I could barely recognize my own voice when I moaned again and again. I didn't even know when I lost my towel.

"I've been dying to taste these buds here..." He whispered hoarsely after he pulled out from our kiss.

Before I could react, he had descended and caught one of my nipples between his lips. Wet tongue licking my hardened bud, playing with it, all the while I could only moan in delight. Delicious sparks had been attacking my lower region as well as heightened the need of carnal pleasure within me.

Tom treated my breasts equally, switching to the other while his hand kept fo fondling them. After a while, he stopped and pulled himself to admire his work. A satisfied grin formed on his face when he noticed my hardened buds got even harder. Maybe he also grinned because he saw the look on my face.

"Oh, baby, you look so beautiful." He whispered as he kissed me again. "Open your legs for me..."

His whisper sounded so erotic and I remembered I moaned from it. Opening my legs for him, I vaguely realized the position I was in. I felt bared and open before him, which only heightened the lust in me.

Settling himself between my legs, my hot core made contact with his stiff rod and I gasped when he pushed it slightly to get between the flower's petals. He rubbed it against my wet fold while kissing me deeply. His hands started roaming all over my body again, rubbing me, making me go wild with his touch.

"Baby, open your eyes..." He whispered again.

When did I close my eyes?

Slightly panting, I opened my eyes, feeling them a bit hazy with my lust and need. His handsome face got into my sight and oh, he was so sexy I couldn't care less I was making love to a ghost. Was this what the poor wife felt at that moment? Lust and need to be pleasured?

"Watch me..." He said and Oh, how I loved his deep and sex-filled voice.

The words barely managed to register in my mind when he descended and kissed my inner thigh.

Oh, I can see where it is going...

My heart thumped faster and I could feel myself blushing even more. It was my first time, but I had no intention to refuse his will. After all, he had made sure to lick me down there every time he fucked me in my dream! I had been wondering how it would feel in real.

And, now I'm about to get one, how could I reject him?

He must have noticed the eagerness in my eyes because he decided to tease me, ignoring my frustrated groan when he avoided kissing right in my waiting hole.

Do I sound like a b*tch in heat now?

I could care less. I could be a b*tch in heat, but I would only be HIS b*tch in heat.

"Beg me, baby..." He smirked.

I could feel my hole twitched when he blew on it. I wanted him to touch it, to lick it, to suck on it. It was unbearable, not when he was there so close to it but refused to touch it unless I begged him.

So, I begged him.

"Please, please, please, Tom..." I didn't realize how desperate I sounded.

"Please what?" He licked the outer lips in a slow motion, avoiding touching the burning hole and my clit. I shuddered in anticipation, but only to meet with frustration.

"Please, touch it! Lick me! Eat me! Make me cum!" I nearly shouted when he dove right to it as soon as those embarrassing words came out of my mouth.

I threw my head backwards as the pleasure hit my every nerves hard. A throaty groan and moan came out from me as he lapped diligently at my wet folds. His tongue would tease my hard clit and my thigh would stiffen in response. Then, his tongue would force its way into my small hole and rub it hard, making me gasp and I felt my legs turned like jelly. His big cold hands took a firm control of my ass, holding each of my thighs firmly so I wouldn't back away from his sweet torture he implicated upon my body.

"Ah...Ah...ah... Tom..." I gasped, calling out his name while moaning.

My eyes widened as I felt -and watched - his finger went inside me. His tongue was still flicking at my clit, but now he had one of his fingers inside me, rubbing the walls of my tight hole.

"Damn, baby, you are still so tight." He murmured. His eyes met mine and I could see him filled with the same lust I felt.

He stopped his licking for a while, only to study my reaction when he pushed his finger deeper and rubbed my walls. Gasp escaped my lips and I could feel my eyes rolled to the back of my head as I closed my eyes in ecstasy when his fingers grazed on to something that felt so good inside.

I crumpled my bed sheet under my hands, my back arched unconsciously, and my thighs moved to close themselves when a strange feeling, even bigger than when I rubbed my clit, came onto me.

Of course, he wouldn't allow that.

I was laying there, with my one of legs pinned under his own leg, and the other was held in place with his one hand. The other hand was busy pleasuring me to a new level of pleasure.

I was crying when the strange feeling washed over my body in a huge wave.

*Oh my God, what should I do if I get addicted to this pleasure?
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