A Spirit's Love The Series
53 Do You Have A Boyfriend?
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A Spirit's Love The Series
Author :ChibiFireflies
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53 Do You Have A Boyfriend?

I only managed to get that piece of information from Kunti that night. She had to leave early because she had started to turn into her original scary appearance after using too much of her power. I still wanted her to stay and to answer my other questions, but I also didn't want to see her hideous look. So, I urged her to leave quickly before the fresh memory became even fresher. Before she disappeared, she mumbled lightly about unlocking the seal so she didn't have to use much effort to talk to me.

Honestly, I was tempted to do so, but I had to ask my father.

Not because I was dependent to my father upon any decision, but he was the one who sealed my ability away. He must have any good reason to do so.

After Kunti went away, I was left alone with silence. The soft hum of my air conditioner was the only voice I could hear. I looked for my phone to check on time and saw it has passed midnight.

When would Tom be back?

Getting up, I undressed myself and prepared to take a bath. My body felt sticky because I had not had a time to take a bath ever since I returned from campus. Thinking back about it now, there was a lot that happened to me today. My mind had been working actively. With all the information rushing into my mind, I was surprised I wasn't losing my head yet.

I let the warm water washed the exhaustion I was feeling. I tried not to think about anything but to focus on my relaxing bath, but my mind seemed to be overworked. It didn't show any signs to stop processing the information! Taking a warm bath seemed to worsen my already heated head, so I adjusted it to a bit colder one.

As soon as the slightly cold water hit my already warm skin, I hissed slightly. Damn, that's too cold for me!

At least the coldness could take my mind away from the information I had in my mind. Adjusting the water heat again, I sped up my bath and emerged from the bathroom only in my towel. Strands of my hair got wet and fell on to my shoulders. I knew very well how sexy I was at this particular time, but there was no one around, so I should not feel embarrassed.

Or, so I thought...

A whistle was heard and I snapped my head to the source of it. Sitting -floating- in front of my wardrobe was Tom. His eyes had this playful twinkle in them, his mouth formed a sexy smirk, and the way he gazed at me left me feeling hot all over my body.

In instant, I could feel my body flushing under his stare.

"So. Fucking. Beautiful." He stressed on his every words. "Hey, sexy, do you have a boyfriend?" He wriggled his beautiful eyebrows, but didn't make a move to approach me. His voice sounded a bit husky, an obvious proof that he was aroused.

He always teased me at times like this. But, I knew he did not only say it. He admitted to me once, that he really liked seeing me after I took a bath, wrapped in my towel, with a layer of steam from my bath emitted from my body. He said I was so sexy he would fuck me hard if only he had a body.

Not that he didn't do it in my dream, afterwards.

It was crazy how easy he could invade my dream, and even though not every night or every sleep, I still thought he controlled my dream instead of me controlling it.

Well, he couldn't materialize himself to have a solid body, so it was his only way to get in touch with me; by touching my soul directly in my dream realm.

And I had no complain about that; even though I would wake up feeling extremely hot sometimes.

Strange, right?

Clearing my throat and ignoring the blush formed in my whole body, I walked towards him slowly. I didn't mean to seduce him, or to deliberately make me sexier. But, apparently he thought so.

I yelped as he pounced on me. Surprised filled my head when I realized... I could touch his body!

Looking up to him, I saw his smirk and I couldn't see through him.

"Surprise..." He whispered in husky voice. "I'm still unable to alter your sense, but it's much better." He said.

My eyes couldn't get anymore wide, but it was still wide. "H-how?" I stammered through my breath. The cold floor under my back was almost as cold as his body.

"I went to find a way to be able to touch you." He smiled gently this time. His fingers touched strands of my hair on my face and pushed them back gently and lovingly.

"H-how?" I repeated my question.

He chuckled. "Are you a parrot? Why are you repeating your question?"

Blushing, I pinched his side, earning another chuckle from him. He took my hand that was pinching him and brought it to his lips, kissing it. I blushed even madly.

"I'll tell you the story later. For now, get up, you'll catch a cold if you lay on the floor like this." He pulled himself up before he pulled me with him.

"And who pounced on me just now?" I muttered under my breath as I let myself being pulled up by him.

"My bad." He smiled. "I'll make sure to warm you up in a bit..." He whispered as he took me in his arms. I blushed furiously, only if... I could blush even more.
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